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1 everton

2 For years LINKWELL ENTERPRISES has been passionately working in making lives better, easier, and more fulfilling. With the same vision and passion it brings to you a premium luxury brand Everton. At Everton we innovate by combining fashion and technology. With its R&D and designing centers in LONDON, U.K., every Everton products gives you a touch of British luxury combined with enhanced technology. Through its rigorous design process, Everton consistently seeks answers to insatiable quest for innovation and perfection. At Everton each of our products is designed to enhance the personality of the distinctly well styled individual. We uniquely craft our products from some of the world’s most sophisticated materials. We provide a number of customized solutions as we believe every individual is special. We welcome you to experience our products and be a part of EVERTON family. About Us :-

3 Product Details

4 EVERTON brings to you cases made from real wood crafted with ultimate precision. Adding just a few mm your phone and tablet.EVERTON wooden cases are very comfortable and versatile. All wooden case are carefully crafted from one of the finest wood species.All wood is obtained from well managed forests and certified supply. NO two pieces wood are alike, this makes every EVERTON WOODEN CASE unique. You can make it even more personal and unique with your message or art engraved. In a world of today where lives have become artificial, EVERTON wooden cases brings to you a touch of nature and its simplicity. Wooden Cases One Of A Kind :-

5 This design complements your iPhone 5/5S with wood in the middle and hard PC (poly carbonate) that gives you an elegant design with great protection. Contour :-

6 This full wood back case with PC (poly carbonate) in the inner side brings you close to nature and provides protection to your phone. Classic :-

7 EVERTON DOS wooden case is a two piece sliding case for your phone and tablet. Its elegant look makes this case ideal for individuals with passion and conviction. Dos :-

8 Made with ultimate precision,EVERTON booklet case is comfortable to handle and versatile. the leather makes it easy to open or close the lid and works as a stand. Magnet inside the case automatically awakes and sends your device into sleep mode on closing. Booklet :-

9 WHAT IS A SCREEN GUARD? AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Screen guard is a sheet of material that can be attached to a screen to protect it against physical damage. EVERTON with this aim brings to you a range of screen guards according to your need. Its high quality JAPANESE FILM provides a transparency of up to 98%, giving a clear and high resolution picture as provided by the device’s screen. Screen Guards

10 EVERTON high clear screen guard with its thickness less than 0.2mm provides a high definition picture as on the screen. FOR HIGH DEFINITION PICTURE WITH 98% TRANSPARENCY HC ( HIGH CLEAR )

11 Everton anti-glare screen guard reduces the strong and dazzling effect of light which causes discomfort. It makes it convenient to use your devices in the presence of bright light such as reflected sun light, car head lamps etc. REDUCES GLARE WHICH CAUSES DIFFICULTY SEEING IN THE PRESENCE OF BRIGHT LIGHT AG ( ANTI GLARE )

12 Everton clear mirror screen guard gives you a chance of personal grooming in a convenient way. With a feature of mirror finish during stand by and clear during use, you can look at yourself any time you want. Provides a mirror finish during stand by for a quick look of yourself CM ( CLEAR MIRROR )

13 EVERTON flash diamond screen guard gives a diamond finish during stand by, making your screen shine. Provide a diamond like glitter during stand by FD ( Flash Diamond )

14 EVERTON BLC screen guard provides a great protection by blocking blue light upto reduces retinal damage caused by prolong use of your device. Protects your eyes by reducing blue light from your screen BLC ( BLUE LIGHT CUT)

15 EVERTON anti shock glass is one of our signature products that provide protection to your screen from sharp and heavy objects. It can absorb great amount of shock leaving your screen undamaged. The ASG screen guard is a high quality,chemically strengthened glass with enhanced touch sensitivity and excellent clarity.the tempered glass has extreme durability that protects the LCD screen from scratches,smears and accidental falls. ASG ( ANTI SHOCK GLASS )

16 Genuine leather case & pouches compatible with blackberry 9720, 9900, Q5, Q10 Genuine Leather Case & Pouches Designed for

17 Power Solutions

18 High circuit efficiency. Compact size. True capacity 7400mAh. Can charge a smartphone multiple time, with it’s full charge. LED battery indicator. Automatic switch over from 1A-2A according to device. 7400mAh Powerpack

19 Built-in intelligent device voltage identify IC, it can recognize the voltage and current of the tablet PC, mobile phone, PSP and most of the digital products. Support fast charging, no memory effect, it can be rechargeable for about 1000 times. 2500mAh Portable Power

20 Standard dual USB output, can be used to charge most smartphones, tablets and other digital products. Maximum output of USB in 5V- 2A. Built-in intelligent protection system, effectively preventing the overcharge and short circuit, more security. Dual USB Car Charger

21 Standard USB output, can charge most smartphones and other digital products. Built-in intelligent protection system, outstanding performance, safety and reliability. Charge>8 hours aging test, ensures that each product’s quality. 1A Car Charger

22 All – digital, 8 – signal design Adaptive interface Improved durability Reversible, easier to use With USB 2.0 and terminal gilding technology Lightning Cable

23 M/S Linkwell Enterprises Add. : ER-38/1, Inderpuri, New Delhi – 110012 ( India ) Tel. : +91-9213097630 E-Mail : Contact US :- Vaibhav Chugh President Ph : +91-9711748628 E-Mail : Manoj Chugh COO Ph : +91-9810059340 E-Mail :

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