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13 years of experience Comes in the Industrial world in 1993 Exclusive provider for With ML-Visu and ML-Contact products under MS-DOS Advent of Windows.

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2 13 years of experience Comes in the Industrial world in 1993 Exclusive provider for With ML-Visu and ML-Contact products under MS-DOS Advent of Windows © Following the steps of companies like Borland © Arsoft redefined its range of products and develops its own optimized compiler for the industrial applications 1999 Scada Softlogic

3 Profibus Card Panel PC ShoeBox Remote I/O 2000

4 ARSOFT International ZA de Monthéard 72000 LE MANS France Intech Automazione Via Della Cerca, 14 22070 LURAGO MARINONE COMO – ITALIA Italia India Malaysia AnushKa Automation 49/505, MHADA Complex Charkop Link Rd, Kandivli (W) Mumbai - 400067 INDIA MX Solutions 42, Jalan TU 38 Taman Tasik Utama Ayer Keroh 75450 Melaka South America ISACONTROL Integración de Sistemas Automatizatión y Control Industriales Ciudad Autónoma de BUENOS AIRES

5 Packaging Machines Filling Machines Integrators Production More than 250 applications/Year 80% Machines Builders 20% Integrators

6 An actual automation requires a Man Machine Interface interface Various solution according to : The CPU power The number of I/O. The memory dimension Serial or TCP/IP connection Not in real Time Various solution according to : Graphical resolution. Memory capacity. With or without communication card A global Solution

7 Terminal Operator + PLC Cpu High resolution display CPU Pentium >2 Ghz Memory >128 mbytes Universal and Independent Profibus Card Connection upto 12Mbits Remote I/O Motion Control High speed bus field Reflex action in 1 ms Easy settings economic and open

8 Actions in real time Manual commands Scada Softlogic With

9 Windows’ Kernel Visual PLC (Automation) Windows’ User Mode Visual I/O (Scada) Example of programs running in User Mode : Visual I/O,PowerPoint, Word …. Windows architecture K User In user Mode : If a program crash this one does not influence Visual PLC

10 The SoftLogic from ARSOFT The programming Ladder (Ladder Diagram) Function blocks (Function Block Diagram) Grafcet (Sequential Flow Chart ) Litteral (Instruction List ) High level language (Structured Text) Global variables Unlimited variables

11 The SoftLogic from ARSOFT The on-line programming No limitation of number of programs All programs are compiled and optimized The real time engine Ladder1 Ladder2 Grafcet1 Language Driver X Etc.. 1 ms For all programs Unlimited memory Ladder 1 modified Unlimited power Tomorrow Pentium >4GHz

12 The SoftLogic from ARSOFT Simulation of your application Simply by clearing the Profibus driver Profibus (or other) The Real time engine Profibus Driver Ladder1 Ladder2 Ladder3 For the simulation, you can force all the variables and I/O of your application Virtual buttons and Leds are available

13 The SoftLogic from ARSOFT External calls of programs included in DLL DLL ? Is a library of procedure and functions written in other language Example in C++, Pascal, VB … Used for ? Using DA&C cards Performing complex treatments Using all PC peripheral cards It’s easy with Visual PLC Function WinExec( lpCmdLine : Integer ; uCmdShow: Integer): Integer; stdcall 'kernel32.dll' The Winexec function is integrated in Visual PLC but it is written in a DLL named Kernel32 Only one line to write ! For example

14 The SoftLogic from ARSOFT The Arsoft’s compiler Written by ARSOFT and optimized for the Automation treatments The power of the languages associated to the ARSOFT’s compiler enables you to represent all the variables of the Process in various formats (32 bits words, Bit of a word, Reals, characters Strings, arrays in various formats) etc.. Treatments : If Then Else, Repeat until, Case, While Structures, arrays, pointer, Functions, procedures, libraries and much more … Generate an optimized 32 bits machine code. Immediate compiling (no wait-state)

15 Demo Visual PLC.


17 The connection Visual PLC & Visual I/O Share the same Global Variables in Memory Memory W0 The compiler localise W0 at the SAME place in Visual PLC & Visual I/O Direct Memory Access

18 The SCADA from ARSOFT IT part is more and more important The automation part stay classical Why ? We attend of the migration of the automation towards the industrial data processing The machine builders don’t have all the competences for these new technologies. The PLC producers slow down the entrance of the PC in the industrial world Then the manufacturers want a single interlocutor, "plug & play" and real time products.

19 The SCADA from ARSOFT The Man Machine Interface must be in adequacy with the rest of the chain 1 ms

20 Save time and money with Visual I/O RUNTIME FREE - No Royalties Your teams are productive in one week Your applications powered by Visual I/O compiler Plethora of software components simplifies your life Popular PLC Protocols in the market are included and free Developments of optimized applications with professional quality, from your first versions With Visual I/O become a super developer

21 Save time and money with Visual I/O Optimized developments and superior-quality applications. Produce a professional looking appearance. All is included. Visual I/O Creates a single executable file (Myappli.EXE). MyAppli.Exe < 1MBytes Unlimited Tags


23 Save time and money with Visual I/O Shortcut toolbar Enables you to develop and manage applications more efficiently Workspace Enables you to navigate between Screens, Programs and Variables ToolBox Simple point and clic graphic design Screen Worksheet Enables you to quickly and easily design complex applications using cut and paste, drag & drop visual layout tools. Visual I/O IDE presentation

24 Save time and money with Visual I/O Frequently asked questions about Visual I/O Is it necessary to pay for each generated application? No, you buy the product only once and all the applications generated will be entirely free. Who can use Visual I/O? It is for all the developers who want to create Windows © Industrial applications. What do I need to know? You need to have programmed at least once in your life (or in school!). It is of a disconcerting facility. How much time will it take me to come up to speed on Visual I/O ? 2 to 3 days. The handbook guides you step by step in the creation of your application. Many reusable examples are provided. Do all the modules come standard with the product? Yes, everything is included, from conception to maintenance. Visual I/O has no variables (tags) limitations.

25 Save time and money with Visual I/O Frequently asked questions about Visual I/O Does Visual I/O create > Yes. You can distribute them freely, WITHOUT paying ANY royalties. All is included in only one file generally less than 1 Mbytes because Visual I/O is a real compiler. Which are the features ? Writing code is good, but do not write, it is often better. Visual I/O includes all necessary components delivered with their source code. How can I communicate with PLC? Visual I/O includes configuration setup to communicate through different protocol with the reputed PLCs in the market (Siemens, Schneider, Omron...) on the serial com port and that's free. You can also use the OPC Server to communicate with other PLCs.

26 CREATE FABULOUS INTERFACES! Edit box. Tabs. List box. Combo box. Image. Scrollers. Graphic button. Simple and toggle buttons. Check box. Selector. Array Graphical List. Report. Icons List. Tree-View. ActiveX click areas. Slider. Splitter. Status Bar. WebCam And much more.... All Windows objects. Menu Generator Tabs Made easy Properties box OFFICE Link Visual I/O display a true property box for your ActiveX component Visual I/O extracts from the Activex all procedures and functions useable by Visual I/O For each component Visual I/O display by Double-clic an expert Multi Lingual

27 THE CLASSICS OF THE SUPERVISION Alarms Historicals Recipes Events Reports

28 A POWERFUL LANGUAGE, SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE Pascal The chosen language is the Pascal similar to Structured Text of visual PLC Delivered with hundreds of functions and procedures of the simplest in the most evolved manner, Visual I/O delivers you all its source code VIO also include an Integrated ASSEMBLER included an Interactive DEBUGGER The Visual I/O debugger use debugging with break points and single-stepping your program. You can also check the value of variables with the mouse Display all the variables The first quality of Visual I/O is its POWER. Its second quality is its RELIABILITY

29 A POWERFUL LANGUAGE, SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE DATA BASE, FREE, UNLIMITED The world's most popular open source database Visual I/O deliver a library with its sources for interfacing MySQL. Thanks to ODBC that is totally managed in Visual I/O, you will easily connect to all the market databases HISTORICAL, ALARMS AND EVENTS ARE IN DBASE FORMAT Directly compatible with Excel

30 Now SCADA is not any more an option VISUAL I/O plain common sense You're not part of an experimental lab: your projects must come to an end Use the RAD tool, the components and the experts to bring your entire projects requirement to completion. Developers should concentrate on their application, not on the tool. The time of the techies that can only produce code by the mile is over. Respond to your users' needs. You should be able to deploy without any constraints Freely & easily deploy your application because the size of your applications will be reduced to a simple floppy disk.

31 Applications Machines Builders Filling Machines 700 I/O process 110 PID Database HMI Factory Automation 1200 I/O process HMI Building Automation Paris shopping center 2400 Inputs 1280 Outputs Lights control Allarms Elevators Fire-control system

32 Remote Control and peer-to-peer applications Modem, GSM Programmation et modifications ON LINE for Visual PLC The Visual I/O application works on the distant global variables via the modem Ethernet The same program runs in different PC with the same variables Enables you to use or monitor any distant PC via Serial COM, TCP/IP or Dial-Up Programs transfer and modification "On line" on the distant machine for Visual PLC and Visual I/O

33 TCP/IP Com1 MPI Adapter Start cycle. Acquisition of Values. Drawing Curves in X/Y. Saving values. Creating an Excel sheet. and much more.. SCADA Applications Interface with SCHNEIDER PLC on SERIAL COMPORT & TCP/IP Com1 TCP/IP  Historical management.  Alarms Management  Setting Parameters  Manuals commands  and much more.. Interface with SIEMENS PLC ON THE SERIAL COMPORT & TCP/IP

34 Brochure 12 Pages available End User Price : 1690 Euros

35 For Uno and Panel PC Panel PC Is Included : An ARSoft’s Profibus Card (PCI or PC104) + Visual I/O (OEM version) + Visual PLC (OEM version) + PLC Remote Control End User Price : 800 Euros

36 Complete solution for PC based Automation Uno 2160 Profibus DP KIT ADAM-8000 FPM-3120G 1 ms

37 Brochure 8 Pages available

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