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SOLAR WATER HEATERS Product Overview Merloni TermoSanitari (India) Ltd. Pune.

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1 SOLAR WATER HEATERS Product Overview Merloni TermoSanitari (India) Ltd. Pune

2 Evacuated tube solar water heater : ET-100 Insulated tank – 100 ltr Evacuated tube collector 1800 mm long X 12 nos Mounting Stand Cold water inlet – ¾’’ BSP Hot water outlet – ¾’’ BSP Electrical backup (Optional – extra)

3 Racold Advantage Outer Body - high grade engineering plastic: –Rust Proof –Offers better Heat Retention –UV Resistant and durable Solar Tank

4 Injected PUF with Optimum Thickness and Critical Density: –Better thermal insulation. –Higher Heat Retention. –More strength and durability Racold Advantage

5 Solar Tank Duronox inner container: –SS-304L (low carbon) grade steel with step type micro structure. –Automatic Plasma-TIG welding for flawless and corrosion resistant joints –Specially treated for enhanced protection in bad water areas –5 year replacement guarantee Racold Advantage

6 Solar Tank Electrical Backup: –Racold Heating element with 99.9% pure copper –Italian thermostat cum cut-out for reliable operation Racold Advantage

7 Evacuated tube collector Evacuated tube – optimised length: –1800 mm long evacuated tube for high energy absorption. –Higher efficiency as per international standards. Racold Advantage

8 Evacuated tube collector Sun-Max reflector: –V-shaped reflectors for superior absorption. –Full length reflector fins – no gaps - for Max reflection. –Special grade material for reflectivity of upto 90% - optimum reflection back to the tubes. Racold Advantage

9 SUN-MAX Reflector V-shaped fins ordinary reflector Flat sheet Racold Others Racold Advantage Superior absorption

10 SUN-MAX Reflector ordinary reflector RacoldOthers Racold Advantage Full length reflector fins Flat sheets with Gap (Maximum Reflection)

11 Evacuated tube collector Maximum Hot zone: –Hot zone - tank volume above the tube insertion point – 87% –Delivers 7% more hot water than other evacuated tube solar water heaters. Racold Advantage Hot zone 87%

12 Racold Advantage Hot zone 87% Hot zone 80% RacoldOthers

13 Technical specifications Evacuated tube collector Selective coating typeselective coated with latest double walled magnetron sputtering technology Selective coating contentsAL-N/AL Thickness of coating320 to 350 nm Glass3.3 borosilicate glass Thickness of glass tube1.6 mm Thermal expansion of glass tube3.3 x 10 -6 C Vacuum jacket pressure5 x 10 -3 Pa Solar absorption0.92 Solar emittance0.08 ReflectorUnique V shaped SUN-MAX reflector Reflectivity85% to 90% Tube length1800 mm No. of tubes12 nos for 100 LPD and 24 nos for 200 LPD InsulationVacuum jacket, pressure ≤ 5 x 10 -3 Pa

14 Technical specifications Insualted Tank Capacity100 LPD / 200 LPD Inner containerSS-304L, with special treatment for long life InsulationInjected PUF Outer BodyHigh grade engineering plastic – UV resistant Mounting standStructural steel with pure polyester coating Gaskets for tubesSpecial design in silicon rubber – Durable leak proof Colour - TankLight grey cylinder with blue caps

15 Racold Advantage - - - 1/2 CharacteristicsRacold SolareOthersRacold advantage Outer BodySpecial grade engineering plastic MS/FRP/ALNon corrosive, durable and dent proof Inner containerSS-304L (low carbon grade) SS304Durable and corrosion resistant Container weldingWelded by automatic machines Mnaual welding machines Uniform welding, strong and corrosion resistant joint Special protection for inner container Passivation with special chemicals. Not availableNon corrosive, protects from chlorides in the water Guarantee5 years1 yearDependable

16 The Racold Advantage - - - 2/2 CharacteristicsRacold SolareOthersRacold advantage ReflectorUnique V-shaped SUN-MAX reflector Flat aluminum or SS reflector Superior absorption ability Reflectivity85%Not availableOptimum reflection Hot zone volume87%80%Maximum hot water delivery Tube length1800 mm1500 mmOptimised length for better performance Electrical back up99.9% pure copper tubular Not specifiedLong life and high efficiency Thermostat for electrical back upItalain thermostat cum cut-out. Local thermostatDouble level safety and more reliability.

17 Product dimensions Dimension100 LPD200 LPD A1568 B1790 C8301672 D12242066


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