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The Peninsula Post June 2012 From the President’s desk: Today is the day to convey my gratitude and special thanks – Shukriya to my brothers and sisters.

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1 The Peninsula Post June 2012 From the President’s desk: Today is the day to convey my gratitude and special thanks – Shukriya to my brothers and sisters in Rotary Club of Bombay Peninsula as well as to the District members. As the wonderful Rotary year 2011-12, one of the best years in my life, comes to a close, I feel happy and proud to have brought the Rotary message to 84 Rotarians in our club. It's been an amazing 12-month journey. We have had a tremendous year full of significant projects which really made a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, excellent fellowship events, achievements, accolades for achieving greater visibility in Rotary District 3140. This was due to each member of Peninsula team putting his best with lot of passion and zeal. India was declared polio free this year, which was a tremendous accomplishment that came from the hard work and efforts of so many. My wife, Asha, and I have seen first-hand the innumerable and wonderful ways in which Rotary makes a difference in the world. We have witnessed the tireless, selfless efforts, and dedication of the many Rotarians who are willing to help others by touching and improving their lives. We have been so fortunate in having a wonderful Board of Directors in 2011-12. I believe they were the best Board of Directors ever at Rotary Club of Bombay Peninsula! Asha and I would like to convey our thanks to the family of Peninsula, which includes the several committee members and other members. They have been our pillar of strength and made us feel welcome and supported us in all our Rotary endeavors with their kindness, generosity, and open arms- we thank you all! It is all our team efforts that each player has played well and we have all experienced the joy and pleasure of participating in club activities. If I have seen further, it is only because I have stood on shoulders of giants in our club. Finally, whatever we have done in 2011-12, has only been possible because Asha always held my hand and we did it together. Our District was declared as the “BEST DISTRICT in the Rotary World” and we were the highest contributing District in the Rotary world at over US$4.5 million. Congratulations to DG Vijay Jalan and his TRF team. Jay Toshniwal President

2 RIP Kalyan Banerjee’s message: (June 2012) My dear brothers and sisters in Rotary, June is a time to reflect on the Rotary year that has nearly passed, and to look forward to the one that is soon to begin. We look back at what we have accomplished and measure our progress toward the goals we have set for ourselves. In Rotary, we may pause to reflect, but never to rest on our laurels – for as much as we have achieved, we are always aware of how much there is still to do. The 2011-12 year has been a time of significant progress. Binota and I have been fortunate to have visited different parts of the Rotary world and seen the many ways that Rotarians everywhere Reach Within to Embrace Humanity. In South Sudan, we met with Rotarians who are determined to make a difference despite tremendous challenges. The humanitarian problems in that nation are enormous, and begin with the most basic: At the moment, South Sudan lacks a single functional hospital. I am confident that in the coming year, Rotarians around the world will reach out to our newest Rotary country with the support and help it will need. In Uganda, I was delighted and heartened to discover how many government ministers and officials are Rotarians, and to see them bringing the ideals of Rotary to life in their service. In Kathmandu, I was overwhelmed as countries of South Asia – Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka – came together to vow to make the region 100 percent literate by 2017. In Fiji and Vanuatu in the South Pacific, I was moved by Rotarians who are helping to lower child mortality and provide safe housing. In Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, I was delighted by the statement of Sheikh Nahayan Mubarak Al-Nahayan, minister of higher education and scientific research: "We are looking forward eagerly to Rotary starting its first club here." And in Valdivia, Chile, as close to the South Pole as Binota and I have been, we were moved by Rotarians' work with children who have mental disabilities. But most of all, we found our hearts warmed by the welcome we received all over the world – and by the sight of so many Rotarians living the Rotary ideal, and choosing to Reach Within to Embrace Humanity. I thank you for the opportunity to serve as your president, and look forward to working together to build Peace Through Service. Kalyan Banerjee RI President Source : Rotary International News

3 “The Noble Act of Organ Donation”: 07-Jun-12 Mrs. Unnati Lohade, Counsellor, Nanavati Hospital for Organ Donation informed members of the various organs that can be donated. She highlighted the time when different organs can be donated and the benefits and relief to various persons from such noble acts of organ donation.

4 “Your Turn Now”: 14-Jun-12: Mr. Rushabh Turakhia, a great motivational speaker presented a new facet of life. He distributed cards of “Your Turn Now” which are to be given to the beneficiary of good deed by you with a request to pass on the good deed to someone else in a chain.

5 “Club Shukriya+Awards Nite”: 21-Jun-12: We celebrated the fellowship event which was akin to a farewell party at the end of the Rotary year. High Attendance Awards, Golden Heart Fellow Awards for generous donations and President’s Appreciation Awards were given away. The Awards function was followed by “Hasya Kavi Sammelan” by Sanchalak Kavi Subhash Kabra, Dinesh Bawra & Mahesh Dube who provided superlative humour to members.

6 Community Service (Non-Medical): On 02-Jun-12 our club participated in the “Green Environment Seminar” hosted by RC Mumbai Mahim at Nehru Centre. Our club is a signatory to the Declaration for Green Environment Charter initiated in 2011. Prez Jay Toshniwal represented our club at the seminar. International Service: On 20-06-2012 Our Director (club Admin) & SE Rtn Anup Taparia visited the Rotary Club of Jumeirah, Dubai He exchanged our club flag with theirs and discussed our projects with them.

7 District News: “District Membership Seminar”: 03-Jun-12 Our club co-hosted the District Membership Seminar at Juhu Gymkhana DGE Dr. Bal Inamdar led the seminar with presentations on various aspects of membership – Growth, diversity, youth. Prez Jay Toshniwal represented our club at the seminar.

8 “Career Guidance Seminar”: 16-Jun-12 Our club joint-hosted the Career Guidance Seminar at Nehru Centre jointly with 8 other clubs. 164 Students from 13 schools + 6 teachers participated Excellent faculty presented emerging career opportunities Prez Jay Toshniwal attended the Seminar.

9 “District Shukriya”: 28-Jun-12 Rotary District 3140 “District Shukriya” for 2011-12 was celebrated at Hotel Meluha, Powai with farewell in grand style. Our club was awarded “Diamond Club” recognition for various projects, programs, district event hosting, co-hosting and participation, membership growth and TRF contributions.

10 The TOP contributories (above Rs. 50,000) to 2011-12 are: Club Projects TRF Total Members/Anns Contribution for the year 2011-2012 1 Ramesh Somani 201,000 - 2 Manoj Pandya 46,300 47,750 94,050 3 Anil Jain 46,500 22,500 69,000 4 Jaykumar Toshniwal 43,250 22,500 65,750 5 Vijay Biyani 58,650 - 6 Kashi Deora 55,100 - 7 Pankaj Vora 31,000 20,250 51,250

11 Contributories Rs. 25,000 to Rs 49,999 Vijay Zanwar, Rajesh Shah, Vishnukant Inani, Jatin & Umang Desai, Rajiv Maheshwari, Anup Taparia, Pradeep Kainya. Contributories Rs. 10,000 to Rs 24,999 Nilesh Shah, Gopal Dave, Kamal Harlalka, Brij Mittle, Ketan Manek, Ashok Bharadia, Rakesh Shah, Madhusudan Saraf, Suresh Jain, Harshad Kela, IK Bagri, Ketan Mehta, Prem Kothari, Arun Gada, Hemant Kampani, Rajkumar Saraf, Ramesh Vekharia, Sharad Agarwal Contributories upto Rs. 10,000 : Abhishek Morarka, Ameet Dalal, Ramautar Jhanwar, Shyam Todi, Sudhakar Mody, Surendra Sethi, Sushil Harlalka, Chirayush Shah, Ramakant Chokhani, Sanjay Dalal, Chandrashekhar Daga, Dr. Rajesh Tiwari, Sanjiv Barad, Dr. Kanchan Gupta, Nikhil Parikh, Samir Shah Members/Anns Contribution for the year 2011-2012

12 JULY 2012 EVENTS 1 st July : Project Read –All Books collected will be handed over to the NGO at Hotel Ritz for further distribution to the libraries. 2 nd July : Blood Donation Camp co hosting with RC Bombay Sea Face at Churchgate station from 9 to 6 pm. 5 th July : Renowned producer Director Shri Subash Ghai speaks on “Cinema Media and Society Today” Followed with an interactive Session. 12 th July : Dr Quresh Maskati Famous Eye Specialist speaks on “ The Art and Science of Humour” 19 th July : Dr Srikumar Banerjee Ex chairman of Department Of Atomic Energy, speaks on “ Different Aspects of Nuclear Power.” 26 th July : No meeting in lieu of Installation Ceremony on 28th July Saturday. 28 th July : Installation Function at MVM Banquets, Colaba from 6:45 pm onwards with top class exotic entertainment. This edition is created and designed by Mridu Taparia, daughter of Rtn Anup Taparia and Seema Taparia.

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