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1 Total Productive Maintenance and FTM From Werardt A presentation by Werardt Systemss P Ltd.

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1 1 Total Productive Maintenance and FTM From Werardt A presentation by Werardt Systemss P Ltd

2 2 Increases Productivity Labor productivity, and Break down reduction Improves Quality by Reducing the Defects in processes Reducing Defects in products Reducing Customer complaints Why TPM?

3 3 Reduces Cost Reduction in man power Maintenance cost reduction Energy Conservation Delivery Stock reduction Inventory turnover increase Safety Environment Improvement Ideas increase Small Group meetings increase Why TPM?

4 4 Financial Return on Investment (ROI) after 2 to 3 years Break even on initial TPM project – Less than one year Reduction in absenteeism, as work place is enriched Why TPM?

5 5 Zero unplanned Downtime Zero Defects Zero failure Zero variability Reduced Idle time on machines Zero Accidents Maximized P.M. Compliance Thus Maximizing OEE TPM Goals FTM puts you on the road to achieve these Goals in a Simple, Better and Faster way !

6 6 The Pillars of TPM TPM is a cultural change and FTM supplements it in Information management 1Kobetsu Kaizen - Individual Improvements 2Jishu-Hozen - Autonomous Maintenance 3Planned Maintenance 4Quality Maintenance 5Education and Training 6Safety and Environment 7Office TPM 8Development Management

7 7 Some “Facts” about TPM & Maintenance Maintenance can generally account for a major portion of today’s manufacturing costs Hence when it comes to TPM implementation the Maintenance department generally takes the lead Generally upto 25% of maintenance cost is wasted or not known Emergency repair jobs are at least three times more expensive than the same repair done a pre-planned basis. Hence TPM & Maintenance go hand-in-hand

8 8 RCFA - Root Cause Failure Analysis Making P.M. effective and dynamic Condition & Time Based Maintenance Doing Why-Why Analysis and maintaining 6W2H Improving the Reliability of work Reducing Idle time on repairs Condition Monitoring and Inspection Autonomous Maintenance activities How to achieve Zero Breakdowns? FTM is very strong in this area !

9 9 Awareness : Understanding your activities, Identifying Critical, Essential and Desirable requirements Business Process Optimization : What processes do you follow to achieve your objectives? Who is doing what? Are they trained for the Job? Are required skills available? Quantification : How many and which type of Jobs do you do? To focus on the type of work being done, how much is reactive and how much is proactive? Benchmarking : FTM helps in devising and defining your Key measuring parameters or KPI’s that help in Improvements Performance Review : And most importantly devising a post implementation review mechanism to monitor progress The FTM Steps to Success

10 10 Facilitating autonomous maintenance or Jishu Hozen, through Activity based PM, and feedback on machine behavior Applying Kaizen activities to monitor Improvements Increasing the ease of operation, make it easy from information and work point of view Improving skills through need based training programs and easy availability of history Improving maintainability through condition monitoring and reliable operations Improving safety through awareness Maintenance Prevention Design Applying FTM feedback !

11 11 Key Result Areas 1.Improving human resources Operators’ ability to perform Jishu-Hozen Maintenance employees’ ability to perform quality & reliable maintenance Production engineers’ ability to execute maintenance free equipment plan 2. Improving Plant & Machinery Maximizing Uptime Increased Plant value Achieving TPR - Total Plant Reliability

12 12 3. Improving the corporate culture From authoritarian to participative management Involving everyone in CIP 4. Reducing losses Down time losses Speed losses Defect losses FTM directly and indirectly helps you in achieving the above Key Result Areas

13 13 Contact Information Werardt Systemss Pvt Ltd Pune, India Phone : , Website :

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