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Welcome to Mangirisha 6-3 (A periodic newsletter of Katre-Kutumb)

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1 Welcome to Mangirisha 6-3 (A periodic newsletter of Katre-Kutumb)

2 Foreword Before we begin with the newsletter, allow me to introduce to you Lalita Gokarn pacchi, daughter of Shantakka Katre – one of our oldest members of our Katre kutumb. She says she gets would be glad if she gets to hear news about near and dear ones, through Katrekutumb quarterly – Mangirisha. Thank you Satish Naimpally mam for connecting Lalita pacchi with us!

3 Foreword It is that time of the year, when I have that little bit of extra time on my hands. So what do I do? I generally write, read, cook and … introspect! But there is a common thread that runs through it all! What is it? Innovate! Create something new!

4 Foreword What ‘new’ am I upto this summer? I am glued to the Food Food Channel when I am at home. Few of my favourites are Mummy’s Magic, Big Boss Brunch, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen. This summer I’m trying out new ways of using oats in my meals – oats in ‘batata song’, ‘oats khichdi’, oats in ‘sabudana khichdi’, oats in cutlets, oats in ‘rava dhodak’, ‘oats in parathas’ and trust me it tastes ‘yummy’ … the best part is that my friends and family don’t know there is ‘oats’ in what they are eating.

5 Foreword What ‘new’ am I upto this summer? Was on a summer cleaning spree… laid my hands on books that ajja left behind for me – more precious than anything else. Currently I am reading ‘The Spinal Bath for Nervous Tone’ by L. Ganesa Sharma. Hope to get new insights into ‘mind and body relaxation’! Something that I would really need once my daughter’s school starts !!

6 Foreword What ‘new’ am I upto this summer? And what ‘new’ am I writing? I started writing a poem, but could not complete it… nevermind… Creativity has its own way of manifesting itself!! And lo… by the grace of Lord Mangirisha, I was inspired to present this newsletter in a new format! Jai Ho! Hope all of you are able to navigate easily through this presentation!

7 Highlights This year many of our beloved family members have sent their inputs for the newsletter, which are listed below:  Pancha Parvas by Vivek Katre  Visit to Kamakhya Temple by Veena Hattiangadi  Women of Power – a beautiful poem by Tanisha Goveas  D. V. Katre mam turns 80!! – by Srilekha and Sujatha  Premalata Gangolly – a touching write-up by Jyoti Bailur * Kindly note that some articles being very lengthy,excerpts of the same are included here. I have attached the documents separately with the email so that each article could be read in it’s entirety.

8 Pancha Parvas for our family Deity at Shirali DateParva 21-06-2012Ashadh Shudha Dwadashi – Rudrabhishek 23-07-2012 Shravan Somwar-pooje on first Monday - Panchamrit- rudra- abhishek & Santarpan for 2 Brahmin-Suhasinis 23-07-2012 Shravan Shudha Panchami – Panchamrit-abhishek of Swarna- Naag at ancestral Nagaakatte at Mangalore 09-08-2012Shravan Bahul Ashthami– Ashtottara Tulsi Samarpan-pooje 10-08-2012Shravan Bahul Navami – Kallo * Please refer the document ‘Pancha Parvas’ attached with the mail for complete information on the participative functions.

9 Pancha Parvas for our family Deity at Shirali DateParva 18-09-2012 - Bhadrapad Shuddha Gouri Tritiya – Swarna Gouri [with Patri] pooje 19-09-2012 - Bhadrapad Shuddha Ganesh-Chaturthi – Mrittika-Vigraha pooje 15-10-2012 - Bhadrapad Mahalaya Amavasya – Feeding the poor and santarpan (16 to 23)- 10-2012 - Ashwin Shuddha Pratipada to Navami – Saptashati-parayan for Nine (9) days 23-10-2012 - Ashwin Shuddha Navami – Durganamaskar and Santarpan for 2 Brahmin-Suhasinis

10 Pancha Parvas for our family Deity at Shirali DateParva 12-11-2012 Jala Poorana 14-11-2012 Ashwin Bahul Chaturdashi [Naraka Chaturdashi] – Dhanalaxmi-pooje 19-11-2012 Kartik Somwar-pooje [on first Monday] –Rudrabhishek 24-11-2012 Kartik Shuddha Dwadashi – Rudrabhishek [morning] 24-11-2012 Kartik Shuddha Dwadashi - Tulsi pooje [night] (10,11)-03- 2013 Magha Bahul Chaturdashi and Amavasya - Maha-Shivratri Ashtottara Bilwa Samarpan pooje 11-04-2013- Chaitra Shuddha Pratipada – Ugadi.[Vijaya-samvatsara Prarambha]

11 Visit to Kamakhya Temple Veena Hattiangadi The very name Kamakhya Temple in Guwhati draws awe, respect and reverence. Vivek was at Guwahati for an official assignment and on the last day, I joined him. As his friend, client and host Amitabh Sarma (also a member of the priestly family of Kamakhya Temple) said “Ab tak aapko devi ka bulava nahin aaya tha” – meaning you have not received an invitation from Shakti so far.

12 Visit to Kamakhya Temple Veena Hattiangadi Amitabh himself is authorized to carry out Pooja in the sanctum sanctorum. But that day, he left it to his uncle, the Chief Priest, to take us around the temple. We were treated as special guests. I carried a coconut, an ornamental fabric and a garland as offering. Inside the cave, where the Peetha is situated is a small pond emerging from the springs. We were asked to dip both our hands in this pond, meditate on Shakti and ask for anything – we were told the wish would be granted.

13 Visit to Kamakhya Temple Veena Hattiangadi When we came out of the cave, our spirits were lifted. Our minds were calm, serene and tranquil. We felt as if we were cleansed of all our sins and our greatest desire was fulfilled. One should plan a visit to the Kamakhya Temple at least once in his or her lifetime. Of course, you may have to wait for Devi’s ‘BULAVA’!! * Do you know the story behind the Shakti Peetha? For this and the entire article, open the document ‘Devi Kamakhya.doc’ attached with the email.

14 Women of Power Tanisha Goveas When I was small, just a girl I admired the girls in fairy tales I often wondered what I would have done If I was forced to eat a poisoned apple Slowly, slowly as I grew I read more stories about real women, These were the people that I admired Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Princess Jodha Bai Women of spirit and women of power. Cont’d …

15 Women of Power Tanisha Goveas I grew and made discoveries of my own I admired women of character and noble women, Flowing golden hair and large eyes no longer a criteria To be in the list of people I admired. More years passed, and I realized I admire women of love and kindness My Grandmother, my mother, my sister, my aunts In further years to come, I hope I can grow up and say Time has helped me learn to Admire myself, a true women of spirit, character and love.

16 Women of Power Tanisha Goveas Tanisha Goveas is the talented daughter of Srilekha Goveas. She lives in Muscat. The poem ‘Women of Power’ was published in the Times of Oman, Thursday Magazine on 5 th April 2012. Tanisha is pursuing ‘Humanities’ in the 12th grade and is extremely interested in psychology. She is skilled at creative writing and has written a few poems and composed a song too. WOW! Earlier she won a prize for her poem, which was published in Mangirisha. Apart from being a budding poet, she has a strong academic background. This year (in her 11th grade) she secured 87% and stood 5 th in class. Kudos Tanisha! Katre Kutumb is proud of you! Keep up the good work!

17 * To read the entire article, please open the document ‘Papa turns 80.doc’ attached with the email. 80 th Birthday Celebration of Sri D V Katre Srilekha and Sujatha Srilekha and Sujatha (daughters of D V Katre mam) write, ‘What amazes me is also his ability to be in touch with old friends, colleagues, family and all this is not via internet, mobile or Facebook. It is old fashioned letter writing, phone calls, greeting cards and personal visits.’ That is D V Katre mam for you! Katre Kutumb wishes you a belated Happy Birthday and many more to come!

18 This concept of life is transcendental in nature, But is not beyond the grasp of human imagination Just as a tree has outer and inner structure, So also life has material and spiritual aspects. Some regard life a supernal puppet show In which our acts are controlled by Providence Mystics explain it as a glorious shadow play Wherein we sit as spectators for a short while. - D. V. Katre

19 * To read the entire article, open the document ‘My Mother - Premalata.doc’ attached with the email. Obituary – Premalata Gangolly Jyoti Bailur Jyoti Bailur pacchi speaks fondly of her mother Premalata Gangolly pacchi in a touching write-up. Excerpt: An icon of kindness, fortitude and goodwill left us poorer on October 11 th, 2011. My mother, Premalata Gangolly’s passing away continues to be a matter of grief for those of us she left behind. … Se taught both my brother and me the ways to make a happy life among people – a trait that has stood us in good stead in our own families. She gave us a lot of love and care. The last cake she baked was on my husband’s birthday in August 2011. …

20 This time around, there was a lot of interesting material to read and hence I decided to blend MS Powerpoint and MS Word to design the newsletter. It is my sincere request to you that you send me your valuable feedback on this mode of delivery. For updates on Car Street property, open the doc ‘Property Matters.doc’ attached with the email. Until next time, With tons of love and affection, Devyani Bijoor

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