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LOGO EVOLVE INDIA SOLAR SOLAR FINANCE SOLAR B.O.O.T Model The new age renewable company

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1 LOGO EVOLVE INDIA SOLAR SOLAR FINANCE SOLAR B.O.O.T Model The new age renewable company

2 About us  EVOLVE INDIA SOLAR is part of the 40 year old SHIMATO group engaged in Design, supply and installation of Machine Tools, Engineering and turnkey engineering products.  EVOLVE India Solar is associated with WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURERS AND TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION companies to offer a concept to completion services to our customers.  EVOLVE has association with companies such as SCHNEIDER, SMA SOLARWORLD UPSOLAR EXIDE AND MANY COMPANIES AROUND THE GLOBE TO OFFER A HIGH QUALITY SOLUTION

3 What we do Finance, Build, Own and operate rooftop solar power systems Arrange for Financing on large solar projects based on Balance sheet funding or project financing. Tier-1 EPC’s for highest quality High quality delivery and performance systems EVOLVE Solar Power investor & Developer Project Financing Leading Industry Partners

4 Key Partnerships  EVOLVE INDIA SOLAR has forged Key associations with extensive technical and supplier chain globally to offer WORLD CLASS SOLUTIONS TO OUR CUSTOMERS.

5 BUILD OWN OPERATE TRANSFER MODEL (B.O.O.T)  ZERO INVESMENT scheme, customer will only need to offer land and security of solar system and 15 years PPA (Power purchase agreement)  Upto 100 KW per project is minimum size.  15 years PPA at an mutually agreed rate between buyer and investor group.  No capex no risk.  Transfer of ownership post PPA term  High Quality solar system  Go green  Also SPO obligations are undertaken by customers.

6 Benefits to Clients  Show environmental leadership in your industry No upfront CAPEX requirements & therefore no risk Additional source of (Green) Power generation Increase the value of your building Significant Cost Savings over system life cycle Meet your Renewable / Solar Power Obligation with zero spend  Free transfer of ownership post PPA term

7  For each PPA initiated under an MOU agreement:  EVOLVE charges a tariff per unit generated by Solar to the Client  EVOLVE provides options to share available subsidy for the project  Net savings for Client over their existing base electricity cost  At the end of the PPA term, ownership is transferred to Client at no cost  Electricity generation provided at zero cost after that point  Distributed Roof Top Solar (up to 100 KWp per site) - Zero Down Payment for high-quality Solar system Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) model  Industrial Rooftop Solar (MW) - Large Scale Industrial Rooftops to meet SPO / RPO Options for REC income sharing structure (Captive)

8 STEPS FOR PPA AND BOOT MODEL Non-Compete Non- Disclose (NCND) Binding Commercial Offer PPA Draft released Site Survey undertaken Finalize PPA/ Lease agreements Within agreed timescales Discussion on PPA terms / clauses Detailed system design (integration) Finalization of commercial terms PPA Agreement Formalised Sign off on PPA Project Implementation begins on pilot site MOU for BOOT solar solution of all qualified assets Client to issue Expression Of Interest (EOI) Commitment of serious intent

9 SOLAR FINANCE  EVOLVE ‘Complete Solution' for Industrial Captive  The EVOLVE Complete Solution includes:  High-Quality Component Supply: Modules, Inverters, Structures, Balance of Systems  Full Engineering Support: System Sizing + Design + Planning  Financing Solutions: Low-Cost ECB / US EXIM backed Financing options  Turnkey Construction: Local partners for project execution- ‘Concept to Commissioning’

10 Export Credit Agency (ECA) Equipment Financing  ECA will provide low-cost USD/EUR loan with 3 to 5 % interest rate  ECA will finance up to 85% of the products.  ECA may also provide up to additional 30% for local costs  Borrower can expect approx. 65- 70% of total Project Cost funded  Qualifications for ECA funding include:  Strong balance sheet  Medium to long operating history  No recent deep losses  Assured future revenue/cash flows  Loan Exposure not greater than 40% of borrowers net- worth

11 RENEWABLE ENERGY CERTIFICATE (REC) SCHEMES  1. Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Scheme  Generators of Renewable Energy for Captive Consumption are eligible for REC benefit  REC is issued for each MWh generated and consumed by captive Solar plant  REC’s can be sold every month in Power Exchange to obligated entities  REC price fixed for four years (March 2017) - Rs. 9.30 / KWh (floor-price)  - Rs. 12.40/ KWh (ceiling-price)  REC revenue greatly accelerates system payback to under 5 years!

12 ACCELERATED DEPRECIATION  Accelerated Depreciation Tax Benefit  Generators of RE for Captive use can claim up to 80% Accelerated Depreciation AD tax benefit allows developers to save on Tax obligations on their profits  AD benefit allows developers to write off their investments faster  AD benefit of 80% can have a significant positive impact on project returns

13 ECONOMICS OF 1 MW  Key Parameters  System Size:1 MW Grid Power Unit-Cost (all-in): INR 7.50 /kWh  System CAPEX:INR 8 Crores Energy Output in Year 1: 15,00,000 units (kWh)  Annual Degradation: 0.7% p.a.  Warranted System Life:25 Years Grid Cost Escalation (average) 4 % p.a  Operation & Maintenance: 1.5% of CAPEX p.a  Insurance: 1% of CAPEX p.a  REC Assumption (conservative):INR 9.30 for Four Years  Inverter Replacement: 5 Years 

14 LOGO EVOLVE – THE NEW GENERATION ENERGY COMPANY New # 102, Armenian Street Chennai 600 001 India Tel : 044 4592 9900 Fax : 044 2522 7954 Email : Web :

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