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KYN Know Your Network A network rollout and infra-structure management tool 360Cellutions.

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1 KYN Know Your Network A network rollout and infra-structure management tool 360Cellutions

2 Benefits Increased Rollout Efficiency Faster rollout Workflow improved Major swap or technology upgrade Redesign / Optimization Site database accurate Planning tool Time management Change tracking Avoid frequent auditing Real-Estate Management Lease expiring Rental reduction Decomm. / Sharing Low traffic / revenue

3 User Interface Information divided into department tabs Complete history for site available Site Status given at all times Modification history stored per site, per user and date/time Editable fields white; read-only greyed out Easy and user friendlyMandatory fields Input field masking ensures correct data entry Department (or profile) tabs ensure ‘other department’ info is viewed only if required Advanced filtering and search capabilities

4 General Features One stop solution for all network rollout Complete rollout management system RF, Site Acquisition, Civil, Deployment, Transmission, Integration, Maintenance etc Covers all related departments: No further need to store any form of data in excel or other databases Flexible and comprehensive reports available to extract this data Complete data repository for each department No more emails! Workflow managed completely Customized for operator needs Fully integrated with RF Planning tool

5 User Privileges Restricted fields, only viewable by certain profiles Individual profiles defined User entry, updating and reporting based on these profiles Confidential fields viewable by only permitted profiles

6 RF Planning Tool Synchronization RF Planning tools like Aircom Asset synchronized automatically Updated every night automatically and/or on demand Flags customized as per user needsIncludes site data and frequency plan

7 Mapinfo Workspace Updated workspace created with a button click! Sample Mapinfo Workspace Workspace created automatically Click of a button creation from live data Customized as per network needs Network KPIs included and can be uploaded as optional data Piano style frequency planner built in

8 Other Outputs TEMS cel filePiano file Any other output required to any tool can be easily made and available at the click of a button

9 Workflow Fragment of a Generic Workflow Fully customizable for each networkComprehensive and covers all aspects of new sites’ rollout as well as existing site modificationsTasks assigned automatically from department to departmentCurrent snapshot available as a reportHistorical trend also available as a report

10 Documents Upload Sample Search Ring document Planning tool simulations (e.g. Aircom Asset) for search ring document (D1) generation CAD drawingsPanoramics upload and viewingAny other document required by the client

11 Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Individual department performance reported regularly Performance based on number of SLA violations and time of total SLA violation Performance reports generated automatically

12 Flexible and comprehensive All standard reports like rollout summary, milestones status, TRX audit Reports are both graphical and tabular Tabular reports available as excel workbook for user friendliness Query wizard for advanced filtering of data Reports use live upto the minute latest data Reporting Sample Graphical Report Sample Report 1 Sample Report 2

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