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2 Bringing Good Health through Minerals

3 The answer is “Lack of Minerals”
Have you been wondering why despite of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle you are drifting towards bad health? The answer is “Lack of Minerals”

4 Have you ever thought that the food you eat is missing on minerals miserably and your healthy looking food is pushing you towards most modern diseases?

5 And do you also know that foods we raise or purchase in markets today, seldom contains more than 16 to 18 minerals and it is well known that the human body requires at least 60 minerals in order to maintain a disease and ailment free state?

6 – Dr Linus Pauling (Two time Nobel Prize winner)
When life first began on Earth, the soils were rich in minerals but after thousands of years of weathering, farming, cropping and grazing, most of the minerals have been removed and have washed back to the oceans therefore our diet has severe scarcity of essential minerals You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency – Dr Linus Pauling (Two time Nobel Prize winner)

7 It can be concluded that without supplementation, it is not likely that we can eat enough food to get the full range of essential trace minerals required to obtain optimum health and longevity. What to do?

8 Mineralsforall brings to you
Anderson’s CMD an all natural source of minerals sourced from The Great Salt Lake of UTAH, USA and processed by Mineral Resources International, Inc.

9 What is Anderson’s CMD? A marriage of nature and science, Anderson's CMD is the authentic, all-natural, low-sodium, Great-Salt-Lake-sourced, full-spectrum mineral complex made with love and care by the Hartley Anderson family. Anderson's CMD is the most premium and lowest sodium of MRI's all-natural mineral concentrates.

10 The mineral in CMD are in ionic form making them highly bioavailable
CMD is a highly concentrated mineral and trace mineral product, about 50 times more concentrated than sea water. The mineral in CMD are in ionic form making them highly bioavailable

11 From Great Salt Lake, Utah (USA) to your dining table

12 It is advisable to take 5-10 drops in one time
How to use? It’s very simple; just add 20 to 40 drops to any of your drink during your day and it will provide you sufficient mineral supplement for good health It is advisable to take 5-10 drops in one time

13 How to use? Continued… You may apply it over your skin by diluting 40 drops of CMD with 50 ml water using a spray to get a refreshing feel You may also use CMD in cooking of your food, it will not only increase the flavor of your food but will also enrich its nutrition value and you can also use CMD for animals and plants as well Note: For those who are on prescription, do not stop your medication while taking CMD. CMD is not a drug and not for medicinal use

14 Mineralsforall and MRI
About Mineralsforall and MRI

15 About Mineralsforall Mineralsforall is an initiative of Itspossible Marketing Ltd, a Delhi based business group having its hands in holiday, retail, loyalty programs, privilege card, real estate, hospitals, hospitality, business consultancy and many more. After proving our prowess in all above mentioned verticals we have stepped into Health Care industry by joining as exclusive Indian distributor for Mineral Resource International (MRI), Utah (USA) and look forward to provide good health through mineral based products across the nation

16 Our Management Mr Vipin Kumar- Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Ashish Khetarpal- Director & Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mr Ashwani Kaushik- Director & Chief Operation Office (COO)

17 MRI writes letter to Indian CMD users
Itspossible Marketing Ltd signed as exclusive distributor for MRI for India in January, 2011 MRI writes letter to Indian CMD users

18 About MRI- our source MRI is a leading ingredient supplier and manufacturer of quality liquid and tablet nutritional supplements using minerals and trace minerals from Utah's Great Salt Lake, USA The Anderson family is the original originator of mineral and trace elemental supplements and ingredients from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. In 2009, the Anderson family celebrated its 40th-year anniversary in its mission

19 About MRI- our source cont……
Family Owned and Operated for Three Generations It generally takes well in excess of 100 gallons of Great Salt Lake water to make even a single gallon of MRI's premium and most-desired mineral concentrate

20 Copy of Certificates

21 Copy of Certificates cont…

22 simply and start spreading good health while making money
I like all this but how to join MFADirect? next few slides will detail you subscription process

23 1 2 Alternatively, speak to the person who introduced you to us
Simply logon to and click “join us now” 2 Alternatively, speak to the person who introduced you to us

Join us Free of Cost and sell our various products to earn from our Marketing Plan

25 Business Opportunity

26 MFA Direct Marketing Plan
The MFA Direct Marketing Plan is designed to provide excellent incentives to any person willing to put in efforts to sell the products of the Company. To be a part of the MFA Direct Marketing Plan, just fill an online form and join our family. The same will entitle you to sell the products of the Company and earn incentives for the same too. Each person joining the Company is known as an Independent Representative. Continued…..

27 MFA Direct Marketing Plan
A person who joins as an Independent Representative in the marketing plan of MFA is eligible for earning incomes through the marketing plan of the Company. Every IR within the company has the opportunity to purchase product at wholesale price and either sell them at retail price or consume them personally. After using the products and feeling satisfied with quality and concept IR can share business opportunity with other people and can sponsor others. Sponsoring other people, you can also begin building a substantial IR associate organization and earn commission from certain retail customers in your referral line. Continued…..

28 MFA Direct Marketing Plan
By passing your sales and marketing knowledge to your developing team, IR can not only build own business network but also enable others to build of their own team. This way they will also start using the products and so on. Thus the company does not require any advertisement or middlemen for selling its products. The amount saved will be distributed between you and the people who associate to the company because of you.

29 By following way you can get Income in MFA Direct Repurchase Plan:-
Purchases for self requirement Purchases by your down liners Retailing by you or your down liners In this concept a registered IR can get repurchase incentive as following plan.

30 Terms used in the Marketing plan :
CMD : Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops TM available in 2 sizes 60ml and 120 ml DP : The price at which the product is available to the IR of MFA PV : Point value of the product which will be the basis of the calculation in the 3rd to 9th incomes of the marketing plan. Each PV is equal to Rs One GV : The sum total of PV in your group/network calculated in your unlimited depth PPV : The PV of the personal purchase required at each differential level in the MFA Compensation plan CV : The total PV of the sales done in the Company in each calendar month PCV : The point value assigned to each product sold to a person at MRP to enable him to be a Preferred Customer of MFA. The PCV forms the basis for the calculation of the 2nd income of the Marketing Plan. Each PCV is equal to 1 Rs. PLATOON : Platoon means the network of people in your downline in those legs which are at promotion levels below your level.

31 Calculation of Commission/Incentives:
Retail Bonus (Self Purchase) -> Up to 17% on MRP Preferred Customer Volume Income -> Based on the volume of Preferred Customer Sales Volume in your network Performance Bonus (Differential) with width compression -> 30% of the PV of each product Team Matching Bonus (Dynamic Compression On Level)-> 100% of the Performance Bonus distributed in 15 compressed levels Management Development Incentive -> 3% of the PV of the product Lifestyle Royalty Bonus -> 20% of the PV distributed in senior levels Travel Fund -> 3% of the CPV kept aside for international and national trips of leaders. Luxury Car Fund -> 3% of the CPV kept aside for leaders to buy luxury cars. CMD Infinity Club -> Upto 11% of GPV can be earned on infinite levels in your network on qualifying for this income.

32 1. Retail Bonus (Self Purchase)
Buy our products at wholesale price and you receive the difference between the retail and wholesale price (Up to 17% commission) of the product Product MRP* DP Retail profit PV PCV CMD 60 ml 1495/ /- 200/ CMD 120 ml 2990/ /- 500/ *Company reserves the right to levy Handling & Courier charges, where required. MRP is indicative only as certain local taxes and levies can be charged extra.

33 2. Preferred Customer Volume Income (Based On PCV)
The Preferred Customer Volume Income is based on the volume of Preferred Customer sales in your network. It is paid out on the matching of PCV in your strength and payout legs upto infinite depth. For Eg: You STRENGTH PAYOUT LEG LEG PCV PCV As 3000 PCV is matched you will earn i.e as incentives (PCV for first payout will be calculated when 300:600 PCV or vice versa). The balance PCV of your strength leg i.e PCV is carried forward to next payout period and can be matched in the future payouts.

34 2. Preferred Customer Volume Income (Based On PCV) Contd.
Note:- You should be a Preferred Customer yourself to be qualified for this income. You can become a Preferred Customer by purchasing any product or combination of products of MFA at MRP. You should have sponsored at least one direct Preferred Customer in each leg to qualify for this income. The maximum payout that can be earned from this income is Rs /- in one payout period. The PCV of the Preferred Customer Packs can be adjusted by the Company in case the buffer amount kept aside for this income is breached in any payout period. The PCV cannot be counted for any other income of the marketing plan. The first payout for any IR will be generated only when 250 PCV is matched with 500 PCV in the strength leg. This income will be calculated weekly and the incentive will be released only if the total amount due is more than Rs. 100/-.

35 3. Performance Bonus (On GV)
On repurchase of products by you & your downline an IR gets incentive by differential method according to the table given on next slide Company provides the performance incentives starting from 10% to 30% according to your current month Group volume (GV). You can increase your group volume by sponsoring more direct associates in your direct downline tree. Performance Bonus incentive is calculated and paid out on current payout total Group Volume (GV) according to chart given on next slide

36 The GV requirement has to be done in one month for promotions.
Level GV Further Criteria Slab Designation PPV 1 1500 10% Business Distributor (BD) 250 2 5000 15% Advisory Distributor (AD) 3 10000 18% Management Counselor Distributor (MCD) 500 4 25000 21% Direct Distributor(DD) 5 50000 24% Master Distributor(MD) 1000 6 180000 2 MDs in different legs & GV in 3rd leg 26% Gold Master Distributor(GMD) 7 500000 2 GMDs in different legs & GV in 3rd leg 28% Super Master Distributor(SMD) 8 2 SMDs in different legs & GV in 3rd leg 30% Crown Master Distributor (CMD) The GV requirement has to be done in one month for promotions.

37 Lets understand by following hypothetical example:
Hoarding rules to be applicable. If any distributor stocks product without selling at least 70% of the stock available with him is liable for action by the Company. By differential method you get net commission after deducting your downline group commission Lets understand by following hypothetical example: Downline Business Group A=> Total group repurchase in your 1st direct: ,000 Group B=> Total group repurchase in your 2nd direct: 250,000 Group C=> Total group repurchase in your 3nd direct: ,000 Group D=> Total group repurchase in your 4th direct: 20,000 Self Repurchase: 5,000

38 Total Group Business Your total Group Business : 520,000
Your Percentage Slab : 28% Total Group Incentive : 520,000 X 28% = ,600

39 Group C=> Incentive
Group A=> Incentive On the basis of 45,000/- repurchase: ,000 X 21%= (-) 9,450 Group B=> Incentive On the basis of 250,000/- repurchase: ,000 X 26%= (-) 65,000 Group C=> Incentive (Group C not met additional criteria) On the basis of 200,000/- repurchase: ,000 X 24%= (-) 48,000 Group D=> Incentive On the basis of 270,000/- repurchase: ,000 X 18%= (-) 36,00 Your Net Commission: Rs.19,550/- Add Your personal Repurchase incentive: 5000 X 28% Rs. 1,300/- Total: Rs 20850/-

40 4. Management Development Incentive
This incentive is paid in cases where there is duplication in the levels achieved by you and your downline The same is applicable only for people who have achieved Level MD and above. The same is distributed as 1%, 1%, .5% and .5% in 4 levels above Level MD wherever there is duplication.

41 5. Team Matching Bonus (On Level)
This matching bonus calculated & paid out on the basis of Performance Bonus earned by your 15 level downline. This is an addition income with Performance bonus. MD level & above have to be royalty qualified to be eligible for Team Matching Bonus. Levels/Generation BD (%) AD (%) MCD (%) DD (%) MD (%) GMD (%) SMD (%) CMD (%) 1 10 2 7 3 4 5 6 8 9 11 12 13 14 15

42 6. Lifestyle Royalty Bonus
Lifestyle Royalty Bonus for advanced Executive ranks incentive. As you help others in your organization to become successful leaders and qualify pool, you are rewarded again through the royalty bonus, on the basis of company’s turnover (CV) in a payout. 20% of the CV has been kept aside and is shared among the achievers at the respective levels as below : Designation Royalty(%) Further Criteria Level MD 7 Min PV from platoon Level GMD 6 Min PV from platoon Level SMD 4 Min PV from platoon Level CMD 3 Min PV from platoon Lifestyle royalty bonus incentive is paid out every month to the eligible IR according to the chart above based on the current month CV.

43 7. Travel Fund 3% of the CV per month is kept aside and is accumulated in the accounts of each achiever to be utilized for domestic and international trips of the achievers. You must be royalty qualified to earn this income. Designation Share in the pool Level MD 1 share for each achiever Level GMD 2 shares for each achiever Level SMD 3 shares for each achiever Level CMD 4 shares for each achiever

44 8. Luxury Car Fund 3% of the CV per month is kept aside and is accumulated in the accounts of each achiever and is distributed every 6 months. The accumulation and calculation is the same as Travel Fund. You must be royalty qualified to earn this income. Note: Images used are for illustrative purposes only and final product/offer may differ from the pictures shown here

45 Level Qualification Income%
9. CMD Infinity Club You can earn upto 11% of PV as income by qualifying for the CMD Infinity Club. The qualification and income is as under: Level Qualification Income% Silver CMD CMD with 1 leg as CMD % of GPV Gold CMD CMD with 2 legs as CMD % of GPV Diamond CMD CMD with 3 legs as CMD % of GPV Blue Diamond CMD CMD with 4 legs as CMD 9% of GPV Black Diamond CMD CMD with 5 legs as CMD 11% of GPV This income works on differential basis. For example a Silver CMD promotes under a Silver CMD, the income of the upline Silver CMD from that downline Silver CMD leg will be 0. And if a Silver CMD promotes under a Gold CMD, the income of Gold CMD from the Silver CMD leg shall be 5%-3% i.e. 2% and on the other legs shall be 5% of GPV.

46 Edge with Mineralsforall
Mineralsforall offers you Amazing product Excellent business Plan Experienced management Training & support Online and robust system Time-leveraged, residual income Low start-up costs Home based business Loads of blessings And a lot more… Check your business potential; its enormous!!

47 Applicable w.e.f 08th April 2013
Achievement Rewards Applicable w.e.f 08th April 2013 PCV (Next) Time Limit (Next) Life Time (Next) Reward Days NA Branded Mobile Phone Days NA Titan Sonata Couple Wrist Watch Days NA Digital Camera Days NA Laptop Days NA Gold Worth 75000 Days Hyundai Eon Days Honda City Days Skoda Laura To be continued……

48 Terms & Conditions No reward will be reimbursed in cash under any circumstances. The reward of cars are for base model of the car Ex-showroom basis ex New Delhi. Balance monies shall be payable by the reward winner to enable delivery of the car. The rewards are for fresh PCVs achieved after 8th April 2013. The rewards and time limits mentioned are on next basis i.e. if you achieve the first reward, you have to do next 6000 PCV in next 30 days to achieve the reward.

49 Itspossible Visiting MRI,
Utah, USA

50 Bruce Anderson (President & CEO) and Mathew Anderson (Director of International Sales) from MRI, Vipin Kumar (Director & CEO) and Ashish Khetarpal (Director & CFO) from Itspossible joining hands to promote Anderson's CMD

51 Left to right, Ashish Khetarpal, Vipin Kumar, Gaye Anderson (Co Founder, MRI), Bruce Anderson, Mathew Anderson and Marysa Anderson Cardwell (Manager Human Resource/International Sales)

52 At Packaging Unit of MRI with Marysa Anderson- Cardwell (Manager HR/International Sales) and Corey Anderson (Corporate Vice-President/ Quality Assurance, Research and Development & Brine Consultant)

53 At North shore; Mr. Frank (Supervisor of North shore) explaining the harvesting process in detail to Vipin Kumar, Marysa Anderson-Cardwell and Mathew Anderson (Director of International Sales)

54 Understanding harvesting operations at Northshore

55 Ashish Khetarpal, Marysa Anderson- Cardwell and Corey Anderson at the storage unit of MRI

56 Mathew Anderson performing various quality check demonstrations at MRI’s in house lab

57 Ashish Khetarpal with Gaye Anderson (Co Founder, MRI)

58 MRI’s products being sold at Smith & Edward Store in USA

59 A Dinner with the Anderson Family

60 Biggest ever Health Revolution in India
So much in plate for you, just take a decision and join the Biggest ever Health Revolution in India

61 Dreams Are Becoming Reality
What are you thinking??

62 Decision taken today will decide your health and fortune tomorrow
What is important is Timing Decision taken today will decide your health and fortune tomorrow


64 Come and Join hands with us to bring good health to everyone around you
Thank You!

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