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-Initiative 1. Drawbacks of Manual Dispensing: o Plant operator may come late, may run the plant for lesser time or may not come at all. o Long queues.

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1 -Initiative 1

2 Drawbacks of Manual Dispensing: o Plant operator may come late, may run the plant for lesser time or may not come at all. o Long queues to pay cash/ get card punched each time(every day) to fill water. o Negligence or theft of water as well as the money collected. 2

3 Disadvantages of Coin Based Dispensing The coin based dispensing system acts like a vending machine for water but it has some disadvantages. The new one rupee coin is the size of the old 50 paisa coins which does not work well with the dispenser. Sometimes, coins get stuck and water is not dispensed. Miscreants use metal washers in order to cheat the system.

4 Recharge at Site The Water ATM has an inbuilt recharge unit which enables a recharge on site facility. The Water ATM also has an inbuilt GSM Modem which will notify the person in-charge of any recharge via SMS on a laptop or a tablet. Water ATM with Inbuilt Modem

5 Advantages : The Water ATM allows a customer with a bonafide charge card to get purified drinking water automatically 24 hours a day without the presence of an operator. Fool proof system to eliminate theft of water and money collected. Flexible recharge options to consumers. Cards with low or no balance can be recharged through a password on the Water ATM itself. The Water ATM will display and transmit an alert if there is low tank level, low voltage or ATM malfunction. Through RS485 port all information can be transmitted to a remote PC/Tablet/ Smart Phone Automatic Water Dispensing Automatic Dispensing Unit WATER ATM 3

6 SYSTEM OVERVIEW AUTO MULTIPORT VALVE Local Control Unit (LCU) Auto MPV automatically backwashes/regenerates plant either by time or pressure drop. Crown allows you to backwash as well as change setting by remote Controls RO Plant, Indicates instrument readings, Communicates using SMS and send alerts for malfunctions. Conductivity Transmitter Flow Sensor Conductivity Transmitter transmits the measured value of conductivity to the LCU, which is further sent to tablet/PC via crown. Measures the flow of feed/reject and permeate and total amount of water produced by the plant. Also transmits the measured value of conductivity to the LCU, which is further sent to tablet/PC via crown. - - - - - - - -> - - - - - - - > 4

7 Recharge at site Dispensing at Plant Site - - - - - - - - -> - - - - - - - - > 5

8 Dispensing at number of Locations - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > 6 - - - - - - - - - - - - > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > Operator gets low tank level SMS on his Tablet/Smart phone and gets the tank refilled

9 Water ATM with solar charger Water ATM always takes power from the battery. Battery will primarily charge with solar power. When sunlight is not available, it will charge using power from the mains supply. When the battery is completely charged through either medium, it has a capacity to dispense more than 400 units of 20 liter bottles. Water ATM Laptop Tablet Solar Power Mains Power Battery

10 SPECIFICATIONS: Inlet Water Connection : ¾ “ BSPF Union Outlet water connection : ¾” Hose Nipple Flow Rate : 0.85 m3/hr @ 1m height Electrical: Input : 150-250 VAC/12VDC Activation : Authorized RFID card RS 485 communication port Digital input for treated water tank level Display: 16x2 line backlit LCD Programming : via keys locally or through RS 485 port FUNCTIONS: a. To dispense water (volume based) least count 1 litre. b. Displays Current balance on the card. c. Mode: Fixed volume (programmable) OR Continuous (as long as card is in proximity) d. Rate in Paise per Litre settable e. Card Recharge – thru keys (password protected) f. Alerts for low tank level, low voltage and time out. g. Each Water ATM will have a security code unique for the purchasing company. It will recognize only those cards that have this code. Cards can be freely charged across all water ATMs of the same purchaser. Output via RS 485 : 1. Card recharge number and value 2. Batch quantity and rate per litre 3. Number of batches dispensed and total volume dispensed 4. Alerts for malfunction When used in conjunction with RO controller LCU or Monitor IIM all this information is sent via SMS to 2 PC’s/Tablet/Smart Phone and viewed using WATEM software. 7

11 Automatic Dispensing Unit (ADU). 2. CARD METHOD (Adjustable Volume) In this method the card holders can themselves decide the volume of water they desire and is accordingly dispensed from the ADU. But the water dispensing stops when the card is removed. The card holder must note that after removing the card the water dispense stops only after completing the current litre value. There are two ways to dispense water from the ADU:- 1. BATCH METHOD (Constant Volume) In this method the water dispense volume remains constant for all the card holders irrespective of volume of water they desire. The dispense volume is set by the ADU owner Recharge Cards Cards initialized for a Water ATM are usable only in Water ATM of same company. Cards issued to customer are uniquely identifiable and they are tamper proof. Card stores balance in the form of liters Balance on card will be updated after every valid use at the Water ATM. Recharge card for fetching water anytime from an ADU 8

12 WATEM software for downloading and managing water sales data from LCU/ IIM Options: Read Sale Price, dispensed water and alerts for malfunctions such as high conductivity, low flow, LPS or HPS trip Maintain Customer information Maintain Card Recharge Data Change the price of water by remote. Reports Customer details installation wise Water Sales Installation wise Sum of recharge details between dates Site wise. 9 Laptop Based Tablet Based Options: Keeps data of upto 25 plants/sites. Gives information such as number of cards, total recharge amount, total volume of water dispensed and number of batches dispensed in the entire day. Issues emergency site alerts in case of low voltage supply or any other obstruction in the process. Water ATM unit can be controlled via the app and can also be locked and unlocked using the same.

13  Our aim is to deliver quality water all the time. Our Automated Plants will simplify complex operations and automatically control regular operation cycles for quality, without any dependency.  We Empower providers with necessary tools and information for continuous operation of the plant. Our Remote monitoring system will provide all the required information at the finger tips, using GSM Technology  Our Infrastructure helps to expand the operations to more villages (any remote location). Central monitoring helps to provide quality service to all locations. (Efficient use of resources. )  Reduce maintenance and service costs of the plants without compromising the quality of water and RO plant operations Summary 10

14 Water Dispensing 24x7 Access Consumer Friendly Revenue Tracking Easy Expansion options Initiative’s Water Dispensing Solutions Pure water for everyone 11

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