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What's Been Search! Adelaide SEO Meetup.

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1 What's Been Search! Adelaide SEO Meetup

2 Bing It On Bing to launch national US campaign announcing 2:1 blind test results in Topeka, Kansas

3 Google Testing Search Results Without URLs User Interface Experiment

4 Google & Time Launch Timelapse

5 Top 5 SEO Mistakes 1. No website 2. Wrong words 3. Compelling content 4. Titles & descriptions 5. Webmaster Tools

6 Penguin 2.0 is Coming... Unofficially announced by Matt Cutts

7 What is Penguin? Code name for a Google algorithm update first announced on April 24, 2012.Google algorithm Aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by using now declared black-hat SEO techniques, such as:black-hat SEO o keyword stuffing keyword stuffing o cloaking cloaking o participating in link schemes o creation of duplicate contentduplicate content o and others. All updates to this algo are public.

8 What's Google Upto? 1. Penguin Updates 2. Advertorials 3. Spammy Queries 4. Target More Networks 5. Sophisticated Link Analysis 6. Improvements On Hacked Sites 7. Authority Boost 8. Panda Sympathy 9. Domain Clusters In SERPs Reduced 10. Improved Webmaster Communication in-search-results-after-summer-159185 in-search-results-after-summer-159185

9 Unicorn Playing Ping Pong

10 Thanks! Feel free to ask me any questions! @WojKwasi /KwasiStudios @WojKwasi /KwasiStudios

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