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Proposed Plan for 1200 Sq Yards plots “Ananya Enclave” Mankhal

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1 Proposed Plan for 1200 Sq Yards plots “Ananya Enclave” Mankhal
Presentation By Sreenivas Reddy & Sreekanth Rayini

2 Adibatla - Raviryal – Tukkuguda - Mankhal Brief Scenario::
Projects Located in Adibatla: TCS – Numero Uno Software Services Major – Phase 1 construct is completed software professionals are expected to work from this campus by January2015 and another by December Tata Lockheed Martin – Aircraft Spares – Factory Operational.

3 Adibatla - Raviryal – Tukkuguda - Mankhal Brief Scenario:
Tata Advanced Aerospace System – Assembly of Sikorsky Helicopters – Darnier ( Aircraft Manufacturing) Factory Operational – Recruitment of Staff in Progress TATA Telecom Center (South India Head Quarters) . Biogene – Life Sciences Major – Construction completed.

4 Units planned & under progress
Wonderla- is coming up with south India's biggest amusement park at Raviryal. already got approvals from HMDA. Construction is in progress. Samuha Aerospace Manufacturing SEZ

5 Adibatla - Raviryal – Tukkuguda - Mankhal Brief Scenario:
The HUB of Telengana Economic – Employment Initiative Located in the Heart of ITIR Project (Rs.55,000 Crore) Initiative of Union Government. 10 Minutes from Adibatla SEZ of IT and Aerospace – 250’ Access Controlled Outer Ring Road with Service Roads. 10 Minutes from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and GMR SEZ, Indu Tech Zone, TATA Telecom Center and RCI and Aga Khan Academy. 20 Minutes from the upcoming acre Pharma City in Mucherla Connected by a $ Lane (Proposed High)

6 Adibatla - Raviryal – Tukkuguda - Mankhal Brief Scenario:
Now as the emerging Hub Thukkuguda is in the sights of local and national Realty / Infrastructure majors, several social infrastructure facilities like Malls, Multiplexes, Hospitals, Major Educational Institutions are already in various phases of execution and planning Existing Premier Housing Projects – Banyan Tree Retreat by MAK Projects, Prajay, Ramky etc in the vicinity 27 Acre Housing Project AVASA by Square Mile Projects is the neighbor.

7 Adibatla - Raviryal – Tukkuguda - Mankhal Brief Scenario:
Projected Employment for next two years in the vicinity : 40, Present Scenario: TCS and Tata Aerospace employees looking for flats. Very good demand for flats/ independent houses

8 HMDA Growth Corridor

9 Ananya Enclave Google Location details

10 HMDA GROWTH CORRIDOR The middle line in the picture in the above slide is the ORR and the area which is colored with pink is the growth corridor area which is 1 KM on both the sides of the ORR. HMDA notifies this as a Special Development Zone and is applicable through out the ORR except the bio conservation zone. As per GO MS NO 470 MA & UD, no construction is permitted if it is built on less than 1200 Sq Yrds or 1000 mtrs except in HMDA approved Layout, in this Growth Corridor, however with anything can be built with 40’ (Forty Feet) approach road in 1200 Sq Yrds with HMDA permissions and the permissions can be obtained faster as the government is specially focusing on the growth corridor

11 Investment Proposal in Ananya Enclave
Proposal to buy 1200 Sq Yrds with 40 Ft Road through a registered sale deed. (Your money is secured) Rate Rs.8000/-(Rupees Eight Thousand) Per Sq Yrd ie., Rs.96,00,000/- (Rupees Ninety Six Laks only) Your immediate benefit is Rs2000/- as the rate per sq yrd in this area is Rs.10,000/- Per Sq Yrd In Six Months the rate would go upto Rs.15,000/- Per Sq Yd

12 Investment Proposal Proposal for building Apartments in five floors.
You can give the land for development to Ananya Homes or to any builder for developing the residential apartment. Land Area Sq Yrds (1000 Sq Meters) Total Built up area = Approximately Sq. Ft (Calculation of Built up area: 25 Sq. Ft is taken as standard average per one sq. Yd of land) Each Flat would be around 1200 Sq Ft Built Up area Total No of Flats 25 70% to Builder (17.5 flats) and 30% to Land Lord (7.5 Flats)

13 Key Points: Project Duration: 15 Months from the date of approval
3 months for getting Approvals Selling Price: Rs. 2400/- per Sq. Ft (in 2016) Additional Profit: Rs. 20 to 25 lacs for CAR PARKING and other profits to be shared according the ratio agreed in the development agreement

14 Total Profit (in 24 Months from your investment)
Calculations Chart Area to be purchased 1200 Sq. Yds Land Procurement cost 96 laks Total Built Up area 30000 Sq Ft Builder's share of Built up area 21000 Sq Ft (17.5 Flats) Your Built Up area 9000 Sq Ft (7.5 Flats) Your Profit in selling the flats 2.16 Crs Your Profit in selling the Parking area 7.5 laks Total Profit (in 24 Months from your investment) 2.24 Crs Rental Value Rs.56,000/- Per month (Rs.8,000/- Per Flat per month)

15 Contact us Sreekanth Rayini Ananya Homes Pvt Ltd
Director Marketing Ananya Homes Pvt Ltd Flat No 102, AAA ACME Apartments, Guttala Begumpet, Kavuri Hills, Madhapur, Hitech City, Hyd. Ph ,

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