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A Presentation on “APEDA’s role in enhancing Export of Agro Foods from India” by Dr. Tarun Bajaj GENERAL MANAGER.

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1 A Presentation on “APEDA’s role in enhancing Export of Agro Foods from India” by Dr. Tarun Bajaj GENERAL MANAGER


3 3 Promotion of Export Oriented Production Support for R&D and Quality Assurance Fixing of Quality Standards and Specifications for the Scheduled Products. Inspection & Certification of Processing Plants, Storage & Transportation Points for Meat Products Infrastructure for Transportation, Handling and Storage. Improving Packaging of Products. Market Development and Promotion Market Intelligence – Undertaking Surveys & Feasibility Studies Training in Various Aspects of the Scheduled Products Industries APEDA’s Mandate (Section 10 of the APEDA Act, 1985)

4 1.Fruits, Vegetables and their products 2.Meat and Meat Products 3.Poultry and Poultry Products 4.Dairy Products 5.Confectionery, Biscuits and Bakery Products 6.Honey, Jaggery and Sugar Products 7.Cocoa and its Products, chocolates of all kinds 8.Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Beverages 9.Cereal & cereal products 10.Groundnuts, Peanuts and Walnuts 11.Pickles, papads and Chutneys 12.Guar Gum 13.Floriculture and Floriculture Products 14.Herbal and Medicinal Plants Products Monitored (Over 700 tariff lines)


6 India’s Rank In The World ProductProductionRankProductProductionRank Bananas29.781Sorghum6.701 Chillies and peppers dry1.221Pulses nes0.701 Lemon and limes2.631Fruits tropical4.401 Okra4.801 Indigenous buffalo milk Chickpeas7.481 Anise,Badian,Fennel, Corriander Goat milk4.591Millets Mango, mangoesteen and guava 1.501Beans dry4.871 Spices nes1.481Pigeonpeas2.461 Safflower seed0.171Arecanut0.481 Castor oil seed1.351Sesame Seeds0.891 Source: FAO website

7 ProductProductionRankProductProductionRank Potatoes36.582Paddy rice Eggplant10.562Garlic0.842 Onion15.122Groundnut shelled5.642 Cashewnut with shell0.612Lentils0.902 Cauliflower/broccoli6.562Green peas3.032 Cabbages & brassicas7.282Ginger0.392 Indigenous goatmeat0.602Cow Milk Vegetables nes31.722Wheat Source: FAO website India’s Rank In The World

8 Global Agri Trade Global Agri Exports trillion USD Major Agri. Trade Players - EU, USA, Brazil, China Canada, India Source: WTO International Trade Statistics 2013

9 India’s Share Exports - Share 2.6% Rank 8th Value 42.4 USD Billion Imports - Share 1.5% Rank 10th Value USD Billion Source: WTO International Trade Statistics 2013

10 Major Products Performance For ProductValue $ mGrowth % Basmati Rice4866 Q + 9 V + 37 Non Basmati Rice2876 Q + 5 V + 8 Wheat1566 Q – 15 V – 19 Maize & Other Cereals1197 Q – 15 V – 20 DGCIS - Provisional data

11 ProductValue $ mGrowth % Bovine Meat & Products4481 Q + 11 V + 36 Dairy621V + 91 Guargum1979 Q + 48 V – 49 Misc. Processed Items1135V + 24 Groundnut530 Q – 4 V – 29 DGCIS - Provisional data Major Products Performance For

12 ProductValue $ mGrowth % Fresh Vegetables842V + 39 Fresh Fruits727V + 20 Processed Fruits & Juices420V + 16 Pulses (mainly Chickpeas) 288 Q + 70 V + 22 Processed Vegetables218V + 6 DGCIS - Provisional data Major Products Performance For

13 Share of Top 15 Markets (67%) Iran10.2Benin2.6 USA9.2Egypt2.0 Vietnam9.1Yemen1.8 Saudi Arabia7.1Thailand1.8 UAE5.6Kuwait1.7 Bangladesh5.4Iraq1.7 Malaysia4.1Nepal1.5 Indonesia3.2

14 Share of Agri Exports Total merchandise exports$ bn Export of Agri products (including Cotton)$ 42.5 bn Share of Agri products in total merchandise exports 13.6% Export of products monitored by APEDA (53% of all Agri products) $ bn DGCIS - Provisional data

15 + 87% % + 20% APEDA Exports Target : USD Billion +31% DGCIS - Provisional data

16 Export Performance – Agro Products Source : DGCIS

17 Growth of Agri Products Exports from India Source : DGCIS CAGR All Agri Products APEDA Products Processed Food Products Value in $ bn


19 Animal Products Qty In MT; Value in US$ Mill PRODUCT QtyUS$ MillQtyUS$ MillQty US$ Mill ANIMAL PRODUCTS Buffalo Meat Sheep/Goat Meat Other Meat Processed Meat Animal Casings Poultry Products Dairy Products Casein Natural Honey Albumin( Eggs & Milk ) Total

20 Floriculture Qty In MT; Value US$ Mill PRODUCT Qty US$ Mill Qty US$ Mill Qty US$ Mill Floriculture Fruits & Vegetables Seeds Total

21 Qty In MT; Value in US$ Mill Fresh Fruits and Vegetables PRODUCT QtyUS$ MillQtyUS$ MillQtyUS$ Mill Fresh Onions Other Fresh Vegetables Walnuts Fresh Mangoes Fresh Grapes Other Fresh Fruits Total

22 Qty In MT; Value in US$ Mill Processed Fruits and Vegetables PRODUCT QtyUS$ MillQtyUS$ MillQtyUS$ Mill Cucumber and Gherkins( Prepd. & Presvd) Dried & Preserved Vegetables Mango Pulp Other Processed Fruits & Vegetables Pulses Total

23 Qty In MT; Value in US$ Mill Other Processed Foods PRODUCT Qty US$ Mill Qty US$ Mill QtyUS$ Mill Groundnuts Guargum Jaggery & Confectionery Cocoa Products Cereal Preparations Milled Products Miscellaneous Preparations

24 Qty In MT; Value in US$ Mill Cereals PRODUCT Qty US$ Mill Qty US$ Mill QtyUS$ Mill Basmati Rice Non Basmati Rice Wheat Maize Other Cereals Total


26 Major Products Covered Dried and preserved vegetables Processed Fruit & juices Groundnuts Guar gum Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Beverages Misc. Processed items (Snacks, Cereal preps., Bakery & confectionery, Jaggery etc.)

27 PRODUCT % change in value QtyUS$ MillQtyUS$ MillQtyUS$ Mill Guar gum Groundnuts Cereal Preparations Alcoholic Beverages Other Processed Fruits & Vegetables Miscellaneous Preparations Item Wise Export of Processed Food Exports Source: DGCIS

28 PRODUCT % change in value QtyUS$ MillQtyUS$ MillQtyUS$ Mill Pulses Jaggery & Confectionery Milled Products Cucumber and Gherkins ( Prepd. & Presvd) Mango Pulp Dried & Preserved Vegetables Cocoa Products Total Source: DGCIS Item Wise Export of Processed Food Exports

29 Cereal preparationsUSA (15%), Nepal (7%), Bangladesh (7%), UK (7%), UAE(7%) Milled prodcutsIndonesia ( 12 %), Somalia (10 %), US (10%), UAE(8%), Madagascar (7 %) GroundnutsIndonesia(44%), Philippines (12%), Malaysia (12%), Vietnam (8%), Thailand (5%) Guar Gum USA (73%), China (8%), Germany (3%), Russia (3%) Canada(2%) Alcoholic BeveragesU.A.E.(20%), Ghana (12%), Angola (10%), Singapore (7%), Nigeria (7%) Miscellaneous Preparations U.S.A(15%), U.A.E(9%), Nepal(7%), Australia (5%), Saudi Arabia (5%) Cucumber & Gherkins Russia (22%), USA (16%), France (10%), Belgium (9%), (Prepared & Preserved)Spain (6%). Mango pulpSaudi Arabia (28%), Yemen Republic (15%), Netherland (13%), UAE (6%),Sudan (4%). Source: DGCIS ( ) Major Markets Contd.

30 Dried & Preserved Vegetables Germany (15%), Russia (8%), USA (7%) UK(7%), France (7%), Other Processed Fruits & Veg.USA (14%), Saudi Arabia(11%), UK (11%), Netherlands (11%), UAE(7%) PulsesPakistan (23%), Turkey (19%), Algeria(19%), Srilanka (5%), Spain(5%) Jaggery & Confectionery Nigeria (8 %) Kenya (7%) United Arab Emirates (7 %) Nepal (5%) Oman (5 %) Cocoa ProductsChina P Rp (30 %) United States (18 %) Nepal (10 %) Bhutan (6 %) United Arab Emirates(5%) Source: DGCIS ( ) Major Markets

31 Groundnut Source: UNComtrade, 2012 Global Exports: $ 2690 Mn India’s Share:12% ($ 325 Mn) India’s Rank: 3rd

32 Global Exports: $ Mn. India’s Share: 0.78 % ($ 454 Mn.) India’s Rank: 24th Other Processed Fruits & Vegetables* * Jams, Jelly, Squash, Juices, Potatoes prpd, Peas Etc. Source: UN Comtrade, 2012

33 Global Exports: $ Mn. India’s Share: 0.55% ($ 384 Mn.) India’s Rank: 34th Miscellaneous Preparations* * NES, Maize Starch, Protein Concentrates, Ketchup Sauces, Soya Sauce etc. Source: UN Comtrade, 2012

34 Global Exports: $4361 Mn. India’s Share: 2.88% ($ 126 Mn.) India’s Rank: 10th Milled Products* * Wheat / Meslin Flour, Groat / Meal of Maize, Wheat, Rye Flour Source: UN Comtrade, 2012

35 Global Exports: $ 659 Mn. India’s Share : 27.5% ($ 181 Mn.) India’s Rank: 1st Cucumber and Gherkins (Prepd. & Preserved) Source: UN Comtrade, 2012

36 Global Exports : $ 2725 Mn. India’s Share: 4.2 % ($114 Mn.) India’s Rank: 4th Dried & Preserved Vegetables* * Dried Onion, Dehydrated Garlic Powder, Flakes, Mushroom Source: UN Comtrade, 2012

37 Global Exports: $ Mn India’s Share: 0.44% ($ 239 Mn) India’s Rank:35th Cereal Preparations* Source: UN Comtrade, 2012 * Biscuits, Papad, Pasta, Rusk, Bread, Pawa, Mudi, Pastry etc.

38 Challenges Supply side constraints Lack of processable produce Inadequate infrastructure & supply chain Limitation for processors to purchase directly from farmers (APMC) Lack of corporate investment, economies of scale Domestic standards not harmonised with global standards Lack of branding and promotion

39 Tastes and preference changing fast of due to globalization, Wide range of products available in the market; Strengthened by rising incomes, increasing urbanisation, a young population, emergence of nuclear families Health consciousness Changing consumer tastes Nestle, Delmonte, Pepsi, Mc Cains, Kellogs, Coca Cola, Cadbury With a large agriculture sector, abundant livestock, and cost competitiveness India is fast emerging as a sourcing hub of processed food. Entry of international companies FP units are moving up the value chain; Share of Registered FPI sector in GDP-FPI is increasing; FP companies are diversifying in term of product range; Firms focusing on product innovation; MNC adopting domestic tastes, Domestic units introducing international flavours Rising business & product innovation India’s exports of processed food and related items rose at a 20.4 per cent per annum; Strategic geographic location; abundant supply of raw materials helps India to export processed Food at competitive price Rising demand of Indian products in international market Emerging Trends

40 Potential Segments Biscuits & confectionery Indian Ethnic Foods (Namkeens & Mixtures, Paranthas, Frozen snacks like samosa, tikki), sweet meats Cereal Preparations (Pasta, papad, puffed cereals) Dehydrated onion, other vegetables & Frozen vegetables Processed fruits- juices, concentrates

41 Products for future development Health and nutritional foods Processed organic products Curries and pastes Cereal based new products

42 Potential Segments – Export Projection PRODUCTPresent level of exportsProjected exports in the next 3 years Potential markets 1. Biscuits & Confectionery$ 185 mn$ 350 mnAngola, USA, Haiti, Namibia, Uganda, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya 2. Indian Ethnic Foods$ 114 mn$ 200 mnUSA, Australia, Canada, UAE, Nepal 3. Cereal Preparations$ 471 mn$ 800 mnUSA, Bangladesh, UK, Nepal, UAE, Angola 4. Dehydrated onion, other vegetables & Frozen vegetables including Gherkin $ 207 mn$ 400 mnUSA, Germany, Belgium, Russia, France 5. Processed fruits- juices, concentrates $ 338 mn$ 600 mnSaudi Arabia, Netherlands, Yemen, UK, USA, Algeria, Kenya

43 Technology Upgradation - Material Handling - Processing technologies - Packaging Research and Development (R&D) - Product innovations - Integrating with the industry Investment in food processing in select clusters Implementing TUF like schemes with financial assistance upto 5 crores for encouraging higher investment Establishment of a quality regimen/ addressing international food safety standards including strengthening Traceability system Way Forward

44 Facilitating backward linkages through permission for direct procurement by processors from farmers Branding and Market promotion Incentives under foreign trade policy Way Forward

45 India Organic Logo

46 Export Markets-Major Products Fresh Onions Bangladesh (28.05 %)Malaysia (20.17 %)Sri Lanka (12.38 %)UAE(10.39 %)Indonesia (7.65 %) Other Fresh Vegetables Pakistan (36.50 %)UAE(12.34 %)United Kingdom (8.22 %)Nepal (6.59 %)Saudi Arabia (5.96 %) Walnuts Vietnam (14.49 %)Egypt (11.20 %)Netherland (11.07 %) United Kingdom (9.03 %)Spain (7.82 %) Fresh Mangoes UAE(60.37 %) United Kingdom (15.92 %)Saudi Arabia (4.27 %)Kuwait (2.89 %)Qatar (2.30 %) Fresh Grapes Netherland (31.63 %)Russia (13.60 %) United Kingdom (12.52 %)UAE(7.78 %)Bangladesh (4.55 %) Other Fresh Fruits UAE(35.10 %)Bangladesh (17.90 %)Saudi Arabia (8.75 %)Nepal (6.95 %)Netherland (3.02 %) Dried & Preserved Vegetables Germany (15.43 %)Russia (7.99 %)United Kingdom (7.42 %) United States (7.30 %)France (6.78 %) Other Processed fruits & veg United States (13.75 %)Saudi Arabia (11.43 %) United Kingdom (11.37 %)Netherland (10.89 %)UAE(6.64 %) Buffalo Meat Vietnam (41.47 %)Malaysia (8.91 %)Egypt (7.69 %)Thailand (6.76 %)Saudi Arabia (5.64 %) Guargum United States (72.68 %)China P Rp (8.25 %)Germany (2.83 %)Russia (2.56 %)Canada (1.89 %) Groundnuts Indonesia (44.14 %)Philippines (12.17 %)Malaysia (11.68 %)Vietnam (7.54 %)Thailand (4.66 %) Basmati Rice Iran (37.46 %)Saudi Arabia (22.93 %)Iraq (5.46 %)Kuwait (5.16 %)UAE(4.06 %) Non Basmati Rice Benin (16.59 %)Bangladesh (8.56 %)Senegal (6.68 %)South Africa (5.47 %)Liberia (4.33 %) Wheat Bangladesh (34.24 %)Korea Republic (13.51 %)UAE(12.41 %)Indonesia (5.91 %)Djibouti (5.56 %)

47 Organic Products  APEDA : Secretariat for NPOP  Global market : USD 60 billion  India’s export : USD 403 million  Top products : Soya Bean, Cane Sugar, Basmati Rice, Sesame Seeds, Tea and Processed Products  Export growth in last 2 years: 4.3%, 7.8%

48 International Equivalence  Equivalence currently with EU, USA and Switzerland  Pursuing equivalence with Japan, Taiwan, Canada in process

49 Quality  Participation in working groups and sessions of Codex Alimentarious Commission for harmonization of standards based on risk assessment  Development of export standards  Implementation of GAP  Well equipped most modern laboratories for carrying out sampling and analysis for exports. Surveillance of recognized laboratories

50  Strengthening and surveillance of testing laboratories certification agencies  Implementation of residue monitoring plans Quality

51 Financial Assistance Schemes of APEDA

52 Financial Assistance Schemes APEDA Plan Scheme approved by CCEA in November 2013 : Outlay Rs Cr. Components : Infrastructure Development Quality Development Market Development Transport Assistance Guidelines approval awaited from DOC

53 Export units assisted for: Packing and grading lines Intermediate sheds Pre-cooling units High humidity cold storages Refrigerated transport units Effluent Treatment Plants Cable Cars (for Banana etc.) Infrastructure Development

54 Infrastructure For Common Use Packhouses (30) Centres for Perishable Cargo (12) Vapour Heat Treatment Plants (4) Irradiation Units (2) Flower Auction Centres (3) Processing Units (3)

55 Quality Development Grading and Marking Standards for fruits and vegetables (51) Recognition of laboratories for export testing (29), Two National Referral Labs Recognition of Meat Plants - Integrated abattoirs-cum-meat processing plants (41) - Stand alone abattoirs (9) - Meat processing plants (44) Recognition of Packhouses (141) Recognition of Groundnut Processing Units (40)

56 Market Development Participation in International Trade Fairs and other promotional events Efforts for Market Access - Mango in Australia, New Zealand, Chile - Basmati Rice in Mexico, China - Litchi and Fresh Grapes in Chile - Meat in South Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Hong Kong

57 Thank you for your kind attention

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