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Company Profile Orchid Bay, 5th Floor, Nyali Bridge, P.O. Box – 80107, Mombasa Kenya. Tel: ; Website:

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Vision and Mission Statements
Executive Team MTL Policies Yards and Facilities Machineries and Equipment Partners Detailed Roles

3 INTRODUCTION Mackenzie-Transoceanic Maritime Offshore Marine Oil and Gas Supply Base is located in Mombasa Port on GBHL-BERTHS-3 & 4. Our geographic, cultural, and institutional proximity provides us with special access, closer relationships, better information, powerful incentives, and other advantages that are difficult to get from a distance. In line with our mission statement, MTL is committed to safety and quality assurance. Our policies and procedures have been vetted against the most stringent requirements in the oil and gas industry and the company is a full IMCA member. This commitment to safety and quality, combined with local country knowledge and associated logistics ability, enables us to offer world class services. MTL maintains an extensive database of over 250 personnel that includes qualified offshore engineers. On and around our base, a multitude of service companies are established, making the base into industrial clusters. We enjoy the benefit of close proximity to the Mombasa harbor, a logistic Centre and a multitude of shore base. WELL TRAINED AND READY :- MTL's Oil & Gas Division offers the following services: • Subsea engineering • Integrated inspection and repair services • Project management • Personnel supply • Logistics • Equipment supply

Vision Statement: To be recognized as Africa region’s most successful provider of Oil & Gas services. Mission Statement: Mackenzie- Transoceanic Ltd is dedicated to providing an unrivalled set of Global Oil & Gas supply chain capabilities by building a culture committed to Integrity and trust, Team Work, Safety.

5 EXECUTIVE TEAM Arval Headrick, Chairman & Chief Operating Officer – 41 Years in International Logistics, including serving the world’s most prominent engineering, civil construction, petrochemical and oil & gas companies. Solomon Ondego, Director – Has extensive experience in serving a prominent group of companies as a Projects Director focused on developing business that serve as logistics providers, port handling terminals and Gas Power Plants.. Mustakim Shivji, Operations Director – Operations – Has 25 years’ experience in the logistics and maritime field serving in companies focused on Ships Agencies, General Bulk Logistics and Transport Division. Leonard Headrick, Director & Global Marketing Director – 17 Years in International Logistics, including serving the world’s most prominent engineering, power, civil construction, petrochemical and oil & gas companies. Hector Martinez, Operations – 33 Years in International logistics Nicodemus Ndeti – Global Marketing - with 10 years experience Logistics Operations in Africa including Project Planning and start-up operations in Contingency Operations, Camp Management/Base Support, and Logistics Operations and 3 years experience in the Middle East- Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait (Supply Chain through delivery to end user).

Mackenzie-Transoceanic Limited (MTL) embraces its responsibility to operate in a manner that protects the environment, and human health and safety in order to support the company’s long term growth and reputation as a responsible corporate citizen. As a result, MTL is committed to implementing an EHS policy that will govern the organization thereby maintaining an incident free environment by:- Eliminating all work related incidents Having a system in place for measuring & monitoring EHS performance Having an effective emergency preparedness and response program to mitigate incidents when they occur Observe all EHS laws and regulations provided in the occupational safety and Health Act MTL shall ensure that all employees, contractors and other facility users assume defined responsibilities in matters of health, safety and environment in conformity with this policy. Provide an effective means in the transportation of client cargo or that is adequate for its intended use and that such means covers health and is safe to operate with due regard to the needs of safety minimizing risks to health. MTL Management is responsible for implementing this policy, allocating adequate resources, and developing appropriate EHS programs. The company with this policy will be reviewed annually and updated as needed. Leonard Headrick Board of Directors QUALITY ASSURANCE POLICY All Mackenzie-Transoceanic Limited employees are responsible for the quality of the service/product that we offer. Whether an office is ISO certified or not, it is still a participant in the Quality Program and employees are required to produce and execute Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions when necessary. All new contracts are analyzed by project managers and the Quality Department to identify any specific quality requirements. If these requirements are already satisfied and taken into account by existing procedures, contracts are managed in accordance with the current system. If new requirements are identified, a Quality Plan is established and submitted to Clients for approval. The Quality Plan can alter the existing system at all levels: Quality manual; overall quality management principles and practices Procedures: specific processes according to Client requirements Skills tables: in addition to procedures, identifying precise roles and responsibilities Detailed instructions: in cases where the complexity of operations requires detailed work instructions - Forms and quality records - Client reporting - Job descriptions - Organization charts Within our Quality System we have implemented a process of collecting, investigating, determining root causes to problems, implementing corrective actions and preventive measures to ensure that any process failures do not reoccur. We ensure that the corrective and preventative measures, which have been taken, are sufficient, and will ensure that the process failure does not occur again. Leonard Headrick Board of Directors

Mackenzie-Transoceanic Limited will conduct its business honestly and ethically wherever we operate in the world. We will constantly improve the quality of our services, products and operations and will create a reputation for honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust and sound business judgment. No illegal or unethical conduct on the part of officers, directors, employees or affiliates is in the company’s best interest. Mackenzie-Transoceanic Maritime will not compromise its principles for short-term advantage. The ethical performance of this company is the sum of the ethics of the men and women who work here. Thus, we are all expected to adhere to high standards of personal integrity. Misuse of material inside information in connection with trading in the company’s securities can expose an individual to civil liability and judicial punishment. Directors, officers, and employees in possession of material information not available to the public are “insiders.” Spouses, friends, suppliers, brokers, and others outside the company who may have acquired the information directly or indirectly from a director, officer or employee are also “insiders.” The Judicial law prohibits insiders from trading in, or recommending the sale or purchase of, the company’s securities, while such inside information is regarded as “material”, or if it is important enough to influence you or any other person in the purchase or sale of securities of any company with which we do business, which could be affected by the inside information. The following guidelines should be followed in dealing with inside information: • Until the material information has been publicly released by the company, an employee must not disclose it to anyone except those within the company whose positions require use of the information. • Employees must not buy or sell the company’s securities when they have knowledge of material information concerning the company until it has been disclosed to the public and the public has had sufficient time to absorb the information. Employees shall not buy or sell securities of another corporation, the value of which is likely to be affected by an action by the company of which the employee is aware and which has not been publicly disclosed. Leonard Headrick Board of Directors FIRE POLICY STATEMENT Mackenzie- Transoceanic Limited shall ensure as far as is reasonably practicable, that the risk(s) from fire will be managed in compliance with applicable relevant regulations and legislation. The management of fire hazards will be undertaken in such a way as to prevent injury or fire risks to employees, visitors, contractors and others who may be affected by the activities of the business. In our endeavor to comply with this policy, we shall: - Effectively Liaise with the local fire authority where appropriate Undertake suitable and efficient fire safety audits Identify and implement reasonably practicable control measures to control the risks from fire. Conduct regular fire evacuation drills and test emergency equipment; to conduct regular fire safety training Mackenzie-Transoceanic Limited will also ensure that the appropriate policies and procedures are established, documented, implemented and maintained as well as reviewed from time to time. The company will ensure that the action plans, fire precautions and evacuation procedures are in place and employees made to understand their importance in participation in the fire safety management processes in view to control the fire hazards. Leonard Headrick Board of Directors

The management of Mackenzie-Transoceanic Limited, recognizes the HIV/AIDS endangers our success by threatening the wellbeing of our employees. In an effort to deal with the issue proactively, MTL is committed to assisting our employees infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS by adhering to the following principles. MTL shall neither carry out direct or indirect screening for HIV/AIDS at any Pre- employment assessment. In line with the human resource policies of MTL, employees shall not be discriminated against on the basis of their assumed or unknown HIV/AIDS status MTL employees and contractors will be provided with appropriate HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness training in accordance with the recommendation concerning HIV and AIDS and the word of work, 2010 (no. 200) and the National Code of practice on HIV and AIDS at the workplace. Voluntary tests are encouraged and remain strictly confidential. Counseling services shall be made available to all staff, if need be. MTL shall take all due precautions to ensure that staff, contractors and customers are not exposed to HIV/AIDS infection. MTL shall endeavor to provide any employee suffering from HIV/AIDS related illness with appropriate treatment and care in line with the Company’s medical Policy. Through this approach, we hope to influence attitudes, change behaviors and make a difference in fighting this epidemic. Leonard Headrick Board of Directors DRUGS, ALCOHOL & FIRE ARMS POLICY “It is the policy of the Mackenzie-Transoceanic Ltd. to maintain a work place that is free from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.” 1) Employees are prohibited from the use, sale, dispensing, distribution, possession, or manufacture of illegal drugs and narcotics or alcoholic beverages on Mackenzie-Transoceanic Ltd. premises or work sites. Employees are also prohibited from the possession, use or sale of illegal drugs when such activities adversely affect job performance, job safety, or Mackenzie-Transoceanic Ltd.’s reputation in the community. In addition, employees are prohibited from the off- premises use of alcohol when such activities adversely affect job performance and/or job safety. 2) Mackenzie-Transoceanic Ltd. will not hire, unless state or local law provides otherwise, alcoholics or drug abusers whose current use of such substances prevents them from performing their jobs or who would constitute a direct threat to the property or safety of others. Whenever applicants for employment are to be tested for the presence of such substances, they are to be informed of the test in advance and in writing. 3) Employees will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, for violations of this policy. Such violations include, but are not limited to, possessing illegal or non-prescribed drugs and narcotics or alcoholic beverages at work; being under the influence of such substances while working; using them while working; or dispensing, distributing, or illegally manufacturing or selling them on Mackenzie-Transoceanic Ltd. premises and work sites. Employees, their possessions, and Transoceanic Projects Development Co., Inc.-issued equipment and containers under their control are subject to search and surveillance at all times while on Mackenzie-Transoceanic Ltd. premises or while conducting Mackenzie-Transoceanic Ltd. business. 4) Employees may be required to take a test at any time to determine the presence of drugs, narcotics, or alcohol, unless law prohibits such tests. Testing positive for illegal drugs or alcohol is a violation of the policy. Leonard Headrick Board of Directors

9 YARDS & FACILITIES Mombasa Offshore Supply Base
Layout Plan and Picture showing GBHL Berth 3 & 4

10 YARDS & FACILITIES Container Freight Station (CFS)
Largest CFS in Mombasa, Kenya Key features: 3 000 TEUs Storage capacity Handles Import and export transit containers Refrigerated container storage Warehousing for Stuffing / un-stuffing Container storage Handling of vehicles, project cargo and general cargo Local and Transit clearance Direct Rail Link Throughput capacity of TEUs per annum Located in Mombasa, gateway to Eastern Africa Operated since December 2012 APM Terminal are our Managing partners APM Terminals is a leading global terminal operator with 63 operating ports and 160 inland container depots.

11 YARDS & FACILITIES Pipe Storage Yard
MTL has yards strategically located around the Port area, namely: Golden Industrial Park Ltd (GIP) Port to Yard – 0.2KM Road Size - 8M Yard Area - 305,000 SQFT Warehouse - 32,000SQFT (No Pillars, 1 spanned roof) Perimeter - 4M Stone Boundary Wall Caspian ventures Ltd Port to Yard - 1.5KM Yard Area - 105,000 SQFT Garage - Workshop for Trucks MBTL Port to Yard- 3.5KM Yard Area -96,000 SQFT Warehouse - 45,000SQFT (Divided into 4)

50 Trucks (FAW & Benz) 35 Trailers 20 ISO Tanks 15 Forklifts each with a lifting capacity of 2-5mt 10 Long Reach Stackers 20 6x4 Renault Trucks 20 40ft Side-high side body trailers Escort Vehicles XCMG Mobile crane 2 Forklifts each with a lifting capacity of 3mt 20 Tipping trailers 20 Mercedes Axor trucks Liebherr Crane

13 PARTNERS DETAILED ROLES Transoceanic Projects & Development, Ltd.
TPDK: Project Management Roles International project logistics & management services Logistics services for relief organizations Marine agency services in support of off--‐shore industry Feasibility and engineering studies for heavy, over--‐dimensional transport Export Packing & Consolidation / Inventory Management Route surveys and direct negotiation with local authorities Specialized transportation of heavy lift, over--‐dimensional cargo Vessel chartering Aircraft chartering Global airfreight consolidation Global sea freight consolidation Multimodal transportation Documentation services Stowage and securing planning Export and Import customs clearance Risk assessment and mitigation planning Project method statements Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Planning(HSEQ) N.V.O.C.C. Services (AKL Shipping) Customs Consultancy

Mackenzie-Maritime: Roles Local Shunting Container Freight Station Facility (CFS), Feasibility and engineering studies for heavy, over--‐dimensional transport Hiring of Mobile Cranes and Lifting Equipment Transportation of Cargo Project Forwarding & Heavy Lift Clearing and Forwarding. Project Cargo Expertise Route Surveys Out of gauge handling and transportation In-field logistics Hot shot airfreight End to end logistics Offshore support & supply Pipe yards and laydown facilities Warehousing and storage

15 PARTNERS DETAILED ROLES Basin Supply Services
Basin Supply Services: Integrated Oil Field Equipment Supply of Oil Drilling Equipment ( Capital Equipment) Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Operation, Hiring of Mobile Cranes and Lifting Equipment Transportation of Cargo Project Forwarding & Heavy Lift Clearing and Forwarding. Supply of Parts Drill Bits, Pressure Control Safety Equipment Pressure gauges Hand Tools, Hose and Fittings Valves Various types of Pumps Warehousing and storage

16 PARTNERS DETAILED ROLES Vessel Onshore & Offshore Management (VOM)
Vessel Onshore & Offshore Management (VOM): Security Services Coordination and Management of supply vessels serving offshore installations, e.g. Use of MV-The Judge & MV-Ngati Haki-Vessels. Marine Logistics and Marine Operations, Planning, identifying vessels and /or cargo space requirements, Coordination and Management of Vessels for various marine projects, Rig moves, Specialized transportation, badge handling, and Towing. Provision of vessels for offshore supply and cargo transportation, dedicated vessels, standby rescue, oil recovery and Fire-fighting Services.

Subtech Group: Inshore Diving Services Underwater Constructions and Repairs Pipe Installation, Inspection and Maintenance Underwater Demolition Underwater Cutting and Welding Inspections and Surveys Marine Support Underwater Concreting Sealing and Blanking General Marine maintenance & cleaning VP propeller blade changes Proper cropping

Terra Firma: Infrastructure & Facilities Management To offer high quality-facilities management services to Mombasa Offshore Oil & Gas supply base Project inception, Project Design, Project Production, Procurement and Building Completion. Management of the facility; Structural Engineering design, Installation drawings and facility expansions and Construction.

19 PARTNERS DETAILED ROLES Interwaste Holdings Limited
Interwaste Holdings Limited : Intergrated, International Waste Management Services Optimum waste storage and collection methods, Use of the correct container sizes, services frequency and collection vehicles e.g Front End Vehicles, Rear End Vehicles…All capable of compacting the waste on-board. Use of on-site Compactors to reduce the volume of those waste materials, resulting in substantial savings. Use of specialized holding tanks for toxic hydro-carbon-waste especially on on-board shipping vessels where efficient methodology of waste handling is utilized at all times. Use of modern plant & Equipment, depots and facilities, management, manpower and operational systems shall be deployed to ensure high level of efficiency and service in waste collection.

20 PARTNERS DETAILED ROLES Transcrane Logistics
Transcrane Logistics: Plant Equipment Services Maintenance of heavy equipment e.g Ton Telescopic cranes, Backhoe Loaders, Loaders, 3 to 16 Ton – forklifts, 12/14m3 Tippers Transcrane Logistics will form part of this project by supplying telescopic cranes for the construction of the site and handling of Heavy Equipment. Transportation of: General cargo Outsized Transportation, abnormal loads over-sized cargo up-to 19 Meters Pipes for the Gas and Petroleum Industry Handling of Containers & side-loaders Equipment: Low beds with up to 100 Ton Capacity

21 Orchid Bay, 5th Floor, Nyali Bridge ; P. O
Orchid Bay, 5th Floor, Nyali Bridge ; P.O.Box – 80107, Mombasa Kenya. Tel: ; ; ; Website:


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