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WEL-COME TO Department of Youth Development

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1 WEL-COME TO Department of Youth Development

2 NATIONAL DEFENCE COLLEGE, Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka.
Presented By Dr. Md. Zakir Hussain Joint Secretary Ministry Of Youth & Sports Bangladesh Secretariate, Dhaka. NATIONAL DEFENCE COLLEGE, Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka. NDC COURSE

3 Department of Youth Development Ministry of Youth & Sports
Office of the Director General 108- Motijheel C/A Dhaka-1000 Tel: (880-2) Fax: (880-2)

4 Introduction : Youth are the powerhouse of any nation. Any idea of national development is just myth without the active participation of youth. National development is like a relay race. The old generation passes on the baton to the waiting team. Youth are the confident and creative force in a society. They have passion and vision. But their bubbling enthusiasm has to be rightly channeled and utilized by presenting before them a convenient environment. Proper guidance and direction can bring them in the forefront of national development. As per National Youth Policy, those in the age group of years are considered to be youths and they constitute one-third of the total population. To provide this huge manpower with proper guidance and institutional support, the Government created in 1978 Ministry of Youth Development (subsequently renamed Ministry of Youth & Sports) and Department of Youth Development (DYD) in Since its inception, the Department has been extending multifarious training, guidance and support to the youths. To harness their potentialities properly and transform them into human resource has been the mission of DYD.

5 Visions of the Department :
Transforming the unemployed youth into organized, disciplined and productive workforce. Facilitating the unemployed youths for their self-employment/wage employment at home and abroad by providing them skill development training , micro-credit & other logistic supports. Involving the youth in the mainstream of national development process.

6 Objectives of the Department :
To encourage the youth for self-employment and wage employment through motivation, training, micro credit assistance and other necessary support. To organize the youth through voluntary youth organizations and motivate them to take part in community development and nation building activities. To Promote the formation of youth organizations at grass-root levels and ensuring their participation in national advancement. To involve the youth in socio-economic activities like literacy program, disaster management, primary health care, environmental improvement, resource conservation and awareness building against anti-social activities, e.g. drug abuse, AIDS/STDs etc. To take necessary steps for empowering and ensuring their participation in decision making at all levels.

7 Working Areas of the Department of Youth Development :
The Department of Youth Development entrusted with the following activities to do as per "Rules of Business of Different Ministries of the Government" : All matters relating to youths - their welfare, training and prospects. Organization and mobilization of the youths for voluntary participation in the development activities of the country. Co-ordination of youth services, liaison with concerned Ministries/ Divisions. Administration of grants-in-aid under specific projects. Youth Awards. Programs to encourage a sense of adventure, responsibility, confidence and achievement in youths. Research and study on youths and youth development activities. Promoting activities for creating employment opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed youths.

8 Organizational set-up :
Department of Youth Development (DYD) is headed by Director General who is assisted by Five Directors and Project Directors and other employees. DYD operates huge programs through 64 districts, 493 upazilas including10 metropolitan unit thana offices and 111 Youth Training Centres all over the country. Besides, establishment of another 11 Youth Training Centres in 11 districts is underway. The Department has a huge staff of 6888 in revenue and development budget who are dedicated to the development of youth.

9 Director General Class 1- 660 Persons Class 2- 1,091 Persons
Dir. Planning Dir. Admin & Finance Dir. Ipplementation, Monitoring & Organization Dir. Poverty Alleviation & Microcredit Dir. Training 111 Youth Training Center Sheikh Hasina National Youth Center Central Human Research Development Center 64 District Office Development Project Project Concluded Bogra Regional Youth Center 493 Upzilla Office Class Persons Class 2- 1,091 Persons Class 3- 3,609 Persons Class 4- 1,528 Persons Total= 6,888 Persons 4 Regionall Human Research Development Center

10 Programs Of DYD The main aim of DYD is to make the youths in to a skilled manpower by imparting them various kinds of training & logistics as per requirement of the day towards their involvement in self-employment and employment activities. Skill Development Training With a view to attaining aims DYD runs 33 institutional courses at youth training centres and 41 non-institutional courses at upazilla level. The training courses are as follows :

11 Institutional Training Courses :
1. Livestock, Poultry Rearing, Fishery & Agriculture. 18. Housekeeping & Laundry Operations. 2. Fisheries (Residential) 19. Food & Beverage Service. 3. Dress Making. 20. Poultry Rearing and Bird-Flu Control and Biodiversity Management. 4. Computer Basics. 21. Flower & Vegetable Production, Processing, Packaging, Preservation and Marketing. 5. Computer Graphics. 22. Mushroom Production, Processing, Preservation and Marketing. 6. Electrical & House wiring. 23. Nursery, Propagation, Making of Fruit Garden and Management. 7. Refrigeration & Air-conditioning. 24. Seed Production, Processing, Preservation and Marketing. 8. Electronics. 25. Dairy Rearing and Beef Fattening. 9. Block Printing. 26. Food Processing, Packing & Marketing. 10. Block, Batik & Screen Printing. 27. Beautification & Hair Cutting. 11. Sweater Knitting. 28. Arabic Language Training. 12. Linking Machine Operating. 29. Mobile Phone Servicing & Repairing. 13. Fisheries (Non-residential) 30. Tourist Guide. 14. Oven and Sewing Machine Operating. 31. Fancy floor Mat Making. 15. Short Housekeeping. 32. Graphic Design (Photoshop & Illustrator). 16. Mobile Computer Training. 33. Handiwork Training. 17. Modern Office Management & Computer Application

12 Non-Institutional Training Courses :
According to local felt needs on nearly 41 trades non-institutional training program is implemented at upazilla level including the trades of bee culture, bamboo-cane work, household poultry rearing, fish cultivation, beef fattening, pigeon rearing, goat farming, Nursery, flower and fruit gardening, cycle repairing, making of nakshi katha etc youths are targeted to undergo this type of training in this financial year. DYD also conducts different training programs in partnership with national and international various organizations working in the area of socio-economic development. In addition, local GOs and NGOs and international organizations engaged in similar activities are facilitated to arrange different training programs in the training venues of the department.

13 Self-employment: To challenge increasing youth-unemployment in the country the Govt. through DYD has undertaken self- employment program all over the country. With a view to engaging unemployed youths in self- employment DYD motives them and gives them training and financial assistance. Besides, DYD maintains close relationship with the youths concerned and extends technical support to them. The success of youths in self-employment activities is tremendous. By undertaking self-employment projects certain youths monthly earn more than Tk /-.

14 Micro-credit Program:
For enhancing youths’ ability to undertake self-employment and income generating activities DYD implements (1) Self-employment loan(individual) and (2) Family based loan (group). Under individual credit system a male or female youth usually receives loan amounting from Tk 20000/- to Tk 75000/-. On the other hand, under group credit, each of the group members is given loan five times by turns for satisfactory performance and the amount ranges from Tk 8000/- to Tk 16000/-. In both cases, at 10% simple rate i,e at declining rate service charge is claimed upon loan money. It appears that the service charge finally stands at 5% after recovery of loan money in 24 and 52 installments respectively in the cases mentioned above. For implementation of credit program DYD trained youths are achieving unthinkable success in their self-employment activities. It is notable that micro-credit is given to the youths by the district and upazilla offices of DYD.

15 Youth Organizations in Youth Activities:
Department of Youth Development(DYD) organizes youths by making youth organizations accross the country. Up to June 2013 it has enlisted youth organizations. DYD extends active cooperation to youth orgnizations in implementing social development oriented activities.

16 Youth Organizations in Youth Activities:
Department of Youth Development(DYD) organizes youths by making youth organizations accross the country. Up to June 2013 it has enlisted youth organizations. DYD extends active cooperation to youth orgnizations in implementing social development oriented activities.

17 National Youth Award : DYD trained successful male and female youths who make outstanding contribution to self-employment and social services are given National Youth Award every year on National Youth Day. Up to June 2013, 300 successful self-employed male and female youths including 10 youth organizers have been given National Youth Awards. This year 15 successful male and female youths are being given National Youth Awards. Except this, 19 youth organizers and self-employed youths have achieved Commonwealth Award for establishing glaring instance in social development and self-employment. Further 2 youth organizers have gained SAARC Youth Award for their exemplary performance in social work.

18 Grants to Youth Organizations :
Monetary grant to youth organizations is sanctioned from Govt.’s Youth Welfare Fund against implementation of different projects submitted by them for strengthening their participation in national development stream. Besides, DYD sanctions grants to enlisted youth organisations from revenue head. Upto now, grant has already been given to 9643 youth organisations from Youth Welfare Fund and Revenue Head that amounts Tk lakh. The number of enlisted youth orgnaizations at present is out of which 1000 youth organizations enlisted by DYD have obtained brand computer one against one basis for development of digital Bangladesh during the tenure of present Govt. DYD has trained workers/members on computer and networking with the program.

19 Computer Training to Rural Youths through a Mobile Van:
Training on computer including internet and networking is being imparted to the youths of backward areas with the help of a mobile van equipped with computer and internet facilities, multi-media projector and audio system. Under the project male and female youths have been trained up to now.

20 National Service Program :
National Service Program was introduced in financial year in Bangladesh. Under the program an educated unemployed youth has to undergo three months’ intensive training on ten particular modules and after training he / she is given temporary employment for two years against different nation building services in working areas as per approved policy. Each of the youths selected in the program receives Tk 100/- per day during training and Tk 200 while in employment. This first started as a pilot program in 19 upazillas of three districts of Kurigram, Borguna and Gopalganj. The number of beneficiaries of the three districts is youths. The duration of pilot program has been ended on 31 October Under its 2nd phase, the program has been extended to 8 new upazillas of remaining 7 districts of Rangpur division in fiscal year. Here the number of selected youths is In new 8 upazillas 7102 male and female youths have obtained 2 years’ temporary employment until June For the remaining youths training and employment activities are under process. For implementation of the program the quality of govt. services are raising rapidly. Socio-economic status of the concerned youths is upgraded where good participation of women is taking place. Anti-social activities are being diminished in program locations which is remarkable. In light of country’s socio- economic situation the program might be extended to all other districts and upazillas.

21 Sheikh Hasina National Youth Centre:
To study and research contemporary youth and development issues nationally regionally and internationally a high profile organization/centre named Sheikh Hasina National Youth Centre has been established in 1997 on 8 acres of land at Savar under Dhaka district which is planned to be a Centre of Excellence. In this centre, residential training courses relating to flourishing social, economic and human qualities; project management, leadership development, motivation, communication, good citizenship, conflict management, decision making and social services are arranged for the unemployed youths. This centre also regularly organizes seminars, workshops, symposiums, youth conference, youth information exchange of national and international levels.

22 Public-Private Partnership Program :
DYD to make its programs more speedy has made signing of MOU program uninterrupted with other govt. , non govt., corporation and international bodies.

23 On-going Projects: 1) Project on Strengthening of Training at Upazilla level for Creation of Employment and Self-employment( ). 2) Project on Creation of Employment and Self-employment Opportunities for Unemployed Youths in 7 districts of North Bengal ( ). 3) Project on Establishment of New Youth Training Centre in the Remaining Eleven Districts( ). 4) Project on Completion of Incomplete Works of the Old Youth Training Centre ( ). 5) Establishment of Vocational Training & Healthcare Center For Vulnerable Youth( ). 6) Establishment of Training & Employment Generation Center for the Vulnerable Youth & Adolescents ( ).

24 Total allocation For Revenue Setup(2013-14): Tk. 350.50 lakh.
For 6 projects: Tk lakh. Total ADP allocation ( ) for the 6 projects : Tk lakh.

25 At a glance progress of youth activities since inception to December 2013:
1. Number of trained youths : 2. Number of self-employed youths 3. aStarting credit fund Tk lakh. 4. Loan disbursed Tk lakh. 5. Number of beneficiaries Nos. 6. Number of enlisted youth organizations 16197 Nos. 7. Number of grant recipient youth organizations 10627 Nos. 8. Amount of grant disbursed Tk lakh. 9. Number of on going projects 6Nos. 10. Temporary employment under National Service Program 69804 youths. 11. Number of National Youth Award recipient youths 315 person.

26 Information as regards progress during the present Government:
1. Training : youths. 2. Amount of Grant Tk lakh. 3. Internet connection 64 districts, upazillas, youth organizations. 4. Self-employment youths. 5. Indirect Employment youths. 6. Microcredit beneficiaries youths. 7. Loan disbursed Tk lakh. 8. Temporary employment (National Service) 69804 youths. 9. Vertical expansion of Youth Training Centres 29 Nos. 10. Number of National Youth Award 70 persons 11. Grant to youth organizations 2084 Nos.

27 Conclusion: Success of DYD in youth development activities is prevalent. Its activities are being expanded rapidly day by day. If the people of all spheres from their respective positions come forward and extend their possible co-operation towards youth training and employment, the all round national development will be expedited and thus dream of building up Bengal of gold will come into being.

28 NATIONAL DEFENCE COLLEGE, Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka.


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