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Emcure’s Initiatives in Anemia Management

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1 Emcure’s Initiatives in Anemia Management
Dr. P. Bhandari, M.D.

2 We bring difference in lives
Emcure Research driven pharmaceutical company Responsible corporate citizen giving back to society from which it profits Therapeutic areas Anemia AIDS Cardiology Nephrology Oncology Gynecology Diabetes Neurology Orthopedics Gastroenterology We bring difference in lives

3 Anemia – a global problem
According to a survey conducted by NFHS, the prevalence of anaemia in young girls aged between years is 56% with higher rates in rural than in urban India.

4 Anemia affects all Mother Child Pre-term delivery
Fetal and maternal mortality Low birth weigh baby Child Impaired mental function Increased infections Frequent diarrhea

5 Anemia – signs/symptoms
Fatigue (very common) Weakness (very common) Dizziness Shortness of breath Irritability Lack of concentration Pale skin and tongue Brittle nails Low hemoglobin Iron deficiency anaemia with depapillated tongue, depigmentation of the upper lip and epithelial erosion of the lower lip

6 Emcure in Anaemia management
Innovative oral iron products: Ferrous ascorbate tablets, suspension, etc. State of the art parenteral iron products: Iron sucrose injection Ferric carboxymaltose injection Biotechnology products: Erythropoietin

7 Ferrous Ascorbate Leaders in the ferrous ascorbate market
Offering own R&D ferrous ascorbate Granted Indian Patent The best oral iron so far: Maximum bioavailability of up to 43% Excellent tolerability Prevents inhibitory action of dietary phytates etc Proven safety and efficacy Dose: 100 mg elemental iron daily for adults

8 Why Ferrous Ascorbate? Inhibitors Facilitators The absorption of iron from ordinary iron supplements is approximately 10% or less This is due to presence of inhibitory ligands like phytates, tannins, phosphates etc in food The presence of ascorbate facilitates absorption by preventing the action of these inhibitory ligands This increase absorption of iron from ferrous ascorbate up to 43%

9 When oral iron may not be sufficient?
In severe anemia that will require very long time to correct Very low iron stores that need quick replenishment In renal failure patients who do not respond to oral iron In menorrhagia-associated severe iron-deficiency anemia In anemia associated with cancer  Parenteral (IV) iron

10 Iron Sucrose Injection
The dominant IV iron for anaemia management Does not have risk of dextran-induced hypersensitivity Used by both nephrologists and obstetricians Dose: 100 mg by slow IV bolus x max thrice weekly, or mg IV infusion x max thrice weekly, to replenish cumulative deficit

11 Ferric Carboxymaltose Injection
The latest IV iron Introduced first in India by Emcure Offers feasibility of total dose infusion of 1g in 15 min No dextran-type hypersensitivity Safe & effective in different indications

12 Erythropoietin Manufactured in Gennova Biopharmaceuticals facility of Emcure Matching European Pharmacopoeia standards Used by nephrologists in renal anemia Used by obstetricians in EPO-deficient IDA in pregnancy

13 FOGSI – Emcure Social Responsibility

14 Emcure’s Corporate Social Responsibility

15 Emcure’s Corporate Social Responsibility

16 Emcure’s Corporate Social Responsibility

17 Emcure’s Corporate Social Responsibility

18 FOGSI-Emcure Publications

19 Emcure in Anemia Management
Latest research and development Quality products Education, awareness and support through CSR activities We bring difference in lives

20 Emcure’s websites

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