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IBMS – From Netsanchar Internet Bandwidth Management Solution.

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1 IBMS – From Netsanchar Internet Bandwidth Management Solution.

2 IBMS What is IBMS ? What can be control by IBMS ? How this solution Works ? What else the features in it ? Who benefited from this Solution ? Why You need this Solution? Any recurring Cost like AMC ?

3 What is IBMS? IBMS is a revolutionary solution with the combination of software and a router thru which Internet bandwidth can be control in a organization to improve the productivity of existing staff at a very low cost. It control the traffic of internet and utilize the traffic at the utmost to get maximum from the Internet bandwidth.

4 What can be control by IBMS? SolutionSpeed Control Website Control Extention Control No of userPrice IBMS SohoYes Upto 2 - 1415000 IBMS G1Yes Upto 1 - 3021000 IBMS G2Yes Upto 1 - 6235000 IBMS G3Yes Upto 1 - 12655000 IBMS G4Yes Upto1 - 250+85000 All Above charges are including Hardware (Router) and Software, with configuration.

5 How this solution works? With the help of a router and the software mapped to the router, it needs to be get configured. After successful synchronizing the software with Router, the router becomes a complete firewall, hence can be planned accordingly. Group creation, user creation can be made after the synchronization the software with hardware to control on group / user wise policy.

6 What else the features in it? Authenticate each user session via logon page and PPoE. Authorise Internet access only on specific devices by binding devices to MAC, VLAN or Static IP Assign Bandwidth Quotas to Individuals or shared users Limit bandwidth speeds based upon user, data or service Create time of day, weekday or holiday policies Easy creation, activation and deactivation of user accounts Automatic session termination based on hours, days, data transfer. Firewall VPN Tunnel DHCP Web log QOS

7 Who benefited from this Solution ? A Company Admin, who thinks that his working team is wasting time on facebook, job sites, porn sites etc during office hours, which is beyond control to manage. An Admin who thinks that the Internet bandwidth is being misused by his working staffs during office hours due to some one’s heavy downloads choking their office’s bandwidth. A Software company, who have few people needed heavy download, and few does not require the downloads. But who require the most is not getting the proper bandwidth when needed and the project is getting delayed. An HR of a company, who is serious to take a step on monitoring and controlling on the Internet usage pattern working under the company to maximize the performance of their skill.

8 Why you need this Solution? To get the optimum productivity of the working staffs. To minimize the misuse of Internet bandwidth. To enhance the profitability of the organization. To bring the company at a new heights. To be far ahead in the competition. To get the best from the Internet cloud. To minimize the viral activities in the network. To get the good performance in all the PC’s connected in a same LAN due to filtration at the gateway point. Low Cost – High Productivity.

9 Any recurring Cost like AMC ? Without Hardware 15% - 20% P.A. on the cost. AMC will be online after 1 year onwards. With Hardware (Router) 35% P.A after 1 year onwards.

10 Contact Detail Contact : Mr Rabin Netsanchar 12A, S.N. Roy Road Kolkata – 700038 Ph : 9831185424, 03323984654 email – web :

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