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Factory & Office Address: Unit No D2, Indian Corporation, Opp. Dive Petrol Pump, Mumbai Nashik Highway, Dive Village, Thane , Maharashtra, India Landline: BBHM Presentation rev09

2 Focus on Quality & Process

3 Introduction BBM Heavy Machinery Pvt. Ltd. (BBMHM) is a Joint Venture Company with SMS Meer GmbH, BBM S.p.A., Italy . Company Established in 2011. Located 8 Kms from Thane (outside Mumbai) off Nasik Highway and 30 Kms from Mumbai International Airport BBM HM is mainly involved into Machining, Fabrication and Assembly for various equipment for Heavy Engineering Industries.

4 Strategy and Focus Business Strategy: Focus Markets: -
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing for OEM companies executing projects in India and Worldwide. Focus Markets: - Steel Sector Power Sector Railway Sector Precision Job Work

5 Organization Structure
Management Team:- Director: Giacomo Bigolin Sales Director: Nikhil Bhatia General Manager: Dhaivat Kora Quality Manager: Alessandro Fraccaro Total Manpower – 48 Staff:- 20 Workers:- 28 Capabilities: Machining Fabrication Assembly Testing

6 Layout and Capabilities
Total Area: 4,560 sq. m. 3 Bays: 76m x 20m each Capacity of workshop – Under expansion, current capacity 150 T/Month Lift Capacity: 50T, 6.8m clear space below cranes Machining, Mechanical Assembly, Piping, Auxiliaries, Electrical   Assemblies up to 150 T , Single module of assembly maximum 60 T Light Assembly 2 x 10 T Crane Capacity Light Machining Bay 3 Heavy Machining Heavy Assembly 2 x 20 T Crane Capacity Bay 2 Light Assembly 1 X 10 T Crane Capacity Bay 1 Quality Control Incoming Material Office Area

7 Capabilities of Workshop
Assemblies up to 120 T, Single Module upto 60 T Shears , Conveyor , Roller Table, Tilting Devices, Changing Devices, Flatteners, Pinch Rolls, Coilers, Manipulators etc. Single part components max 50 T Domestic and Export Projects Any equipment as described above with lot of value addition work.

8 BAY I –Crane :- 1X10T , Quality Control & Assembly Area

9 BAY II- Cranes:- 2X20T , Machine:- FP10000 , Heavy Assembly Area

10 BAY III -Cranes:- 2X10T Cranes, Machine:- SL8000, Fabrication Area

11 CNC Programming & Tool Setting
We are using DELCAM for modelling and programming of the jobs for both the machines. Both the CNC Machines are connected to the Programming Station through DNC software. Specialized Toolings used from Mitsubishi, AMEC, Dandrea for precision and productivity. All Tools preset in Tools Trolley/ ATC for a specific job with ELBO E660 Model Tool Pre-setter.

12 Machine-1: SL8000 Soraluce Travelling Column Table Type CNC Bore Mill SL8000 with Automatic Indexing Head and 40 Tools Automatic Tool Changer Loading Capacity :- 40 Tons X- Axis Travel – 6500 mm Y- Axis Travel – 1600 mm (Extendable to 2100 mm by rotating the Universal Head) Z- Axis Travel – 900 mm Spindle Taper – ISO 50 Universal Head degree X 2.5 degree CNC Controller – Heidenhain TNC 426 Fixed Table Area – 8000 mm X 800 mm

13 SL8000


15 Machine-2 : FP10000 Soraluce Travelling Column Floor Type CNC Bore Mill FP10000 with Automatic Indexing Head with 20T Traversing Rotary Table. Loading Capacity :- Rotary Table 20 T, Fixed Bed T + X- Axis Travel – 10,000 mm Y- Axis Travel – 2,600 mm Z- Axis Travel – 1,300 mm Spindle Taper – ISO 50 Automatic Universal Head X 2.5 degree CNC Controller – Heidenhain TNC 530 Floor Plate Area – 8000 mm X 2000 mm 20T Capacity Rotary Table Area – 2000 mm X 2000 mm with W axis Travel of 1.5 metre

16 FP10000


18 All Geared Lathe Machine with DRO
Swing over Bed – 900 mm Diameter Maximum Job Length that can be admitted between centers – 5000 mm

19 Measuring Instruments
FARO ARM 8’ PRIME 6 Axis Portable CMM with Repeatability of 27 microns in 2.4 metres. Mitutoyo Make Outside Micrometers covering range from mm Mitutoyo Make Inside Micrometers covering range from mm Grade I Slip Gauge Blocks Set Mitutoyo Make Bore Gauges covering range from 10 mm to 350 mm Granite Plate 2400 mm X 1100 mm X 300 mm Precihite Make Electronic Height Measuring Machine 1000 mm . Surface Roughness Tester.


21 Accessory Equipment 400 Amp MMAW Inverter Type Welding Machine – 2 nos. Panasonic Make 400 Amp MIG Welding Machine – 2 nos. RM 70 Radial Drilling Machine with 1200 mm Arm. Indotech Make 320 mm Capacity Double Column Band Saw Machine Dia 25 mm Magnetic Drill with Stand – 1 no. Imported Pneumatic & Mechanical Assembly Tooling – 2 sets Induction Heater for Bearing Shrink Fitting of parts ESAB Make Pug Gas cutting machine

22 Projects Executed BBM S.p.A.: Mechanical parts of Bogie Disassembly Bench SMS Meer India: 120m Roller Tables for BHEL Pradman/SMS Meer UK: Crop & Divide Shear SMS Meer Germany: Tube Washer, Flushing Device and Water Collecting Hood SMS Meer Germany: 16” Welded Pipe Line Forming Section, Welding Squeeze Stand, Sizing Section and all Roll-Chock-Bearing Change Units. TENOVA Metals: Pinch Roll with Shear, Mandrel & Outboard Bearing Support Assemblies for Sheet Processing Lines BBM S.p.A Railway Equipment:- 300 T Wheel Press Mechanical Assembly

23 Projects Executed SMS Meer India: 18MN Extrusion Press
Esmech:- Stacker Assembly for Sheets SMS Tarcento :- Roll Changing ,Stand Tilting Device, Horizontal and Vertical Dummy Stands with rollers & Loopers with channels for Wire Rod Mill SMS Meer India: Pitman for Forging Press Pradman:-NTM Housing Compact Stands for Wire Rod Mill Godrej:- Defense Sector Job Work, Machining Precihole:- SPM Base Frames and Columns Machining

24 BHEL Roller Table Assembly
Customer: SMS Meer India Pvt. Ltd. Total Weight: 65 Tons

25 Crop & Divide Shear Customer: SMS Meer UK / Pradman
Scope: Mechanical, Electrical, Motors, Automation, Testing Total Weight: 7-10 tons

26 Tube Washing Assembly Customer: SMS Meer GmbH (Germany)
Total Weight: 40 Tons

27 Tube Washing Assembly Customer: SMS Meer GmbH (Germany)
Total Weight: 40 Tons

28 Shears and Mandrels for Strip Processing Lines
Customer: Tenova Metals India P Ltd Total Weight: Hydraulic Shear 3 tons and Mandrel 7 tons

29 18 MN Extrusion Press

30 18MN Extrusion Press Customer: SMS Meer India P Ltd Total Mechanical Assembly Weight – 74 tons

31 18MN Extrusion Press Customer: SMS Meer India P Ltd Total Mechanical Assembly Weight – 74 tons

32 16” Pipe Mill Sizing & Forming Line
Customer: SMS Meer, Germany Sizing Section Mechanical Weight – 210 tons

33 16” Pipe Mill Sizing & Forming Line
Customer: SMS Meer, Germany Forming & Welding Section Mechanical Weight – 190 tons

34 Loopers & Roll Change Device for Long products
Customer: SMS Meer, Italy Total Weight: Loopers 4 Tons & Roll Change Device: 9.5 tons

35 Snap Shear & Transports for Welded Pipeline
Customer: SMIN Service, Thane Snap Shear – 9 tons Customer: SMS Meer, Germany Transport Systems 32 – tons

36 Capability of Manufacturing
BBMHM can Manufacture, Assemble and Test Cold Rolling Mill Equipment Rebar Mill Equipment Hot Rolling Mill Equipment Pickling Line Equipment Pipe Mill Equipment Equipment such as Mill Stands , Chocks, Housings Coil Car, Coil Car Ramp Mandrels, Recoiler, Uncoiler Roll Changing Device, Loopers, Shears and Pinch Rolls Ladle Car

37 Capability of manufacturing
Railway Industry Products Railway Wheel Presses Bogie Assembly Benches Bogie Disassembly Benches Bogie Testing Equipment Underfloor Lifting Machines



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