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CONIFERAE FAMILY Presented by, Dr.Sreelakshmi V..

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1 CONIFERAE FAMILY Presented by, Dr.Sreelakshmi V.

2 Important remedies of coniferae used in Homoeopathy

3 ABIES CANADENSIS Common name: Hemlock Spruce
Type of plant: Evergreen forest tree (20-25m in height) Part used: Tincture of fresh bark and young buds

4 ABIES NIGRA Common name : Black spruce or Amber resin
Part used : Tincture of gum

5 CUPRESSUS AUSTRALIS Common name : Cypress pine or Australian Pine
Type of plant : Evergreen tree upto 25m tall Part used : Tincture of root and leaves

6 CUPRESSUS LAWSONIANA Common name : Lawson Cypress Or Port Orford- Cedar Type of plant : Ever Green Tree Upto 60 M Height. Part used : Tincture Of Berries And Leaves

7 JUNIPERUS COMMUNIS Common name : Junipera Berry
Type of plant : Dense Shrub More Or Less Procumbent Parts used : Tincture Of Fresh Ripe Berries Alkaloid : Sabininol, Pinine,Camphene, Turpinol

Common Name : Red Cedar Type Of Plant : Straight Evergreen Tree Up To 9-30m Height Parts Used : Tincture Of Fresh Twigs And Berries, Oil

9 LARIX DECIDUA Common Name : European Larch.
Type Of Plant : A Lofty Tree With A Straight Tapering Trunk

10 PINUS LAMBERTIANA Common name :Crude Turpentin
Parts Used : Tincture Of Inspissated Sap, Resin

11 PINUS SYLVESTRIS Common Name : Scotch Pine
Type Of Plant : Tree Upto 40 M Height Parts Used : Tincture Of Leaves And Young Twigs

12 PIX LIQUIDA Common Name : Pine Tar Parts Used : Liquid Tar

13 SABINA JUNIPERUS Common Name : Savin. Type Of Plant : Evergreen Shrub.
Parts Used : Tincture Of Young Fresh Top Of Branches, Oil. Alkaloid : Sabinol, Sabinene, Cadinene, Thujone

14 TAXUS BACCATA Common Name : Yew
Type Of Plant : Tall Tree Upto 18 M In Height. Parts Used : Tincture Of Fresh Young Shoots Alkaloid : Taxinen B, Iso taxine B

15 TEREBINTHINA Common Name : Rectified Oil Of Turpentine Or Spirit Of Turpentine. Parts Used : Oil Distilled From The Oleoresin. Alkaloid : Terpene, Monoterpene, Bete pinene, Alpha pinene

16 THUJA LOBBI Common Name : Giant Cedar, Western Red Cedar.
Type Of Plant : Large Evergreen Tree Frequently Reaching A Height Of M. Parts Used : Fresh Leaves

17 THUJA OCCIDENTALIS Common Name : American Arbor-vitae.
Type Of Plant : Tall Tree Upto 20 M. Parts Used : Tincture Of The Fresh Green Twigs. Alkaloid : Thujone

18 ALKALOIDS Main alkaloid present in Coniferae is TERPENE GROUP of alkaloids. Out of them the main ones are: Thujone • Turpinol Taxinen b • Camphene Iso taxine-b • Sabininol Terpene • Beta pinene Mono terpene • Cadinene Alpha pinene • Sabinene Sabinol

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