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Intelligent Air Handling Units AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

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1 Intelligent Air Handling Units AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED
EC Technology And Intelligent Air Handling Units AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

2 Why Waste ?

3 The New EC Blue

4 The Technology

5 What the Technology Offers

6 Variants

7 High Efficiency

8 The Construction

9 Reliability in Construction

10 Reliability in Operation

11 Less Components

12 Master and Slave Configs

13 Status LED Innovation

14 Status Reporting

15 The Efficiencies Multiply and so do the Inefficiencies

16 Intelligent Air Handling Units AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

17 Intelligence in the AHU
Composite unit comprising Fan , Motor and VFD Functionality. (Customer benefits by not having a separate VFD , Motor , Fan ) Real time savings due to change in Fan speed ( 10 % Reduction in RPM = 27 % Reduction in Power) Optimum speed of Fan in all condition. Real time Close Loop function. ( Singularly the most important customer benefit of constant temperature , room air quality and pressurization) Eliminates the need for provision of extra air changes thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the cost. AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

18 Reduce Resource Wastage in AHU
Extracting all good of the Centrifugal FAN Design. Even distribution of air inside the Air Handler to maximize the use of Filter Area , Cooling & Heating coils . Increasing life of Filters. Reducing Heat Imparted to the system. Why work at 65 ACPH when 60 is good ? Reduce Deviation From Limits Upto 80% reduction in Reaction time of the drive to the system dynamics. Conformity to delivery of CFM in the room of upto +/- 5 %. Ability to Scale Up and Down with same efficiency Levels. CFM or Pressure in the room can be scaled upto 25%.

19 Reduce Fault Point Reduce Risk Reduces Manual interventions Dampers
Room Balancing etc. Life of the system is increased by 100% without maintenance. Reduce Risk Reduced Amperage => Reduced Heat => Reduced risk Built in fail safe mechanism . Fault Reporting Fail safety activation Start when normalize Built in Harmonic Filtration

20 AHU Construction Made Easy

21 Less Components ~ Less Faults
With Variable Drive AECS Inside AADTECH

22 Why decide when you can combine
Why decide when you can combine. In AECS we design the complete system for the client. With AECS we worry about the combination, Installation warranties and maintenance and above all PERFORMANCE for the whole system. We are the SPOC AADTECH

23 Specific Fan Power (SFP).
AHUs have been traditionally treated as a low tech commodity based on price and not on performance. The current technology is low capital cost and high running/operational expenses. It is in the range of SFP 4- SFP 6. AADTECH has challenged this thinking with its highly energy efficient products and is revolutionizing the industry by making AHUs an intelligent product. Our AHUs are in the range of SFP 1 – SFP 2 which is in the world’s highest efficiency range. With our designed AHUs the customer can get energy efficiency up to 100% higher than conventional system. AADTECH AHUs meet the Energy Efficiency norms mandated by European Union for 2015 ERP norms. AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

24 Introduction to Specific Fan P0wer (SFP)
where: ɳ Tot  is the overall efficiency of the driven fan system [-] DP Tot is the total pressure rise across the fan [kPa] Mathematically ɳ Tot x SFP = DP Tot The SFP of a system is dependent on The Pressure drop in the system in other words the quality and accuracy of the component level design. Efficiency of the power consuming equipment ie. The Fan and Motor. AADTECH

25 Specific Fan Power (SFP)
Specific Fan power is a measure of Power used per volume of air = W/CMS Power – Watts Volume – Cubic meter second For Ex.  SFP 1 is more efficient than SFP 5 by upto 400% – 600%. Categories SFP [W/(m^3/s)] SFP-1 <500 SFP SFP SFP SFP SFP SFP-7 >4500 AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

RETROFIT P x Q/ Eff = Actual Consumption With our experience we look at the system in totality. Vis~a~vis Dampers Filters Air bending and guiding Specific Fan power We look towards optimizing the system. Why run at 35 ACPH when you can run at 30. Close loop - Our close looping integration makes the drive respond to specific sensors or multiple sensor inputs. 10% CFM = 27% Power AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

NEW UNITS The range of our services and products include:  1. Air Handling Units (AHU) 2. Forced Draft Ventilation[FDV] Units 3. Exhaust Units 4. Treated Fresh Air Units 5. Retrofit of existing AHU’s with the AECS 6. Building Management Servers [BMS] Integration AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

28 The summary one liners AADTECH

Thank you AAD-TECH India Pvt. Ltd 21, Papa Industrial Estate , 40 Suren Road , Andheri (E) , Mumbai (India) Tel: , Fax : AADTECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

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