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Mobile light measurement system Measuring light has never been easier.

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1 Mobile light measurement system Measuring light has never been easier

2 Done spectral color light measurement for 6 years Viso Color correction technology Background

3 Controlling colored lighting made easy with Viso Viso Color correction technology Background

4 Light measurement made easy First portable complete measurement solution

5 Light measurement made easy What’s inside Universal power input Light source power USB to computer

6 Lumen Peak candela Color temperature CRI Beam angle Angular field distribution Power Power factor Lumen per watt In 30 seconds Light measurement made easy

7 Full automatic just click Automatic integration time set Automatic adjustment for ambient light Automatic goniometer speed set Automatic beam centering Light measurement made easy

8 High resolution up to 51200 step per 360 degrees High accuracy goniometer Low: 50 intensity points Medium: 100 intensity points High: 300 intensity points 3 selectable resolutions

9 Automatic quality control for optimum resolution High accuracy goniometer System automatically rescan beam section if resolution is to low due to a narrow beam.

10 Lumen value calculated using patented spherical method Lumen measurement The non-circular part of the light distribution is measured and then used to calculate the complete integrated luminous flux. ==

11 Circular B field error How accurate is lumen measurement using viso technology ? Lumen accuracy Spectrometer error + sensor error + circular field error = Total error = = = = =

12 spectrometer intensity error + sensor error + (circular field error type1+ type2+ type3+ type4+ type5) / 5 = total average lumen error = 0,5% + 2% + (1,6%+2,3%+4,6%+7,9%+10,2%) / 5 = Lumen accuracy Average accuracy Total average lumen accuracy +/- 7,82%

13 The LightSpion is first measurement system to fully support limited cone measurement. Spherical limitation New EU regulation No 1194/2012 requires from September 2013 directional lamps to be specified in lumen limited to a cone of 90° or 120 ° — directional lamps with a beam angle ≥ 90° other than filament lamps and carrying a warning on their packaging in accordance with point 3.1.2(j) of this Annex: rated luminous flux in a 120° cone (Φ 120° ) — other directional lamps: rated luminous flux in a 90° cone (Φ 90° ). Text from EU regulation Example: Lumen is only calculated in a 90° cone (white part) grey part is considered waste light in new EU regulation. Total: 258 lm 90° cone: 201 lm Waste light: 57 lm

14 Just click on the CRI and get full CRI details including R9 CRI details

15 Fully pre-calibrated plug and play solution Spectrometer Make custom calibration easily. Factory calibration valid for 2 years Factory calibration will always remain intact. Re-calibration can be done at Viso or at Viso certified local distributor.

16 High precision power analyzer with simultaneous current and voltage scanner at 80.000 samples per second Power analyzer 80-280 VAC Max: 3 Amp POWER IN Power Voltage Current Power factor Frequency Upto: 660W @ 220V Upto: 330W @ 110V Range: 10V-400V

17 The most intuitive user interface The Viso Light Inspector software graphical user interface offers the most intuitive and easy to use solution in the industry for you to evaluate and make measurements. Compatible with windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8

18 Drag and drop images to your measurement Add images to you measurement Or use webcam Attaching pictures to your measurement data to further visualize measurement data’s and improve the ease of navigation.

19 Export to PNG Export you measurement

20 Export to IES or LDT Export you measurement

21 Measuring light has never been easier. Thanks for watching

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