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Waste To Energy Solutions

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1 Waste To Energy Solutions
Karnataka State Biofuel Development Board # 116, 8th Cross, Railway Parallel Road KumaraPark West ; Bangalore – Tel : 080 – / 200

2 Wet Waste Management – Biomethanation way
Organic waste for production of Domestic fuel Small sized home level solutions 2 kg to 25 kgs waste / day For individual Homes Small Apartments Medium sized Biogas solutions for hotels kgs waste /day Apartment blocks / Gated communities Restaurants / Darshinis / Dhabas

3 Small Size units Pre-fabricated units and Do it yourself -Sintex models
Prefabricated ready to install units available Do it yourself kits –ARTI models using Sintex tanks can also be ideal if there is garden area / independent homes Ideal for independent houses / flats with terrace or big balcony and for families of 4 – 5 Can handle upto 2 kgs waste for small homes Min. place required – 5X5 ft Min. qty of wet waste reqd -2 kgs for 2.5 hrs gas generation Wash water / process water can be used Models for kgs waste for upto 50 members cooking available Slurry obtained –used for gardens / connect to water drains

4 Home level Biogas units

5 Medium size units – Biomethanation for fuel and lighting
One time Ideal Investment if there is space Takes care of your cooking fuel and lighting 100 kgs / 500 kgs – 1 Ton waste / day Hotels/ Hostels/ Canteens / Service apts. Marriage Halls / Convention centres Resorts and Clubs

6 Medium size units Hard foundation / civil works needed
100 kgs to 1 Ton capacity waste / day 5 to 50 cubic meter of gas produced Ideal for gated communities / apts with space / hotels with garden area Place required – 25 X 25 to 30 X 30 ft Wash water / process water can be used Ideal as cooking fuel / lighting could be considered for 1 ton and above units

7 Medium sized units Installed

8 Alternative Option – Hotels
Investor Model – Constant wet waste supply gurantee + land on lease 250 – 500 Ton organic waste / day unit 2-4 units in different location 5 – 10 Acres area for each such site Food / left overs / waste to be pooled in and transported to the site for processing Production of biogas and bottling ( CBG ) supply of gas for cooking + Organic manure Power generation / lighting

9 Large MSW processing units for Power Generation

10 Garbage dump OR Resource management ?? ?? ??
Feasible options at hand – technology providers – PPP models implementable Compact units / solutions – successful around many cities Efficient clean technology – available Low maintenance cost / AMC provided by the tech. providers Scientific management and utilization of organic waste and Valued byproduct Waste to Energy – sustainable option for Energy crisis

11 Thank You !! Our Garbage Our Resource … Our Responsibility…. Lets join hands to manage it well !!

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