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Presentation for TERENA Networking Conference 2000 Peter Valkenburg SURFnet High-Speed Access in GigaPort.

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1 Presentation for TERENA Networking Conference 2000 Peter Valkenburg SURFnet High-Speed Access in GigaPort

2 GigaPort 1999 - 2002 Mission Development of advanced broadband infrastructure and applications: –GigaPort Network: operational data traffic of higher education and research (executed by SURFnet) –GigaPort Applications: testing and developing advanced applications by industry (executed by the Telematics Institute) Experience with new network- and access-technologies Keep up with leading initiatives in US (Internet2) and Canada (CA*net)

3 GigaPort Funding Government: 65 MEuro Plus additional investments by industry GigaPort Network 51 MEuro GigaPort Applications 11 MEuro GigaPort Management 2 MEuro

4 GigaPort Network Components External Connectivity Organisations Users Amsterdam Internet Exchange Amsterdam Internet Exchange Europe Europe (TEN-xx) Intercontinental Access National Research Infrastructure Access Wireless LAN Access Wired: ADSL, cable, FTTH Wireless WAN: GPRS, UMTS

5 GigaPort Access Goals Accelerate high-speed access developments Identify and develop important problem areas Work towards generic solutions

6 GigaPort Access Work Items Pilots –wired: ADSL, cable modems, Fiber-to-the-Home, Gbit Ethernet –wireless: GPRS, UMTS Generic Services –AAA –security (VPNs) –directories Technology assessment –wired/wireless technologies –generic services

7 Procedures and conditions Pilots –partner search via Public Procuremen; investments by industry –“GigaPort Speed” is 2Mbps and up –lifespan 1-2 years, upto a few thousand end-users / pilot Generic Services –working with partners and consultants –standardised/-isable solutions across infrastructures Technology assessment –small projects –reports –prepares large scale pilots

8 Results Tenders Access Pilots 1999 Access GPRS wireless - Ericsson and Libertel with Tech.Univ. Eindhoven Access cable - not awarded Access xDSL broadband - Casene and Univ. Twente - Cistron and Tech.Univ. Delft, Vrije Univ. and Univ. of Amsterdam

9 Generic Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Partners –Equipment: Ericsson –Operator: Libertel (Vodafone) –User group: Technical University of Eindhoven (100 users) Technology –GPRS is packet-switching over GSM network –speeds upto 115kbps Applications –focus on full Internet connectivity (laptops) –always-on –AAA (SIM card!)

10 Cable modem technology 3 responses to CfP –.. but no compliant proposal Technology –cable modem technology moving from proprietary to standardised –proprietary cable modems have scaling issues –standards: DOCSIS 1.1/1.2 and EuroDOCSIS vs. DVB/DAVIC Future –technology assessment –small scale projects in collaboration with operators/vendors

11 Broadband over telephone wiring: ADSL To broadband backbone network Video Telephone Exchange (MDF) Telephone exchange Telephone exchange Existing 2 wire telephone line filter 2-8 Mbit/s 256 - 640 kbit/s “Randstad” pilot: 500+ users, 3 locations, 1-2 interconnects Twente pilot: 250+ users, 1 location, 1 interconnect (university )

12 Coming up: Fiber to the home / dormitory fiber Complex (>100) fiber+UTP Students housing UTP University Students housing Wireless LAN 1 Gbps (Gigabit Ethernet) access 100 Mbps switched for end-user

13 Fiber to the dormitory public procurement Technology Assessment documents solutions and costs 1 or 2 pilots, upto 5000 users –depends on scale / technical merit Information meeting informs potential partners: –student housing organisations –higher education –industry (operators, vendors, systems integrators) Tender –Informed by TA and responses to information meeting –focus on generic services

14 Generic Services: work items Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting (AAA) –X.509 PKI’s and smart cards –.. and more X.509 PKI’s –IETF AAA & Policy working groups; IRTF AAARCH group Security –VPNs using IPSec Directories –LDAP based –focus on integration of PKI’s –cross-NRN person searching (GIDS - Global Indexed Directory Systems)

15 Generic Services: trends Traffic separation –multiple ISPs on access infrastructure –Layer 2 VLANs popular –Layer 3 tends to get complex (source based routing etc.) VPNs –IPSec products still developing –integration of PKI and VPNs –proprietary products do pop up in new access technologies High-level AAA services –X.509 PKI’s and LDAP dominant –increasing focus on policy –roll-out of standard PKIX card technologies

16 Statement & more information Extending the campus backbone to include broadband home access is a vital task for higher education More:

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