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ENGINEERING DESIGN PRODUCTION INSTALLATION. Reference list Name of Project (Customer), tonsCity, Oblast / Region Duration of Project Name of Project.

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3 Reference list Name of Project (Customer), tonsCity, Oblast / Region Duration of Project Name of Project (Customer), tonsCity, Oblast / Region Duration of Project Tashkent TPP, 1 196Tashkent, Uzbekistan2014 Airport: BOEING 737 aircraft hangar, 315 Orenburg2012 “Lenta” Mall, 512Chelyabinsk2014Mall "Saratov", 613Saratov2012 Sports Arena, 279Novotroitsk2014 Mine pit head complex "Novaya". Koper and pithead (UMMC), 2 588 Ghay, Orenburg oblast2011 – 2012 Nakhodka Shipyard, 670Nakhodka, Far East of Russia2013 – 2014Multifunctional Mall, 220Almaty2011 Kamensk-Uralskiy Metallurgical Plant, 1 956 Kamensk-Uralskiy, Sverdlovsk oblast 2013 – 2014Sports complex with pool, 650 Khabarovsk, Far East of Russia 2011 Orsknefteorgsintez (Russneft), 900Orsk, Orenburg oblast2013 – 2014Cement Plant, 5 262 Novotroitsk, Orenburg oblast 2010 – 2011 Plant of multifaceted supports, 550Orenburg oblast2013 – 2014Antenna towers (Gazprom), 750 Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky, Far East of Russia 2010 Confectionary "Winnie-the-Pooh", 200Orenburg2013Oil Refinery plant, 200 Tuapse, Krasnodarskiy Kray 2010 Local Mall, 630 тOrsk, Orenburg oblast2013 Plant for the production of fiberglass (Tatneft), 3 000 Yelabuga, Tatarstan2009 Mall "Your Home", 930Moscow oblast2013 Educational buildings (Ministry of Defence), 1 200 Russkiy Island, Far East of Russia 2009 Gas and Chemical Complex: Ethane and Ethylene workshop (Gazprom), 1 500 Noviy Urengoy, Yamalo- Nenetskiy District 2013Sports and fitness complex, 415 Sterlitamak, Bashkortostan 2008 – 2010 Oil extraction plant, 400 Sorochinsk, Nizhniy Novgorod oblast 2012 – 2013Tobolsk TPS, 700Tyumen2008 Ferroalloy Plant (Kazchrom), 1 795 Aktobe2012 – 2013 Main building of “Mill 5000” (Metallurgical Plant), 1 500 Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk oblast 2007 Multistory parking “Garage”, 1 217Moscow oblast2012 Pipeline «East Siberia – Pacific Ocean» (Transneft), 1 900 Lena station, Far East of Russia 2007

4 The total number of employees is 442, including.: With higher professional education -94 With secondary professional education – 116 With primary professional education – 157 With secondary (complete) education – 75 Own designing department - 23 Certificate of admission to designing and manufacture of houses and production facilities. (a member of СРО) Certificate of quality management system according to EN ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate of appraisal of the laboratory for nondestructive examination Certified by NAKS –technology of automatic and semiautomatic welding System of lean production -LEAN 3D modeling Certificates of compliance for output products Technical reequipment in 2007 – 2014: plate assembly line FICEP TIPO B 251, angle shape processing line FICEP F 164Т, ZEMAN corrugated beam line, set of equipment for assembly and welding of H-beams, machine fot thermal cutting «Termit» ПКЛЦ-2-12 and ПКПлЦ-2-12, semiautomatic welders PHOENIX and TAURUS, line for production of three-layer panels «PANELTEC» Quality guarantee and professional staff

5 №clProduct Monthly output StatusSector of economyProduct characteristics 1 Supports for Power lines, masts 600 t Production is mastered Power engineering, communication Used for supports for power lines, communication lines lighting equipment from 35 to500 кВ 2 Steel structures 2000t Production is mastered ConstructionConstruction of buildings and facilities with elements upto 36 ton 3 Interlocking enclosing structures 600 t Production is mastered Construction Used for construction of quays, oil terminals, storage facilities bridges, buildings, water basing banks reinforcement, resisting to sliding of soil into the pit and flooding of enclosed territory. L upto 18 м, H upto 800 мм 4 Corrugated beam 600 t Production is mastered Construction Used as load carrying structures of buildings and facilities. L upto16м, H upto1500мм 5 Marketable beam (H-beam) 600 тt Production is mastered Construction Used as load carrying structures of buildings and facilities. L upto12 м, Н upto3м, weight upto 36 tonnes 6 Sandwich panels 62000 м2 Production is mastered Construction Floorings and facing of buildings. Wall panel upto 150 мм, L upto13 м., roof panel thickness upto 250 мм. 7Shaped plate3000 t Production is mastered Construction Facing of buildings С15, С21, Н57, Н75. L from 2100 to12000 мм 8 Multifaceted supports 250 t Investment project Power engineering communication Are used as supports of power lines, communication lines, lighting equipment Ø 0,35-2,5 м; L=12 м 9 Housing parts Dependi ng on the product Investment project Mechanical engineering Welded parts made of plate billets of housing part type 10 Hoper wagon, grain carrier 50 wagons Investment project Carriage engineering Lifting capacity 65 t. for grain transportation. 11 Spatial structures made from round pipe 1500 t Investment project Construction As load carrying structures of buildings and facilities of different purpose Ø 180-350 м; L=12 м. Production capabilities and investment plans

6 № cl Name of equipmentDescription 1Automated line ZemanManufacture of corrugated beams 330÷1500 мм in height, 4÷16 м in length with automatic cutting, welding 2Automated line Ficep Tibo B 251 with CNC Manufacture of shaped products, base plates with automatic cutting, drilling, piercing, marking 3Automated line Ficep A164T with CNC Range of treatment of angles 40÷160 with automatic layout, cutting, piercing, drilling, marking 4Portal oxygen machine for thermal cutting with CNC ПКЛЦ – 2-12 «Termit» Width of plate to be processed 2000 мм Plate length 16000 мм Number of carriages (cutters) : 7 (6 for longitudinal cutting, 1 for transverse cutting) Thickness of plate to be cut by 1 cutter from 8 to 160 мм Thickness of plate to be cut by 6 cutters at the same time from 8 to 40 мм CNC system " MicroEDGE Pro" 5Portal oxygen plasma machine for thermal cutting with CNC ПКПлЦ – 2-12 «Termit» Width of plate to be processed 2000 мм Plate length 13000 мм Number of carriages (cutters) : 2 (1 plasma, 1 gas-oxigen ) Thickness of plate to be cut : Plasma technology from 1 to32 мм Gas oxygen from 8 to 200 мм CNC system "Hypertherm EDGE Pro" 6Tunnel shot blasting machine « LAUKO» Automatic continuous processing of plate metal and profiles. Overall product width : 1500 мм; Overall product height : 500 мм. Output : 600-700 t./month 7Automated line PANELTECManufacture of wall and roof panels 50÷250 мм in thickness, 1000÷1200 мм in width, 2÷13 м in length 8Automated line for production of H-beams The line includes three basic mills: - Mill for assembly of H-beams AWH.8015; - Plant for beam welding PWM.DC1000; - Mill for flange straitening of H-beams FMS.32800. Minimal height of beam – 350 мм. Maximal beam height – 1500 мм 9Semi-automatic Welding machines PHOENIX DRIVE 4L, TAURUS 551 Is used for semiautomatic welding of steel structures in carbon dioxide medium 10Automatic welding machine PWM.DC1000, welding tractor MZ-1000DF Is used for welding of H-beams under flux 11Equipment for diffusion thermal zinc coating of metal structures Reliable anticorrosive protection of the surfaces of steel structures to be used in aggressive and highly aggressive mediums. Size of zinc-coated products : angle №25÷№250, pipe Ø20÷Ø217, channel №6÷30, H-beam№8÷30 Production equipment of LLC ООО «ОZМК»


8 Технические характеристики производственного корпуса №1 ( цех рамных конструкций) Технические характеристики производственного корпуса №1 (цех рамных конструкций) Наименование параметра Величина параметраНаименование параметраВеличина параметра I. Строительная часть: III. Подъездные пути: Общая площадь здания, м242300 Автодорога (ширина 6 м), шт 2 Количество пролетов, шт.14 Железнодорожная ветка, шт 3 Ширина пролетов, м 2 пролета  30 м 3 пролета  24 м 1 пролет  18 м IV. Грузоподъемное оборудование: Высота пролетов, м 5 пролета  14 м 8 пролета  12 м 1 пролет  17 м Электромостовые краны г/п 10+10 тн, шт 11 Въездные ворота, шт 4- автомобильные 4 - железнодорожные Электромостовые краны г/п 10 тн, шт 12 Конструкция здания:  каркас  стальные конструкции;  стены – пенобетонные панели;  кровля – стальной профнастил + мягкая кровля;  межпролетные перегородки – пенобетонные плиты Электромостовые краны г/п 5+5, шт 6 Корпус оборудован семью светоаэрационными фонарямиЭлектромостовой кран г/п 5 тн, шт 5 II. Коммуникации и инженерное оборудование: V. Технологическое оборудование: 4 шт. встроенных электрических подстанций, МВА2Металлорежущее, ед 14 Газопровод, м3/час 1200 Кузнечно-прессовое, ед 16 Вода питьевая для хоз. и бут. нуждАвтоматические линии, ед 6 Канализационные и ливневые стокиГазорезательное оборудование, ед 6 Система отопления, шт. 7- приточно-тепловые камеры Сварочное оборудование, ед 49 Внутрицеховые туалеты, шт. 6 Окрасочное оборудование, ед 6 Бытовые помещения, шт. 4 Прочее, ед 28 Система потолочного освещения VI. Прилегающий земельный участок, м2 62560 Система вытяжной вентиляции (кров.)


10 Description of parameterParameter valueDescription of parameterParameter value I. Building part:III. Approach ways: Total building area, м213109Highway (width 6 м)1 Number of bays6railways3 Bay width, м 2 bays  30 м 3 bays  24 м 1 bay  18 м IV. Lifting equipment: Bay height, м 2 bays  14 м 3 bays  12 м 1 bay  17 м Electric bridge cranes with lifting capacity 10+10 t 3 Entrance gates 1- for automobiles 3- for trains Electric bridge crane with lifting capacity кран 20+5t 1 Building structure:  framework  steel structures;  Walls– foamed concrete panels;  roof– steel shaped covering + soft roofing;  Interbay partition walls – foamed slabs Electric bridge cranes with lifting capacity 10t 4 Central isolated bay is equipped with ventilation skylightElectric bridge cranes with lifting capacity 5+52 II. Communication and engineering equipment:Electric bridge crane with lifting capacity 5 t1 Built –in electrical substation КТП-6, МВА2V. Technological equipment: Gas pipeline, м3/h315Metal cutting14 Drinking water for service-utility needsForge-and press13 Sewage and storm dischargeAutomatic lines2 Heating system 4- inflow –heat chambers Others 6 Gas air –heat curtain3VI. Adjoining land, м28300 In-shop toilets2 Personal service rooms2 Roof lighting system Exgaust ventilation system (roof ) Technical characteristics of the production buiding №2 (shop of enclosing structures)

11 Disposition plan of buildings and facilities at LLC OZMK Land without buildings – 4465 m2 Lands with probable demolition of abnormal buildings and dismantling of crane rails Total area 16036 m2, including buildings -2438.5 m2 1 Warehouse 2. Billets area 3. Processing, welding, assembly 4.Assemby, welding area 5 Preparation and painting area 6.Packing and shipment 7 MIU 8. Repair shop 9. Heat distribution unit 10. Central header 11 garage 12.Central warehouse 13. Compressor station 14.Electrics repair shop 15 not used 16. Fecal unit 17 Administrative building 18. Paints warehouse 19. Sawmill 20. Gas service 21. Warehouse of repair shop 22 cylinders warehouse 23. Platform for cylinders Enterprise total area -16.4 hectares Production building № 1carea-42.3 thousand m2 Production building № 2 area -13.109 thousand m2 Length of roads -1.8 km Length of railroads -3.68 km The nearest railway station is Nickel (distance is 9 km) Electricity consumption is 4 M kwt h Water supply 2.6 thousand cubic meters Gas supply 792 cub m/h Heat supply, stand-alone boiler hose 5.2 MWt with Redundant capacity 10.4 Mwt Production building №1(shop of frame structures ) Production building №2(shop of enclosing structures )

12 Orsk Construction Ironwork Plant – The Best Place for Investments!

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