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Impact of MBAS on Business. Small and Medium Businesses (SME) SME challenges MBAS C ONTENTS.

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1 Impact of MBAS on Business

2 Small and Medium Businesses (SME) SME challenges MBAS C ONTENTS

3 S MALL & M EDIUM B USINESS Region/CountryType of IndustryEmployeesDescription EU, USAMicro-entities< 10Turnover < 2 Million Euros Small< 50Turnover < 10 Million Euros Medium< 250Turnover < 50 Million Euros INDIAMicro-entities10 Investment in plant and machinery upto $ 62,500/- Investment in Equipments upto $ 25,000/- Small50 Investment in plant and machinery above $ 62,500 & upto $ 1.25 million Investment in Equipments above $ 25,000 & upto $ 0.5 million Medium250 Investment in plant and machinery above $ 1.25 million & upto $ 2.5 million Investment in Equipments above $ 0.5 million & upto $ 1.5 million EGYPTMicro-entities< 10Registered capital Up to $ 87,864 Small< 50Registered capital $87,864-$878,659 Medium< 100Registered capital $878,659-$1,757,318

4 Finance – Financial institutions are more cautious – Credit processing more complex and very difficult to secure for business enablers like IT Human Capital – Need to hire best talent available at an optimum costs Technology – Acquiring the best of the technology is expensive – Acquiring business enablers like IT, Automation systems eat away a major chunk of the finances – Technology management is expensive as resources are expensive. Market – Marketing of products requires good amounts of budgets Planning – Planning the finances gets very difficult without a robust system in place S MALL & M EDIUM B USINESS - C HALLENGES

5 Most of the challenges faced by SMEs point towards finances Proper utilization of financial resources will put less pressure on SMEs A system to address the challenges, without any capital investment will be a welcome A system that can integrate the operations of a SME and help SME manage their business with optimum usage of resources will be a welcome S MALL & M EDIUM B USINESS - C HALLENGES

6 Software as a Service Access the solution over the network (typically Internet) Frees the customer (the end user) from – Capital costs – Recurring Maintenance and related costs – Reduced TCO – Total cost of ownership – daily technical operations – Recurring and Increasing IT Cost and Infrastructure, scalability, support of software/up gradation Offering categories – eXensys Point Solutions – eXensys Industry Solutions – eXensys Products MBAS

7 SME CHALLENGES Finance /budgets has emerged as the most critical barrier for perfect capacity utilization and competing in the market Difficult to raise adequate funds from banks, especially for high risk projects Insufficient basic infrastructure facilities Global financial crisis have caused financial institutions to be more cautious and credit processing has become complex MBAS Advantage: Extends the best of the breed enterprise automation option at a nominal subscription cost SME CHALLENGES – F INANCES

8 SME CHALLENGES – HUMAN CAPITAL SME CHALLENGES Availability of skilled resources and talents required for businesses Practices to attract and retain talents – including paying above market average salary, annual bonuses, continuous training and a conducive and supportive working environment – Results in higher costs of talent acquisition MBAS Advantage: Extends the best of the breed enterprise automation option at a nominal subscription cost Talent management is easier and efficient with Exensys MBAS application

9 SME CHALLENGES – T ECHNOLOGY SME CHALLENGES Advanced technologies required for the core businesses are expensive Technologies like IT, Automation and likewise, that enable core business are out of reach of businesses due to exorbitant prices, complex implementation cycles, slower learning curves MBAS Advantage: Extends the best of the breed enterprise automation application built using advanced technologies and applying advanced concepts keeping in view of future growth of the enterprises MBAS application are built by adopting the best of the industry practices Availability of industry best practices to esteemed customers

10 SME CHALLENGES – P LANNING SME CHALLENGES Tight budgets, higher costs of hiring and retaining skilled resources, exorbitant prices of advanced technologies both for the core businesses and business enablers – Demand that SME businesses are more focussed and plan their operations to optimize their expenses while leveraging the best of the breed of business enablers without any capital investment MBAS Advantage: MBAS application will help plan and manage the operations in whole or in part of an SME business MBAS brings advanced technologies and concepts much closer to SME businesses MBAS brings the best industry practices within SME businesses reach MBAS can help SME business by making all the above benefits to the SME businesses while addressing their challenges

11 Rapid implementation Reduced implementation cost Reduced operational cost Reliable cost forecasting Continual technology enhancements Continuous innovation and best practices with domain specific experts Reduced risk Ease of access 24x7 support Increased reliability Increased security MBAS - B ENEFITS

12 Source :AMR Research SaaS Study …business drivers and user expectations have shifted from wanting broad applications to specialized vertical applications. S AA S W AVES & V ALUE C URVE

13 2000 $ 6.3 Billion in 2006 $ 19 Billion in 2013 Tendencies to grow IT as a Service W ORLDWIDE S AA S M ARKET ( G ARTNER )

14 No Code bases, Efficiency, Speed and Simplicity Web Skeptical, Thick Client, Thin Pipes Browser-based Applications, Thin Client, Thick Pipes IT is Aligned with Vendors IT is Aligned with industry best practices & LOB Leaders Business Processes Far Different from Rivals Business Processes Very Similar to Industry Best Practices Huge Investment, Major Risk, Long-Term ROI Reduced Risk, Short-Term, Immediate Savings and Fast ROI Unpredictable maintenance Predictable monthly expenses Major upfront costs Pay as you use & Grow Multiple code bases On Premises On Demand C HANGING N EEDS

15 Products – eXensys Trading & Distribution (eXensys TD) – eXensys Manufacturing (eXensys MFG) – eXensys Retail (eXensys RTL) – eXensys Automotive (eXensys AUT) Industries – Industry Equipment – Tyre & Tubes - Retreading value chain – Cement – Food processing – Logistics Solutions – Purchasing – Order Management – CRM – Attendance & Payroll MBAS O FFERINGS – Automotive dealers – Secured printing – Customs duty free retail – Edible oil – Human Capital Management – Financial Management – Distribution – Supply Chain Management


17 W ORKFLOW – E NSURES S EAMLESS F LOW OF I NFORMATION Key Features – Dynamic Process Definition – Business Logic for User defined states – Activity based Workflow design – Mail Configuration to define Custom Mail Messages for workflow alerts – Detailed Activities information and description with Chart View – Document Attachments for work items – Document Park and Release features – Escalation, Open Ended and Delegation are moved from Workflow Process(Policy) – Condition Builder for Conditional Routing Business Benefits – Planning and forecasting of vacancies – Independent and flexible to fit across the Organization – Shortened process-cycle times – Reduced costs and improved accountability – Better visibility of process status – Improved customer satisfaction and reduced errors – Seamless retrieval of relevant information Creates foundation for virtual flat organizations without compromising on hierarchies

18 D ASHBOARDS – O PERATIONAL I NSIGHTS A T A C LICK Key Features – 360 degree view of the organization – Presenting the Enterprise information in Charts and tabular formats – End user can customize the dashboards – Dashboards can be configured at organization level Enables users to get insights into operations at a click of a button

19 A NALYTICS – O PERATIONAL I NTELLIGENCE A T F INGER T IPS Deliver personalized reports & analytics Delivered at any location – Pull model for retrieval of reports when needed – Push model for scheduling automatic delivery Rendering in any format – Rendering in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server – Rendering HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, and Image Web-based dashboard analytics – Purpose built for performance management dashboards – Drill-across, drill-to-detail, sort, filter, slice and dice the data Predictive – Integrate with data mining to forecast and trend Contextual – Contextually aware through tight integration with KPIs Helps Organization to unearth and leverage on operational intelligence hidden in past data


21 Version 1.0 Technology – Client- Server Model Vertical Focus – Trading Product Line - ERP Components – FIN, IM, PROC, S&D, HCM Version 2.0 Technology – Client-Server Model, Database Replications Vertical Focus – Trading Product Line - ERP Components – FIN, IM, PROC, S&D, HCM Version 3.1 Technology – Web-based, SOA compliance,.Net1.1, Complex Replications, Data Synchronization Vertical Focus – Trading, Manufacturing Product Line – ERP, CRM Components – FIN, IM, PROC, S&D, HCM, DMFG, PMFG, POS, QAC, WF, SR Version 4.1 Technology – Web-based, SOA compliance,.Net 2.0, Complex Replications, Data Synchronization, Web Services, RFID support Vertical Focus – Trading, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive DMS Product Line – > eXensys Business Suite: ERP, CRM, BI, DMS, FIN, HCM > Industry Solutions : Trading, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive > Localization: India, Middle East > Multi-lingual – Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Chinese Components – FIN, IM, PROC, S&D, HCM, DMFG, PMFG, POS, QAC, WF, SR, ANAL, SDK Tools E X ENSYS P RODUCT J OURNEY

22 F UNDAMENTAL S TRENGTHS Exensys products have been built on extensive domain knowledge and continuous investment in leading edge technology. Domain Expertise Management and its Associates’ focus on excellence, has resulted in an environment that is built to offer software quality, high productivity and a competitive advantage for Exensys as well as its customers. Centre of Excellence Exensys team collectively represents years of experience spanning most technologies and a wide cross section of industries. Reliable Expertise Robust development methodologies coupled with metrics-based management allow effective monitoring of quality, leading to superior products and solutions. Quality in process Exensys enterprise products can be easily tailored to meet customer requirement. Tailored Solutions Exensys provides 24 x 7 support for mission critical applications. 24x7 Support Services

23 Keep your promises: Deliver consistent and predictable results Resource positioning - functional, technical & consulting Operational transparency Processes aligned with strategic goals Agility to survive rapid market changes Define the path the organization will take to achieve growth Compelling vision excites and energizes Envision growth, build enthusiasm Articulate a compelling strategy: Envision the future Access to large pool of resources experienced in product development and management Flexibility to stand up workload fluctuations Invest in core competencies: Put your money where your strategy is Invest in core competencies to increase the probability of strategic success Reduce cost of advertising and hiring of new employees Cost saving and workload reduction for payroll and benefits Improve organization capabilities: Build value through people and organization Best recruitment practices followed Bring the benefit of the shared knowledge and experience of building enterprise products Talent: attract, motivate and retain competent and committed Associates Speed: make important changes happen fast Shared mindset: ensure customers and employees think positive and high about organization Accountability: disciplines that result in high performance Collaboration: borderless working to ensure higher efficiency and leverage on strengths Learning: continuous, pro-active and generating ideas that impact Leadership: nurturing Associates throughout the organization to deliver results the right way V ALUE P ROPOSITION

24  Company Established  Technology Collaborations with Versata, Oracle & Microsoft 2001  Started Application development and management services unit  Induction of Middle East channels  Assessed for ISO 9001-2000 Certification 2002  Launched eXensys 1.0  Product Development and Management services unit started 2003  Initiated Global Business Alliance Partners program  Launched eXensys (Extended Enterprise System) 2.0  Initiated Process Definition for CMMI 2004 2005  Launched eXensys Version 3.0  Established the Global Delivery Model  Assessed for CMMi Maturity Level 5 Process Compliance  New Development Center in India 2006  Establish USA Office in Chicago  Featured among the Innovative companies in India – Microsoft  CRM, BPM, DMS, BI with enhanced eXensys enterprise Suite  Strategic Campaigns Initiated – ‘Waves 2006’  Banking and Financial Services and health care services initiated as part of the KPO and analytics division  Total Resources of 1200+  Total of 100+ partners in over 20 countries.  Establish UAE office in Dubai  Assessed for ISO 27001- 2005 Certification 2007 2008 & 2009  New R & D Centre in India  eXensys Industry Vertical Solution Offerings for Manufacturing, Trading, Automotive, Retail and Public Sector  ISO 9001 Recertified  Consolidated US Business Operations  Acquired strategic customer footprints in ISV and Manufacturing Verticals  Launched eXensys Version 4.1  eXensys Managed Business Application Services (MBAS) Offerings  Restructured Organization  Launched Waves 2009 Sales Campaign 2010 & 2011 E XENSYS J OURNEY Back

25 Thank You!! Exensys Software Solutions Ltd. # 8-2-684/1/18, R.M Mansion, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad-500034, A.P., India. T: +91 (40) 30432440, 23392440 F: +91 (40) 23391105

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