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ADB Workshop, Bhopal Jamshedpur Utilities & Services Company Ltd. February, 2009.

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1 ADB Workshop, Bhopal Jamshedpur Utilities & Services Company Ltd. February, 2009

2 Jamshedpur Water and Wastewater System 475 kmsLength of Sewer lines 550 kmsLength of Water Mains 206 lpcdAvg. daily consumption 7.00 lakhsPopulation served 64 sq. kmArea served Water Infrastructure 2 River Pump houses : 264 MLD Raw Water Pump House : 173 MLD Clarified Water Pump House : 91MLD WTP capacity (potable water) : 190 MLD Dimna reservoir (1 month standby):35000 ML capacity 7 water towers : ( 46 ML ) 500 kms of potable water network Wastewater Infrastructure 2 sewage treatment facilities : 64 MLD capacity 10 sewage pumping stations 475 kms of sewage collection network Fact File

3 Market Share in Municipal Water Management (1) Water Quantity Distributed (MLD) Water distributed (MLD) Sub Total Mkt Share (%age) Jamshedpur170 Jusco – Sub Total 597 70% Haldia250 Mysore142 Salt Lake15 Tata Motors20 K'taka (KUWASIP)25 Veolia – Sub Total 35 4% Nagpur10 Latur30 Hydrocomp/SPML - Sub Total 40 5% Madurai10 Tiruppur185 MIDL – Sub Total 185 21% TOTAL857 100%

4 Market Share in Municipal Water Management (2) Service Connections (‘000 Numbers) Service Connections (‘000) Sub Total Mkt Share (%age) Jamshedpur52 Jusco – Sub Total 211.3 70% Haldia0.3 Mysore150 Salt Lake0.5 Tata Motors8.5 K'taka (KUWASIP)30 Veolia – Sub Total 40 13% Nagpur10 Latur40 Hydrocomp/SPML - Sub Total 50 17% Madurai10 Tiruppur- MIDL – Sub Total - - TOTAL301.3

5 24x7 water supply project for Mysore city

6 Salient Features of the Project  Largest water supply PPP project in India based on performance based management contract  First city-wide water distribution management contract serving million plus population  6- Year tripartite contract between Karnataka Water Supply & Drainage Board (KUWSDB), Mysore City Corporation (MCC); and JUSCO  One operator for the entire city – optimized & effective solution  Funding by JNNURM (80%), Govt. of Karnataka (10%) and MCC (10%)

7 Mysore City – Key Contract Variables (as per contract) East ZoneWest Zone Population (Year 2001) 4.03 Lakhs3.61 Lakhs Area (Sq Kms)44.43 sq. km62.52 sq. km Total no. of wards3534 Number of wards with everyday water supply 2922 Bulk Water to be supplied to AC 80.19 MLD62.05 MLD No. of house connections 66, 56566618 Number of functional meters 30%42%

8 The Three Phases Phase 1 12 Months Phase 2 36 Months Phase 3 24 Months O&M Plan Take-over Operations Study & Survey Design & Engineering IMIS Capital Investment Plan O&M Sustainability of operations Implementation of CIP Rehabilitation works Metering program O & M Billing & Collection Customer Support Systems

9 Key Contractual Milestones Key DatesKey Contract Milestones November 28 th, 2008 Effective Date (Contract Signing Date) January 27 th, 2009 Preparatory Commencement Date (Zero Date of the contract) April 26 th, 2009 PHASE 1: PREPARATORY PHASE (12 MONTHS) Submission and Approval of O&M Plan (minimum 30 days for approval); Take-over of Operations April 25 th, 2010 Submission and Approval and CIP (minimum 30 days for approval or else deemed approval) April 26 th, 2010 PHASE 2: REHABILITATION PHASE (36 MONTHS) Commencement of CIP implementation April 26 th, 2013 PHASE 3: MAINTENANCE PHASE (24 MONTHS) Operations and Maintenance April 26 th, 2015 plus 455 Days Defect Liability Period

10 Payment Structure 1.Management fees: Lump sum in two parts. o Fixed fees (50%), paid in 24 equal quarterly installments. o Performance fees (50%), paid six monthly on achievement of targets over project period of 6 years as per performance chart 2.Operating Cost: Lump sum in two parts. o Fixed fees (30 %), paid in 23 equal quarterly installments o Performance fees (70%), paid six monthly on achievement of targets over project period of 6 years as per performance chart 3.Rehabilitation Cost: o BOQ driven o Based on Capital Investment Plan (CIP) o Payable against invoice for completed works not less than Rs 10 lakhs 4.Provisional Items: o Paid in same manner as rehabilitation costs.

11 Capital Investment Plan (Rehab & Provisional Items)  To be prepared in the first year and will be the basis for rehabilitation  Item rate will be the same for the corresponding item quoted in the bid  Quantities can differ from what are mentioned in the BOQ (tender document)  However, the final CIP price can vary upto +10% of the total rehab and provisional costs quoted in the bid (“threshold limit”)  Inclusion of new items beyond those in BOQ as “contract variation” and will be outside the 10% “threshold limit”

12 Performance Targets Performance ParameterWeightage Number of connections with 24x730% Revenue Improvement30% Revenue Water in 24x7 area10% Resolution of Complaints on service in 24x7 area 10% Resolution of Complaints in entire zone 5% Leakage levels in 24x75% Quality compliance in 24x7 area5% Pressure compliance in 24x7 area5%

13 Performance Targets (to be achieved)

14 Break up of Performance (Management) Fee Break up of Performance based Operating Cost Break-up of Performance Fee

15 Key improvements envisaged through this contract… Obligations of AC Technical Improvements  Hydraulic simulation & network up-dation for equitable water distribution  Setting up & monitoring District Metering Areas (DMA)  24x7 water supply with min 7m pressure for the entire Mysore city  Leak detection & reduction program leading to phase wise reduction in losses  Reduction in energy consumption  Re-Engineering & Rehabilitation of Pumping Stations  Improved water quality  Implementation of IMIS Service Delivery and Commercial Improvements  Increase in customer base  Increase in Billing & Collection Efficiency  100% billing every month with year-on-year increase in revenue  100% Customer metering  24 hours customer service centre  100% customer complaint handling in stipulated time.  Public Awareness Program  Improved overall customer satisfaction

16 Key Obligations of KUWSDB  Overall contract management including decisions regarding achievement of performance targets  Provide support, access to sites, and information to AC for preparation of OMP and CIP  Depute the Board employees and pay their pay, benefits, etc. as per contract conditions  Approval of OMP and CIP  Operate, maintain and manage the bulk supplies to the distribution operating zones as per Schedule 1 of the contract  Assist AC in approvals for new connections by MCC  Provide permission to AC for repair/replacement of the facilities and the right of way to lay new water mains  Disbursement of management fees, operating costs, bonus to the AC  Coordinate with MCC, manage and organise the investments for the project

17 Key Obligations of MCC  Organize funding for the project out of the annual Budgets and funds released under JNNURM Program  Open and maintain a revenue account for all revenues collected by the AC.  Ensure smooth hand over the operations, maintenance of Distribution Operating Zone to the AC on the Preparatory Commencement Date;  Provide to the AC, all data related to O&M manuals, drawings, customer details, billing related data/hardware/ software, etc.  Pay all electricity charges incurred in the Distribution Operating Zone for providing services  Permit and co-ordinate with the AC in providing water supply connections to un-connected properties  Permit AC with road crossing, road cutting and road restoration works for implementing the rehabilitation works  Continue to take actions for recovery of historical arrears from customers  Undertake disconnection or regularization of illegal water connections reported by AC and assist AC in recovering the regularization charges  Receive requests for new connections, complaints from customers, record and forward the same to AC for follow up action

18 Key Contractual Clauses (1)  Bulk Water Supply Commitment o 80.19 MLD and 62.05 MLD for West and East zones respectively o Failure to meet this obligation (and also for any of other obligations of MCC and KUWSDB) will result in revision of performance targets o However, the performance fee for the pertinent period will be payable as per the original schedule as if AC has met the performance targets  Quality of water o Quality of water supplied to the customers shall be at the same minimum level as at bulk point  Disconnection Policy o Action against legal customers for non-payment of bills governed by the existing bye-laws or procedures of MCC  Dispute Resolution Mechanism o Resolved through an Adjudicator appointed by the Employer o Fee /costs to be shared equally between AC and the Employer

19 Key Contractual Clauses (2)  Contract Variations o Employer can propose variation in scope and AC shall respond with a technical proposal with financial terms o Scope changes can include variation in number of connections, service coverage area, customers, etc. o AC’s remuneration to be adjusted so that AC is in the same financial position as if the variation were not implemented  Value Management o AC can propose a value management proposal that helps in reducing cost of services or furthering objectives of the contract, or benefit the employer o Subject to approval of the proposal, the remuneration will be adjusted to account for increase in scope and costs o If the proposal reduces cost of services, AC will receive 10% of savings

20 Key Contractual Clauses (3) KUWSDB and MCC Employees for Deputation  112 Employees in East Zone and 95 Employees in West Zone  MCC and KUWSDB to issue letter to each employee accordingly before the effective date  No changes in their existing terms of employment  All deputed employees directly report to AC for day-to-day functioning  Employer shall continue to pay their wages, salaries, increments, leave entitlements, compensation, employee benefits, pension benefits, medical and welfare arrangements, insurances, and social security contributions  Employer may depute more employees/workers and shall be responsible for paying their wages/salaries, perks, social benefits, etc.  AC shall effect & maintain minimum insurance against losses & claims arising from death or injury to any deputed employee as per the norms stipulated by the Labour Department

21 Thank You! Our Mission: Quality Services For Life !!

22 Meter service charge: For 15 mm dia. Water meter – Rs. 25.00 per month For 20 mm dia. Water meter – Rs. 50.00 per month Sl. No. Customer TypeJUSCO Rate Consumption Block/ MonthExisting Rate – Rs./KLNew Rate (Rs./ KL) 1Domestic ConsumersUp to 10 KL 11 to 25 KL 26 to 50 KL Above 50 KL 7.9 5.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 1ADomestic Bulk Consumers (Housing Complex/ Apartment) Up to 25 KL x Nos. of units Above 26 KL to 50 KL x No. of units Above 50 KL x No. of units 7.9 6.00 8.00 10.00 2Institutional / Govt.Up to 20 KL 21 to 50 KL Above 50 KL 4.4 4.40 6.00 7.50 3Commercial consumers Up to 50 KL 51 to 100 KL Above 100 KL 7.9 8.00 10.00 12.00 4Industrial Consumers Up to 500KL Above 500 KL 9.9 12.50 15.00 NEW VOLUMETRIC TARIFF EFECTIVE FROM 1ST. NOVEMBER 2007

23 Sector - V, Salt Lake Project First P-P-P project in Municipal Water Sector under JNNURM, GOI Name of Project Development & Management of Water & Sewerage Networks for Salt Lake Sector-V at Kolkata on 30 yr BOT basis. Job DescriptionConstruction of 3 MGD Clear water pumping station, 8 MLD STP, 2.25 ML capacity ESR, 500 mm dia. DI K9 of 3.2 KM, 150 mm to 700 mm dia. Sewerage Network of RCC Hume pipe class NP3 of 14.43 KM with IPS, Installation of bulk & consumer meter, O&M of entire utilities, Billing and collection for 30 year concession period. ClientNDITA, Kolkata (KMDA as Tech. Facilitator) Project Features  Contract for Bulk water supply to be entered between KMC & NDTA,  Developer to purchase bulk water from KMC @ Rs.5/KL and bill consumers a combined ‘water- cum-sewage’ charge based on volumetric tariff.  Any revision in bulk water supply charge by KMC, passed on to consumers.  Developer to retain ‘water-cum-sewage’ connection charge, approved by NDTA  10% escalation on tariff every five years  Metering Policy to be in place.  Min. monthly charge equivalent to 50% of demand charges.  Withdrawal of ground water by existing consumers is prohibited. Project ValueWater Supply– Rs. 260.7 million Sewerage System– Rs. 340.7 million TariffRs. 25 per kL Funding pattern65 % Private + 35 % Jnnurm PartnersJUSCO - VOLTAS Project Duration19 Months (Construction Phase), 30 years BOT concession

24 Haldia : Water Supply Project Name of ProjectConstruction of new water treatment plant on BOT basis and Operation and Maintenance of the existing Water treatment Plant 25 year lease Job DescriptionConstruction of series tube wells and complete existing network including reservoirs, pipelines and boosting pumping station up to consumer levels and O & M of new distribution network. ClientHaldia Development Authority, Haldia ScopeO&M of existing Series tube wells 13.62 MLD, raw water pumping station 28.00 MGD. Construction of new 50 MGD WTP in 3 phases: 25 MGD, 12.5 MGD & 12.5 MGD in addition to existing 20 MGD WTP being augmented to 25 MGD. Four Nos. 1000 mm dia. MS suction main. 380 Project Value Rs. 880.00 million Tariff Ind. Rs.11/kL, Comm Rs.9/ kL, Resn. Rs. 5/ kL, Mun. Rs. 3/kL Funding pattern Private Partners Ranhill Utilities Malaysia - JUSCO Project Duration 24 Months (Construction Phase), O&M for 25 Years

25 Leak detection and rectification works in various divisions of Chennai city Name of ProjectLeak detection and rectification works including renewal of all existing house service connections and corroded portion of small distribution mains, phase VI. Job DescriptionDescription of the work: 1) Mains condition survey 2) Renewal of existing CI/PVC mains & House service connections 3) Leak detection 4) Fixing Injection/Isolation assembly for isolation of sub districts. 5) Supplying, laying, jointing, testing and disinfecting Pipeline ClientChennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (CMWSSB), Chennai Salient FeaturesRehabilitation of distribution mains of 50 Km covering 42,000 No. of House service connections Cutting mains and taking a sample of 1 meter length for visual examination at each street or at 150 m intervals supplying, laying, jointing, testing and disinfecting of 100mm, 150mm & 200mm DI pipes. Supply and fixing specials, Sluice valves & other appurtenances, Construction of valve chamber Leak detection & leakage level monitoring to achieve ultimate target level of 10 l/c/h ValueRs. 184 million Completion Time18 Months (June’2010)

26 Result: NRW improvements Good Reduction by 49% Reduction by 30% Reductio n by 90.5 % Reduction by 86%

27 Market Share in Municipal Water Management (3) Population Serviced (Lakhs) Population Serviced (lakhs) Sub Total Mkt Share (%age) Jamshedpur7 Jusco – Sub Total 26.8 53% Haldia7 Mysore10 Salt Lake2.3 Tata Motors0.5 K'taka (KUWASIP)2 Veolia – Sub Total 2.75 5% Nagpur0.75 Latur5 Hydrocomp/SPML - Sub Total 5.75 11% Madurai0.75 Tiruppur16 MIDL – Sub Total 16 31% TOTAL51.3100%

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