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Precision Agriculture Solutions for all seasons Presenter: Scott Reinert.

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1 Precision Agriculture Solutions for all seasons Presenter: Scott Reinert

2 About Trimble  Trimble Agriculture develops innovative technology that transforms the crop production cycle, driving efficiency, sustainability and profitability while protecting the environment


4 Variable Rate Application  Varying rates across the field is not new, technology is making it easier and more precise  Two Types –Map based VRA (prescription) –Sensor based VRA

5 Trimble Solutions for Map Based VRA

6 Trimble product solutions for VRA.  Rawson Controls  EZ-Guide 500  FmX

7 EZ-Guide 500 Serial Direct Connect  Connects to the following popular rate controllers –Raven 4xx & 6xx –Rawson –Hardi HC 5500 –D & E Aqua  EZ-Boom 2010

8 Trimble AgGPS FmX  Prescription import via industry standard Shapefile  EZ-Boom –Single Product VRA  Tru Application Control (TAC) –Up to 4 product VRA control  Serial Direct Connect –VRA (Raven, etc) –Section Control (Hardi)

9 Trimble Solutions for Sensor Based VRA

10 Vigor-Based Nitrogen Management NDVI = Normalized Difference Vegetative Index 2 Bands of Light: Red/NIR Red absorbed by plant tissue NIR reflected by plant tissue Sensor Output: NDVI (Range: 0-1.0) NDVI = (NIR-Red)/(NIR+Red) Operate Day or Night

11 GreenSeeker ® Systems

12 GreenSeeker Capabilities  Measures differences in crop health and vigor in real time, not a service.  Facilitates real time variable rate applications.  Maps crop condition, targeted prescriptions and as-applied data.  Available for repetitive use throughout the year.

13 Automatic Section Control

14 Simple idea, huge payback  Keeps track of where you’ve applied and of no- apply zones  Shuts-off sections or rows precisely  Works with seed, liquid, granular and anhydrous  5%+ savings, one year payback likely

15 Manual shutoff is wasteful Automatic section control minimizes overlap and slow down Headland Reaction time Overlap area Manual shutoff Overlap cut down by 75% Automatic 3 section shutoff Overlap eliminated Automatic shutoff row level

16 Overlap on manual shutoff really adds up Based on KSU work by Terry Kastens: “KSU-GPSguidance.xls” Planter/NH3 @ 5mphSprayer @ 15 mph 45ft60ft90ft60ft90ft120ft Rectangle w. straight rows 0.5% 1.5% Rectangle w. angled rows 2.6%3.8%4.9%4.4%5.8%7.3% Parallelogram/ trapezium 1.6%2.2%2.7%3%3.7%4.4% Angled with water way 4.2%5.9%7.6%7.4%9.2%11.7% Pivot 3.2%4%5.8%5.2%6.9%8.6% Odd shaped / contours 8.7% 16%13%18%23%

17 EZ-Boom 2010  Automatically Control up to 10 sections  Works with EZ-Guide 500, FMD and FmX  Upgrade to variable rate application (VRA)  Automatic section control and single channel rate control

18 Tru Application Control  Tru Application Control (TAC) –Trimble and DICKEY-john components  Control upto 24 sections  Works with FMD and FmX  Monitor seed and control upto 4 products  4 channel VRA capable

19 Tru Count Planter Row Shutoff

20 Tru count solves the problem  Individual row control eliminates wasteful overlap during planting  Works with almost all planters built in North America  Deere, Kinze, Case, White, etc

21 Impressive results  Field NOT Using Air clutches  Field Using Air Clutches

22 Tru Count system components Tru Count air clutch – need one per row Compressor Tank Four section air valve module

23 Trimble advantages in section control  Polygon based detection allows Trimble to control up to 24 individual sections and control overlap to the inch level –Competitors use less accurate grid based systems – typically with 1 - 3 ft resolution. If using a 3 ft grid, you need to overlap by the full grid least (3 ft) before the system will shut off a section  Best real time display of what is going on in the field  Trimble offers products that range from entry to high end

24 Precision Positioning

25 What is ‘GPS’?  GPS = The Global Positioning System  A collection of 24-32 satellites that provide accurate position information worldwide Copied from “GPS Navstar User’s Overview” prepared by GPS Joint Program Office, 1984

26 What is GNSS?  Global Navigation Satellite System  GPS  WAAS  EGNOS  GLONASS  GALILEO  ??

27 How does GPS work?  Satellites are used as reference points to calculate your current position  GPS receiver times how long it takes a radio signal to reach us from a satellite and uses that time to calculate distance to the satellite  At least 4 satellites needed to compute a 3 dimensional position (latitude, longitude, and altitude)





32  Accurate positioning is at the core of every precision Ag operation  The most complete GPS family line-up Transcend Family

33  Transcend is more than just a GPS chip… –It is the dedicated investment in positioning development that makes GPS work specifically for Agriculture –It is features only found in Trimble receivers:  OnPath™ Advance Filter Technology  Trimble™ RTK  And many more to come…

34  Smart antenna  L1, WAAS, SBAS  Radar pulse output for ground speed  1 & 5Hz output  12 channel AgGPS 162 Receiver

35  L1/L2  L2C Ready!  SBAS, Omnistar, RTK  Radar pulse output for ground speed –No More Separate GPS or radar needed AgGPS 262 Receiver

36 Controlling the Implement

37 Two Problems………. Two Solutions!

38 #1 – Move the Tractor  TrueGuide –“Passive” implement Guidance –Tractor:  Autopilot  Display  NavController II  GPS –Implement  GPS receiver

39  TrueTracker –Active Implement Steering –5 types of applications –Repeatable performance “at the ground level” #2 – Move the Implement

40 New for 2009 AgGPS TrueGuide  Passive Implement Steering –Control the tractor based on combined input of tractor and implement location –Applications  Broadacre crops  Strip Tillage  Hillsides  Anywhere Autopilot goes, plus more.

41 Increase Performance  TrueTracker Implement Steering –Active steering –Independent IMU –Single display –Operates while in reverse –Precision Control of the implement  TrueGuide –“Passive” implement Guidance –Inexpensive –Simple installation –50% more accurate on large implements

42 Drainage and Land Preparation

43 FieldLevel ll  Trimble has a long history in Water Management –40 Year Old Customer Base –Multiple Generations  Trimble 3D control was first introduced in 1995

44 FieldLevel ll  Then something happened –GPS Yield Maps –Equipment Sizes increading –Input Costs rising –RTK – GNSS –Need for Guidance  GPS Awareness Is Growing  Managing Water Is Still The #1 challenge for many growers

45  Tile and Surface Drainage  Leveling

46  Tandem Scraper Option  Dual Scraper Option Applications

47 Powerful new features in FieldLevel II  Point to Slope  Ideal for farm tile drainage installation  AutoSlope –Ideal for land leveling New Functions

48 AutoSlope – design profile  Single slope  Smooth fit w/ bounds New Features

49 Trimble is committed to make farmers more productive across all farm operations  Trimble has expanded its solutions across the entire farming cycle –Automatic Section Control –Variable Rate Application and Prescriptions –Land Preparation and Drainage management –Vehicle and implement guidance

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