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Queries raised by Director (Tariff) on ARR and Tariff Application of NESCO for FY 2010-11 on 15.02.2010.

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1 Queries raised by Director (Tariff) on ARR and Tariff Application of NESCO for FY 2010-11 on 15.02.2010

2 2 NESCO has proposed power factor penalty to be levied on the following categories of consumers. In this connection we would like to know whether these consumers have been provided with static meters to measure power factor directly. LT category 1.LT Industrial (M) Supply 2.Public Water Works and Sewerage pumping >22 KVA HT Category 3.Specified Public Purpose 4.General Purpose <110 KVA 5.HT Industrial (M) Supply

3 3 NESCO has proposed demand charges to be levied in terms of KVA on the consumers having CD >70 KVA <110 KVA (both HT and LT). Whether these consumers are having static meters to record demand in KVA. NESCO has suggested that the full cost of single phase meter is to be recovered through security deposit. OERC in its RST Order has prescribed cost of meter to be recovered through meter rent. The Licensee may clarify how it shall continue to collect meter rent in cases where it proposes to recover cost of meter through security deposit. Further, because of the fact that certain consumers are not able to pay the full cost of the meter through security deposit, OERC has introduced the concept of meter rent. In such situation how is the licensee proposing to collect the full cost of the meter through security deposit.

4 4 NESCO has proposed to raise the service connection charges from the existing Rs.500/- per connection to Rs.1000/-. The Licensee may please provide the basis of proposed service connection charges with necessary calculation. NESCO is required to submit each individual bill of HT and EHT consumers for FY 2009-10 (i.e. upto December, 2009) with necessary computations of average rates thereof to enable the Commission to verify the same with the average rates per unit as approved in the Tariff Order 2009-10. NESCO should submit a plan for further reduction of cross- subsidy payable by the HT and EHT consumers. The Licensee should submit the revenue outgo due to TOD benefit, improvement of power factor, prompt payment rebate for FY 2008-09 and 2009-10. NESCO also should submit revenue receipts on account of power factor penalty, overdrawal penalty and DPS for the said period.

5 5 NESCO should submit T-6 Format (Upto Dec, 09). It is observed from SLDC online data from 15th January, 2010 to 7th February, 2010 that NESCO has not adhered to the protocol issued by the Commission on Power Regulation dtd. 14.01.2010 and violated the implementable day ahead schedule of SLDC as a result of which the licensee has overdrawn during these days totaling to 20.55 MU more than its entitlement. This has an UI impact of Rs. 6.81 cr. NESCO may explain reasons of such over- drawal and non-adherence to Commission’s protocol on Power Regulation. As per a tentative estimate, if Bachat Lamp Yojana of BEE is adopted in mission mode throughout NESCO, then annual saving of energy would be about 405 MU resulting in less drawal of 78 MW in evening peak hours from the State Grid. NESCO may intimate the status of implementation of Bachat Lamp Yojana at this acute shortage of power under which State is passing through.

6 6 It is understood from the filing of the licensee that for the year 2008- 09, Basic Pay and DP/GP include arrear impact of 6th Pay for the previous period. To determine Base level figure for 2008-09, NESCO is required to furnish the following data pertaining to year 2008-09 only excluding the arrear impact. Information may be furnished in the following table: For FY 2008-09 The figure of Basic Pay + Grade Pay only for the month of October, November and December of the current financial year excluding any arrear component pertaining to the previous year may be submitted. The licensee is required to submit the interest earnings from consumer security deposits for the financial year 2008-09 and 2009- 10 by way of investments in various instruments. Further NESCO is required to furnish the income from other sources such as supervision charges etc. for the above purpose. Utilisation of A&G expenses over and above the normal rise allowed by the Commission for 2008-09 & 2009-10 may be furnished. ABasic Pay + Dearness Pay at pre-revised rate BBasic Pay + Grade Pay at revised rate CRise due to adoption of 6 th Pay Commission (B-A)

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