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Cooked Mid-Day-Meal Programme WELCOME 10 th August, 2010, Purba Medinipur.

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1 Cooked Mid-Day-Meal Programme WELCOME 10 th August, 2010, Purba Medinipur

2 Introduction The Mid Day Meal Scheme in schools is the world’s largest school feeding Programme. The Scheme now covers nearly 14 crore children in our country. In Purba Medinipur District nearly 725256 children are taking Mid Day Meal covering 5568 Schools of Primary, Upper Primary, MSK, SSK etc.

3 Coverage of Schools  100% Coverage of Primary School is to be done  In respect of Upper Primary School the present coverage is 98%. Coverage needs to be done 100%.  Municipality Coverage and Rural Coverage are to be Shown Separately.

4 Percentage of School Coverage (Upper Primary) Districts % of School Coverage

5 Issue  No. of days to be covered 200 for Primary & 220 for Upper Primary and 250 for NCLP Schools for the year 2010-2011  SHGs are to be employed fully  Quality monitoring to be ensured  Display of daily attendance and items of MDM to be done.  To ensure matching between cooking cost utilized and rice utilized.

6 Cooking Cost Assistance for cooking cost has been provided by the Govt. of India and State Govt. in the following manners:- StageTotal cost per MealCentre State Sharing 75:25 Centre ContributionState Contribution PrimaryRs 3.02Rs 2.02Re 1.00 Upper PrimaryRs 4.03Rs 3.02Re 1.01

7 Honorarium to Cooks  Payment of honorarium to cooks under MDM Programme is being made @ Rs 1,000/- P.M for each cook cum helper and the expenditure towards the honorarium shall be shared between centre and state on 75:25 basis. In the last year 12313(approx) no. of cook cum helpers were engaged.  Reports regarding number of schools are to be given in following proforma--- No. of StudentsNo. of Primary and U/Primary Schools 0-100 101-200 201-300 And so on

8 Construction of Kitchen cum Stores  New Plinth area norms are to be applied only for schools where fund @ Rs 60,000/- are not allotted  Each and every school where fund is not allotted will get minimum 2 Lakh for 20 sq. mt Plinth Area. For every addition of 100 students there will be additional 4 sq. mt plinth area.  Model Plan and Estimate done by Chief Engineer Advisor, SSA is to be followed

9 Cost of Rice  Payment of rice are being made from District level to FCI  Payment guideline has already been issued  District will pay the cost of Rice after receiving and checking the bills from FCI.  Payment must be made with in 20 days after receiving the bills

10 Transportation Cost  Proforma report not received from 50% Blocks  Audit objection- Flat Rate  Delay in payment. Why?  Utilization Certificate to be submit by 5 th of the each month.

11 Foodgrains  The sample checking to be done in every month and report to be submitted to this end.  Rice Lifting from FCI Godown and Rice available at School level do not match  Problem of Food grains storing at school level  Mis-match- Utilization of rice must be matched with that of cooking cost

12 MME  An action plan was asked to submit but none has submitted  Further fund can not be released without utilisation  Engagement of contractual employee should be made immediately  Parking of fund at Block level draws audit objection

13 Kitchen Devices  MME fund can be used to place the defective utensil. Necessary replacement may be made as per inspection from block level.  Fund for all the schools have been allotted upto the month of August, 2010.  Utilization is to be submitted immediately

14 Report & Returns  Report & Returns for smooth functioning of programmme and for fund flow must be given top most priority- at least on the following reports a) MPR b) UC of allotted fund and food grains c) Off-take report both Rice & Cash Component (monthly) d) Monthly Monitoring Reports

15 Regular Meeting  Regular meeting at sub-division, Block and municipal level must be organized

16 Food Norms: Sl. No.Items Quantity per Day per Child Primary Upper Primary 1Foodgrains (Rice)100 gms150 gms 2Pulses20 gms30 gms 3Vegetables(Leafy also)50 gms75 gms 4Oil & Fat5 gms7.5 gms 5Salt & CondimentsAs per need

17 Honorarium to cook-cum helper Student No. of cook cum-helperHonorarium 1-25 1 1000 26-100 2 2000 101-200 3 3000 One additional cook will be added for additional 100

18 Claims for Transportation Cost as per prescribed format Submitted : Ramnagar-I, Patashpur-II, Bhagwanpur-II, Nandigram-I, Nandigram-II, Tamluk, Kolaghat, Moyna, Contai-I, Haldia, Contai-III, Contai Municipality, Tamluk Municipality, Egra Municipality, Sutahata Not Submitted : Contai-II, Ramnagar-II, Khejuri-I, Khejuri-II, Mahishadal, Nandakumar, Panskura Municipality, Panskura-I, Chandipur, Patashpur-I, Bhagwanpur-I, Egra-I, Egra-II, Sahid Matangini, Haldia Municipality

19 Fund allotted for Mid day meal  Cooking cost : upto August, 2010  Cooking device : upto August, 2010, 60% Schools allotted for Primary and SSKs. 100% Schools allotted for Upper Primary and MSKs.  MME fund : upto August, 2010, Rs. 55000.00 for each Block allotted vide memo no. 562/MDM/SSM dated 21.05.2010, Rs. 15000.00 for Municipality  Cost of Honorarium for Cooking Staff : upto month of June, 2010 as per revised rate  Rice allotted : upto month of July, 2010  Allocation of Rice per student upto Class-V per student 100 Grams, Class-VI to VIII 150 Grams (Both rice and fund to be allotted 85% of the roll strength).


21 Mid Day Meal Section Office of the District Magistrate, Purba Medinipur  THANK YOU

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