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Introduction to BREEAM Invest Northern Ireland Colin King.

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1 Introduction to BREEAM Invest Northern Ireland Colin King

2 Contents What makes a sustainable building? Credit examples BREEAM aims How BREEAM works BREEAM growth

3 Global environmental issues?

4 Pictures missing

5 Local Issues?

6 Local issues Pictures missing

7 BREEAM Issue Categories Management Energy Water Land Use & Ecology Health & Wellbeing Transport Materials Pollution

8 Examples of actual credits in 2 categories Health and Wellbeing Energy

9 Health and Wellbeing

10 Health & Wellbeing – BREEAM Offices HW01 Daylighting HW02 View Out HW03 Glare Control HW04 High Frequency Lighting HW05 Internal and External Lighting Levels HW06 Lighting Zones

11 Health & Wellbeing – BREEAM Offices HW08 Potential for Natural Ventilation HW09 Internal Air Pollution HW11 Ventilation Rates HW12 Smoking Policy HW14 Thermal Comfort

12 Health & Wellbeing – BREEAM Offices HW15 Thermal Zoning HW16 Microbial Contamination HW17 Acoustic Performance HW20 Carpet Cleaning HW21 Occupant Satisfaction Feedback HW22 Occupant Satisfaction Targeting

13 Energy

14 Energy – BREEAM Offices E01 Reduction of CO 2 Emissions E02 Sub-metering of Substantial Energy E03 Sub metering of areas/tenancy E04 External Lighting

15 Energy – BREEAM Offices E06 Maintenance Procedures E07 Energy Policy E08 Energy/CO 2 Monitoring, Targeting and Reduction E09 Energy Information Desemination

16 BREEAM - Scoring Management Health and Wellbeing Energy Transport Water Materials Land Use Ecology Pollution Management Health and Wellbeing Energy Transport Water Materials Land Use Ecology Pollution Assessment Credits BREEAM Score PASS GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT Environmental Weightings Single Score Issue Category Scores

17 BREEAM - Weightings Management Health & W’being Energy Transport Water Materials Land Use Ecology Pollution 15 25 5 10 15 Environmental Weightings

18 What is BREEAM? Environmental Assessment Method Certification scheme Voluntary Independent & credible Holistic Customer focussed Credits based

19 Aims Improve environmental performance of buildings Improve internal environment for occupants

20 Mass market Environmental Standards Number of buildings Regulatory minimum Minimal BREEAM Aspirational

21 Offices Homes Shopping Malls Light Industrial Buildings Schools Prison House Blocks Job Centres Health Buildings Heavy Industrial Buildings Sports Facilities Crown Courts Garden Sheds Which building types can be assessed? What is BREEAM?

22 Types of BREEAM Assessments SchemeD&PPCRM&OFit Out Offices Schools Retail Industrial Bespoke

23 Examples Design and Procurement New build and refurbishment Management and Operation Existing buildings in operation Examples Construction impacts Brownfield site Examples Policies EMS Both Examples Location Building fabric Services

24 Assessment Process BRE structure Assessment Process Annual Review process Exemplar building – case study Putting a Price on Sustainability

25 Assessment Process Quality Control Independent Licensed Assessors Builder, Developer, Owner, Occupier Builder, Developer, Owner, Occupier Formal Assessment Pre BREEAM Advice Pre BREEAM Advice Consensus Standard Consensus Standard Quality Control Quality Control Issue Certificate

26 Assessment Registered Information Gathering / Meeting Final Report BRE QA Check BREEAM Certificate Issued BREEAM Consultancy Draft Report Assessment Process Require BREEAM Assessment Employ BREEAM licensed assessor

27 Annual review process Each scheme is reviewed annually –Currently ‘2006’ version Review process drivers –Building Regulations –Change in legislation –Industry best practice –Change in common practice Therefore a 2006 VERY GOOD is a higher standard than a 2005 VERY GOOD rating.

28 Cost of sustainability ‘Putting a price on sustainability’ BRE Trust (BRE & Cyril Sweett), 2005 Covers : –Housing –Naturally ventilated office –Air conditioned office –PFI health centre Capital cost implications of achieving the different BREEAM / EcoHomes ratings Available from BRE bookshop £9 / £22.50

29 Results – worst case scenarios % Increase in capital cost to achieve a BREEAM rating: LocationPassGoodVery GoodExcellent Poorupto 0.1%upto 0.9%upto 5.7%- Typical0%upto 0.4%upto 1.7%upto 7% Good0% upto 1.3%upto 4.2% ‘Putting a price on sustainability’

30 Growth of BREEAM

31 BREEAM Awards Response to request from assessors and clients Presented at BRE annual conference Awards in each scheme Highest performing building

32 Offices Winner - Scottish National Heritage HQ Overview Occupant control for lighting, heating and ventilation Proximity detection for the water supply to all urinals and WCs Enhancement of the ecological value of the site Extensive use of FSC certified timber Re-use of a site that was previously contaminated

33 Who is specifying BREEAM and EcoHomes? English Partnerships –‘VERY GOOD’ and ‘EXCELLENT’ Office of Government Commerce (OGC) –‘EXCELLENT’ (new buildings from March 2003) Housing Corporation –EcoHomes ‘VERY GOOD’ from April 2006 Welsh Assembly Government –EcoHomes GOOD from May 2006 for all social housing –‘VERY GOOD’ on all land sold by WA –‘EXCELLENT’ for high profile developments

34 Who is specifying BREEAM and EcoHomes? Local Authorities –Oxford –Ashford –Buckinghamshire –Brighton –Others? Regional Development Agencies Private Developers –Main drivers are planning process and the social housing sector NGO’s –WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) –One Million Sustainable Homes (OMSH) –Campaigning for at least EcoHomes ‘VERY GOOD’ to be set as the CSB standard

35 More information EcoHomes and BREEAM Offices Email : Phone : 01923 664 462 Post : BRE, Garston, Watford, WD25 9XX

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