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CREATIVE IRIS Integrated Voice & Data Exchange ………………convergence at its best.

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1 CREATIVE IRIS Integrated Voice & Data Exchange ………………convergence at its best

2 Highlights of CREATIVE IRIS New 32 ports peripheral cards. Back-plane based on HDLC (High Level data Link Control). Existing Expandability upto 1000 ports. Provision for remote shelf access. ISDN BRI /PRI with QSIG on PRI New DLC design based on ISDN U interface Upto 56 kpbs modem speed on analog extensions

3 Highlights of CREATIVE IRIS SLICOFI based trunk/ext cards for providing programmable gain. Integrated Test and Diagnostic Functions Futuristic design to meet all present and future CTI & data server applications. Compatibility with all latest telecom concepts

4 Cards used in CREATIVE IRIS MCC - Master Controller Card PSC - Peripheral Shelf Controller FLC 32 - Feature Line Card FTC(COIC 24) - 24 CO Interface Card DCC 16 - Digital Communication Card CEPT 30 - E1 Card DID 32 - DID card

5 Cards used in CREATIVE IRIS BWT 16 - Bothway Trunk Card or FXO/FXS BRI 8 - ISDN BRI card PRI 30 - ISDN PRI card SLC - Low cost Line Card ENM 8 - E&M card (4/2 wire)

6 A 256 Ports CREATIVE IRIS-SL machine MCC - Master Controller Card This card contains the HDLC controllers, Switch, memory, peripheral ports, DSP for tone gen., MFC tone gen & det., Recordable music port (16 min.) 8 Peripheral Slots MCC

7 A 512 Ports CREATIVE IRIS-I machine MCC - Master Controller Card This card contains the HDLC controllers, Switch, memory, peripheral ports, DSP for tone gen., MFC tone gen & det., Recordable music port (16 min.) 15 Peripheral Slots MCC

8 A 1024 Ports CREATIVE IRIS- II machine 15 Peripheral Slots PSC MCC PSC - Peripheral Shelf Controller

9 A 1000 Ports CREATIVE IRIS- III machine 15 Peripheral Slots PSC 15 Peripheral Slots MCC

10 MCC - highlights Upto 1000 ports, the processor will be Intel 32 bit. On-board 32MB SDD for enhanced storage capacity IAU - CREATIVE IRIS Authorisation Unit for software lock - each machine has a unique ID

11 MCC - highlights 2 serial ports & 1 parallel port Provision for Ethernet card (baby card) Communication with all peripheral cards thru HDLC controllers Voice switch for handling upto 1000 ports

12 MCC - DSP section On-board dual DSP - 100 MIPS each Programmable progress tone generation (i.e) Dial tone, RBT etc. Multi-channel DTMF dialing & detection, Multi-channel MFC tones dialing & detection

13 MCC - DSP section 16 minutes voice storage device for storing customised hold-on music 3 independent multi-message storing devices.

14 USP’s OF THE CREATIVE IRIS Duslic based circuit designs for full 64Kbps bandwidth for internet access on subscriber side. Software controlled CLIP generation both DTMF and FSK, polarity reversal, message wait lamp, DTMF generation and detection, on hook transmission, fax modem detection, dynamic software gain control for teleconferences as well as Auto fault diagnostics like leakage currents, ringing voltage, foreign voltages, circuit breaks, faulty instruments etc. These features were available only on PTT exchanges and now available on the CREATIVE IRIS. Software programmable parameters ensure that interface and extension parameters can be modified on site to enable us to meet various specifications in different countries on site.

15 Advanced Backplanes The CREATIVE IRIS uses HDLC backplanes for primary voice circuit switching transmission. The CREATIVE IRIS will also incorporate Utopia level 2 backplane for compatibility to future transmission standards based on SDH or ATM This will allow an ATM cloud to be directly terminated on the Switch. Conventional switches use E1/PRI lines for these connections behind a router device. STM1’s, ADSL’s will be the new standards of broadband connectivities over ATM that can be terminated directly on the cards from the WAN.V 5.1,V 5.2 as well as ADSL CO/CPE capability. Extension of ATM over copper wire upto 5 kms.

16 INskin/INbuilt Solutions The CREATIVE IRIS will offer in skin solutions on the same platform. In skin voice mail with seamless integration 10 BaseS Card for high speed LAN environment on copper and very high speed first/third party CTI applications. ADSL card for generating true DSL extensions with bandwidths of upto 1.5MB upload and 640 kb download. VOIP card with in skin gatekeeper functions for Voice over Internet. Multiple CREATIVE IRIS can be networked over the IP WAN for a true Virtual private network for voice and data switching over Internet protocol. H.323


18 ExclusivePreview G.SHDSL capability for transmission of a combination of multiple voice channels and data over a single pair of copper wire, upto a distance of 5Kms. Broadband connectivity over existing copper media will give CREATIVE IRIS a tremendous cost advantage for networking our switches over Ethernet links extended on 2mb streams on copper pairs upto 5 kms. Existing copper pair can be used for connecting multiple LAN’s to form WAN’s. Such WAN’s can be used for providing multiple channels for voice transmission and integrated access to multilocational cos..

19 Exclusive Preview 10BaseS card for carrying Ethernet and voice on 2 wire copper, upto a distance of 1.5kms. The card can be used for simultaneous voice and LAN transmissions. Existing standards of Ethernet are 10baseT or 100base T over cat5 cabling limited to 200 Mtrs. 10baseS card finds wide applications in MTUs, MDUs, hospitality industry.

20 CREATIVE IRIS ADSL Modem ADSL Line IAD Ethernet Router To local LAN To LAN SHDSL Line IAD - Integrated Access Device Connectivity Available in CREATIVE IRIS for LAN extension Ethernet Port To local LAN or Internet

21 - Locally hosted services - Internet Access - Video servers Internet Access Router Internet Cloud. Ethernet Switch 10baseS in CREATIVE IRIS CREATIVE IRIS 1 pair Copper Wire 10baseS Modem Customer Premises

22 Exclusive Preview Fibre connectivity for remote shelves Networking of CREATIVE IRIS over multi locations can be done over optical fibres. The optical fibres can be terminated directly on the Remote Switching Units (RSU) The RSUs are capable of operating as independent switches, in case of failures of the main and redundant fibre connectivity to the main switching unit (MSU)Main Switching Unit.

23 Exclusive ADSI- Analog Data Services interfaces. This technology will allow advanced KTS functions hitherto available on digital ports only, to be extended even on standard analog extensions. ADSI terminals will display SMS, CLIP, CIDCW and much more. ADSI terminals will also be able to send SMS to any part of the world

24 Exclusive COMPACT PCI BUS CPCI bus will allow the CREATIVE IRIS processors to be upgraded from 2000 ports to 43,000 ports. Hot Stand by for mission critical functions. The latest processors can be added to the CREATIVE IRIS for system CPU processor up gradations. Multiple racks with multiple MCC’s will integrate and share processor resources over remote locations on the CPCI bus very much like a super computer works. The CREATIVE IRIS can thus cater to an entire city and function like a City Exchange Grid.

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