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Hasan Rehan Philips Asia Pacific May 2012 Better Lighting…Safer Roads Segment Director Asean Pacific & Japan – Outdoor Lighting.

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1 Hasan Rehan Philips Asia Pacific May 2012 Better Lighting…Safer Roads Segment Director Asean Pacific & Japan – Outdoor Lighting

2 Confidential 2 Contents Road Infrastructure development & Usage Benefits of road lighting What is good road lighting ? White Light LED Revolution Philips solution for energy efficient LED system How much does it cost to do energy efficient lighting? Road lighting video

3 Confidential 3 Population, Infrastructure & Vehicle Growth Population growth ~ 10% Vehicle registration increasing YOY by +35% 400k road accidents in 2010 Vs. 162K in 1995 Focused road Infrastructure development since 2005 *Source: Malaysian institute of Road Safety

4 Confidential 4 Benefits of road lighting Safety Upto 30% accident reduction at night time (CIE. Etc.) Security Reduction in crime rates of upto 40% ( Painter/ Boyce/ Atkins) Economic Development Upto 70% increase in night time pedestrian traffic (Stoke-on- Trend study) Increased night time commercial activity Increased property values/ taxes Increased infrastructure usage Social development Increased sense of belonging/ pride / general amenity * Some bias is reported in researches

5 Confidential

6 6 Safety Financial viability Reduction of Elect demand Reliable solutions as per Customer needs Key objectives of (LED) Street Lighting

7 Confidential Main Purpose of Road Lighting Highways / Main Roads –Luminance (L ave ) –Uniformity (luminance) U 0 –Uniformity (luminance) U L –Disability glare (TI) –Lighting of surrounding (SR) Main aim: Traffic safety - visual detection of an object on the road surface Norm EN 13201/ CIE 115 Residential / City Centre –Illuminance (E ave ) –Uniformity (illuminance) U 0 –Hemispherical illuminance E hs, ave –Semi-cylindrical illuminance E sc, min –Vertical plane illuminance E v, min Main aim: Traffic and social security - traffic and facial recognition Norm EN 13201 Professional LED Luminaires Asia-Pacific February 2012 Professional LED Luminaires Asia-Pacific February 2012 For Internal ADB Use Only | Confidential 7 Meeting visual needs of road users to support safe driving conditions

8 Confidential Users needs : where do we need light ? Road Residential 8 Pedestrian Mostly axial vision Axial + Peripheral vision Mainly drivers/ med. to high speed/ long dist. vision Drivers, pedestrians/ med. to low speed/ shorter dist. vision/ complex viewing field Pedestrians, cyclist/ Walking speed/ very short dist. vision/ vision of env.

9 Confidential Axial and peripheral vision Axial vision Peripheral vision Cones : brightness & vision of colors (Photopic ) Fovea Rods Dark and no vision of colors (Scotopic) Rods

10 Confidential 10 Scotopic & Photopic vision ? Road Lighting On Axis Peripheral Day Vision Night Vision

11 Confidential 11 What is Scotopic and Photopic vision ?

12 Confidential Benefits of white light comparing to yellow light = Aim Public Lighting according to CIE-115 Purpose of public lighting safety (driver/ pedestrians) feeling secure night impression - ambiance Benefits of white light improved off-axis view colour contrast face recognition colour distinction higher brightness

13 Confidential 13 Outdoor Lighting is going thru a mojor revolution Outdoor lighting facts:  Lighting accounts for ~20% of global electricity use.  75% of global energy consumption is consumed by cities.  Outdoor lighting is 20-30% of a cities electric bill.

14 Confidential 14 Professional LED Luminaires Asia-Pacific, Jan uary2012 Confidential 14 Lighting represents 20% of all electricity used globally With new lighting technology we can potentially save 50% of electricity used today for lighting This equates to: Global savings of EUR 106 billion in energy costs per year 555 million tonnes of CO 2 per year 1.5 billion barrels of oil per year Annual output of 530 medium sized power stations @ 2TW h /yr LEDs... The Green revolution 81% 19%

15 Confidential 15 Professional LED Luminaires Asia-Pacific, February 2012 Confidential 15 LED lighting is transforming the entire landscape* The LED Revolution Traditional lighting *Market estimate based on internal Philips study LED lighting 2011 2020 90% 10% 75% 25% 10%

16 Confidential Lumens Per Watt CW Lumens / watt CFL LED Fluorescent HID High Volume Production 161 LPW 131 LPW 2011 R&D Capability 186 LPW 208 LPW Incandescent A A B B C C D D Theoretical maximum for LED E E LED sources have higher efficacy than HID LED source efficacy is still rapidly increasing and will soon bypass that of other types of sources 2012 W2 Light Source Description h L (lm/W) 400W High-pressure Na 120 140W Metal Halide 122 ‘TL HE’ Tube Fluorescent 105 Halogen-IR Incandescent 30 Standard Incandescent 16

17 Confidential 17 Confidential Professional LED Luminaires Asia-Pacific, September 2010 02 GreenVision Flexi 17 “A future proof road lighting solution that offers significant energy saving without compromising safety on the roads” Introducing … New Philips Green Vision Felxi

18 Confidential But the cost of a safe, LED road system is too high ?

19 Confidential You can save 50% energy & get a 3-5 year payback …. Today Provide safe and secure lighting for your citizens

20 Confidential +++ Maintenance cost Wiring cost Transformer cost etc.

21 Confidential Benefits of White light & LED Systems Upto 50% energy saving ( directed light source ) Long life of 50K Hrs - 12 Years @ 70% of initial light output Low maintenance cost over system life time Robust & vibration proof White light with high CRI & SP ratio for off axis lighting Dynamic & controllable Instant start No mercury content / UV or IR in the beam

22 Confidential 22 Professional LED Luminaires Asia-Pacific, September 2010 Confidential 22 Professional LED Luminaires Asia-Pacific, September 2010 Confidential

23 23 Confidential 23 …The Right Light Meeting high road lighting level of 30 lux Up to 50% energy saving Gui Yang – China Cust. letter for GV 1880 Pcs.

24 Confidential 24 Confidential 24 …The Right Light Middle Ring Road – Malaysia

25 Confidential 25 Professional LED Luminaires Asia-Pacific, September 2010 Confidential 25 Confidential The future is brighter than ever Unleashing new energy saving possibilities with LED Lighting

26 Confidential

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