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ANNUAL WORK PLAN & BUDGET 2013-14 1. Count of children covered in 2012-13 2 Types of SchoolsEnrolment in 2012-13Beneficiaries in 2012-13 Primary1417575.

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2 Count of children covered in 2012-13 2 Types of SchoolsEnrolment in 2012-13Beneficiaries in 2012-13 Primary1417575 1380000 (97.35%) Upper Primary723464 708995 (98%) Total21410392088995 (97.57%)

3 Total count of Primary Institutions and Children Served Mid Day Meal In The Year 2012-13 3 Types of Institutions No. of Institutions No. of Children Enrolled Govt. Primary Schools 40431379403 Local Bodies schools 5840 Govt. Aided Schools 5226678 Total 41001406081 AIE Centers/ Bhatta pathshala 1203303 NCLP 1348191 Grand Total 43541417575

4 Total count of Upper Primary Institution Served Mid Day Meal in The Year 2012-13 4 Type Of Institutions No. of Institutions No. of Children Enrolled Govt. Middle School 10981703161 Govt. Aided Schools 13120303 TOTAL 11112723464

5 Solar Cookers provided by HAREDA in two schools namely Government, Primary Baharipur and Rajkiya Madhaymic Vidyalaya Jath Joshi, Sonepat, Cookers are available in 5 l & 8 l capacities. 5

6 Quantity Of Food Grains-Allocated, Lifted & Utilization for Primary Schools 6 FOODGRAI NS GROSS ALLOCATIO N (2012 -13) LIFTING (UPTO 31-12- 12) UTILIZATION (Up to 31-12- 2012) Primary35246.3719316.16 (79.60%) 18644.70 (52.89%) Upper Primary 25148.9814243.73 (71.05%) 13800.72 (54.87%) Total60413.3533559.89 (75.59%) 32445.42 (53.70%) (Qty in Metric Tonnes)

7 Total Budgetary allocation for the year 2012-13 7 Approved Centre Share Approved State Share TotalExpenditure Up to 31-12-2012 20987.395800.0026787.3917680.22 (66%) (Rs. in Lakhs)

8 Budget Allocation & Expenditure on cooking cost upto 31-12-2012 8 Class Category Approved budget by GOI Released amount + unspent balance upto 31-12-2012 Expenditure (Up to 31-12-12) Primary10819.737185.957607.07 (70.31%) Upper Primary 7771.013757.915897.25(75.89%) Total18590.7410943.8613504.32(72.64%) (Rs. In Lakhs) ** Percentage of expenditure against released amount upto 31-12-12 is 123.39%

9 Budget allocation & Expenditure towards Honorarium for Cook cum Helper 9 StageApproved by GOI No. of Cooks Working Approved budget by GOI Released + unspent budget up to 31-12-12 Expenditure up to 31-12-12 Primary 93579441 935.71488.55755.28 (80.72%) Upper Primary 28351209252835.101928.561357.35 (47.88%) Total 37708303663770.812417.112112.63 (56.03%) (Rs. In Lakhs) **Percentage of expenditure against released amount up to 31-12-12 is 87.40%

10 B UDGET FOR PRIMARY SCHOOLS FOR THE YEAR 2012-13 10 COMPONENTApproved Centre’s Share Approved State’s share TOTALExpenditure Up to 31-12-2012 Cost of Food grain 1889.420 1005.95 (53.24%) Transportation cost 261.830 70.46 (26.91%) M.M.E.197.320 86.68 (43.93%) Cooking Cost8109.342710.3910819.737607.07 (70.31%) Honorarium to Cooks 701.78233.93935.71755.28 (8072%) Total11159.692944.3214104.019525.44 (67.54%) (Rs. In Lac)

11 BUDGET FOR UPPER PRIMARY SCHOOLS FOR THE YEAR 2012-13 11 COMPONENTApproved Centre share Approved State share TotalExpenditure Up to 31-12- 2012 Cost of Food grains1327.440 753.83(56.79%) Transportation Cost183.930 67.32(36.60%) M.M.E168.470 70.26(41.70%) Cooking Cost5721.981927.107649.085849.72(76.48%) Honorarium to Cooks2126.33708.782835.111357.35(47.88%) Total9528.152635.8812164.038098.48 (66.58%) (Rs. In Lakhs )

12 BUDGET FOR NCLP SCHOOLS FOR THE YEAR 2012-13 12 ComponentApproved Centre share Approved State Share TOTALEXPENDITURE UPTO 31-12-2013 Cost Of Food Grain 12.450 6.51(52.29%) Transportation cost 1.730 0.87(50.29%) M.M.E1.200 0.89(74.17%) Cooking Cost52.6517.8170.4647.53(67.46%) Total68.0317.8186.7855.80 (64.30%) (Rs. In Lakhs)

13 Expenditure under Management Monitoring Evaluation (MME) 13 Total Approved Budget under MME:- 371.09 Lac S.No.ParticularsExpenditure (Rs. In Lacs) up to 31-12-12 1Capacity Building of SHGs 0.30 2Salary of Programme & Account Executives 52.47 3Replacement of cooking utensils 44.52 4Expenditure at School Level for providing soaps for washing hands. 41.86 5TA/DA, Office Expenses etc. 0.62 6Advertisement 18.06 Total 157.83

14 14

15 MID DAY MEAL SUPPLIED BY ISKCON 15 In the Districts namely Faridabad, Gurgaon, Palwal (Except Hathin Block), Kurukshetra (except Shahabad & Babain block) Mid Day Meal is being provided through a NGO i.e. ISKCON Relief Foundation, New Delhi. The State allots them food grains and cooking cost is provided as per the norms fixed by Govt. of India i.e. Rs. 3.11 per primary student & Rs. 4.65 per upper primary student. In addition to this Rs. 1.50 per student is contributed by ISKCON towards cooking cost.

16 Achievements under Mid Day Meal Scheme in Year 2012-13 16 8360 schools have been provided funds amounting Rs.41.86 lakhs for the purchase of soaps for washing hands for the students in the year 2012-13. 1259 schools has been provided cooking utensils under MDM in the year 2012-13. * Note : Out of Total amount spent of Rs. 580.74 lakhs, 536.22 was spent from State’s fund and Rs. 44.52 lakhs was spent from Central Govt.’s fund. YearNo Of Schools SuppliedAmount ( Rs. In lakhs) 2011-128420505.2 2012-13125975.54 Total9679580.74

17 Continued….. 17 Training to SHG’s at block Level. Advertisement on the Radio has been aired. Monitoring cell at State level with dedicated telephone number (0172-6531244) and Email address ( ) Advertisement also inserted in major newspapers with regards to the afore mentioned telephone no. and email Address. Monitoring cell set up at the District and block levels as well.

18 Continued…. 18 Complaint received by way of post Total complaints received = 81 Action taken = 81 Complaints/suggestions received via Telephone = 46 Action taken = 46 Complaints received via E-mail = 2 Action taken= 2

19 Continued… 19 Details of Progress achieved in the construction of Kitchen cum stores Allocation up to 2012-13Comp leted In Progre ss Yet to Start Expendit ure Phy. Unit Financial (Rs. In Lakhs) Phy. (Unit) Financial (Rs. In Lakhs) Central Share State Share Total 1148311710.543614.8213325.36 5805171839608853.24

20 Coverage under School Health Programme 20 ParticularsNo of Schools CoveredNo of Children covered Health Check- ups119491900458 Distribution of Iron & Folic Acid 11949302494 Distribution of Vitamin A11949870 Distribution of Deworming Tablets 1194948508 1.1022 spectacles has been distributed to children in the state. 2.Body weight and height of children and levels of Haemoglobin in Blood tests was observed to be being regularly recorded. 3 Problematic cases were immediately referred to Public Health Centres for proper medical assistance.

21 Children to be covered in 2013-14, based on average no. of Beneficiaries in 2012-13 21 Type of SchoolNo. of children Primary + NCLP 1380000 Upper Primary 708995 Total 2088995

22 22

23 Requirement of Budget for the Year 2013-14 Note : 3822 KITCHEN CUM STORES were approved by the Govt. Of India in the year 2012-13 but the amount was not released. 23 ComponentCentre ShareState ShareTotal requirement for 2013-14 Cost of Food grains3237.700 Transportation Cost444.700 Cooking Cost13806.554607.3718413.92 Honorarium Cook cum Helper @ Rs.1150 per month 2643.371409.804053.17 MME362.370 Replacement of Kitchen Devices 545.720 Kitchen cum store5177.711725.906903.61 Total26218.127743.0733961.19

24 Requirement of Budget for the Year 2013-14 (Primary Stage) 24 ComponentCentre ShareState ShareTotal requirement for 2013-14 Cost of Food grains1804.670 Transportation Cost247.870 Cooking Cost7700.552577.8710278.42 Honorarium Cook cum Helper @ Rs.1150 per month 1026.15547.281573.43 MME194.020 Total10973.263125.1514098.41 (Rs. In Lakhs)

25 Requirement of Budget for the Year 2013-14 (Upper Primary Stage) 25 ComponentCentre ShareState ShareTotal requirement for 2013-14 Cost of Food grains1414.040 Transportation Cost194.220 Cooking Cost6025.112002.618027.72 Honorarium Cook cum Helper @ Rs. 1150 per month 1617.22862.522479.74 MME166.510 Total9417.102865.1312282.23 Rs. in Lakhs

26 Requirement of Budget for the Year 2013-14 for (National Child Labour Project Schools(NCLP) 26 ComponentCentre ShareState ShareTotal requirement for 2013-14 Cost of Food grains18.990 Transportation Cost2.610 Cooking Cost80.8926.89107.78 MME1.840 Total104.3326.89131.22 (Rs. in Lakhs)

27 Proposal for MME 2013-14 27 ParticularsAmount required (Rs. In Lacs) Salary for Programming Executive (42@Rs.12000 per month)60.48 Salary for Account Executive (162@Rs.10000 per month)194.40 TA/DA of Executives/Telephone & Broad band63.00 Training to SHG65.00 Soap for school@1 soap for 20 children per month Rs. 10 per soap 100.00 Office Expenses5.00 Radio Add (@ Rs. 10000 per month)2.00 MDM Logo with recipes on wall of schools.539.92 Total1029.80

28 Total requirement of Budget for 2013-14 28 (Rs. in Lakhs) Center’s ShareState’s ShareTotal 26218.127743.0733961.19


30 30 The Department has prepared a ready reckoner for calculating the cost of various components/ingredients in the mid day meal for simplification and to maintain the accuracy of various components and also to reduce the burden of calculation upon the teachers and other officials thus save their time.

31 Procedure for Calculation 31 How to Use Ready Reckoner Ready reckoner provides ingredient wise accurate values by multiplying the number of students with quantity of cereals or ingredients used for cooking a mid day meal. For example if there are 104 students present on a particular date and vegetable rice is to be prepared, then the ingredients as per recipe are:- Contd. On next slide

32 Procedure for Calculation, Continued… 32 Vegetable Rice Rice : 100 grams Groundnuts : 10 grams Potato ; 50 grams Ghee : 5 grams Salt : As per taste So the MDM In charge would have to look for 5, 10, 50 and 100 column in 104 row to get the quantity of ingredients used as 520, 1040, 5020 and 10400 (all values in grams), as shown in the table below.

33 A Kitchen displaying recipe board with MDM logo 33

34 34 Action taken on the report of 4 th Joint Review Mission Haryana Mid Day Meal Scheme

35 ISSUES RAISED BY JOINT REVIEW MISSION 2013-14 35 ISSUE 1 : NO CLARITY ABOUT THE HEADS OF FUNDS Action taken: The Department of Elementary Education (DEE) has issued guidelines/instructions for the purpose of release of funds under the required accounting heads along with its norms so that functionaries at district and school level have clarity about the usage of funds.

36 ISSUE 2 : IRREGULARITY IN SUPPLY OF FOOD GRAINS BY HAFED 36 Action taken: In the State level Steering -cum -Monitoring meeting held on 11.04.2013, HAFED (which has been handling lifting and supply of food grains from Food Corporation of India(FCI) godowns since 1.04.2012) has been directed to ensure the timely supply of food grains to the schools. This agency will also monitor & report supply of food grains on a monthly basis at the Headquarters (HQ) level and the agency will also participate in co-ordinated meetings to be held twice in a month under the Chairmanship of Director General Elementary Education(DGEE) for effective supply of food grains to the schools.

37 ISSUE 3 : NO MECHANISM FOR GETTING INFORMATION ON UTILIZATION OF FUNDS AND FOOD GRAINS 37 Clarification: The teacher in charge of MDM program maintains the day to day record of the program. There are two registers which are being maintained at the school level, one register is for the maintenance of funds (Cash Book) and the other for maintenance of utilization of food grains. The department has also recruited account executives and program executives at block, district and headquarter level. They have been entrusted the responsibility to visit 30 schools in a month and get telephonic information of 10 schools on a daily basis. Action taken: The Account and Program Executives in charge have been instructed to get information on the utilization of vital components like food grains and cooking cost and report to the Directorate immediately when the advance stock of food grains available is not expected to last for at least 10 days. At the HQ level, weekly progress regarding utilization of funds and food grains will also be monitored. The separate MDM cell will also be strengthened by the recruitment of officials from relevant fields on contract ual basis.

38 ISSUE 4 :KITCHEN CUM STORES CONTRUCTED BUT NOT IN USE IN KURUKSHETRA 38 Clarification: In Thanesar, Ladwa and Pehowa falling under KURUKSHETRA district, the mid day meal is supplied by ISCKON though their centralized kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen cum stores which were constructed much before ISCKON’s services were taken by the Directorate of Elementary education for its schools, are not currently in use.

39 ISSUE 5 : FAULTY DESIGN OF KITCHEN CUM STORES CONTRUCTED IN KAITHAL 39 Action taken: Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) has been directed in the state level steering cum monitoring committee to modify the constructed kitchens for the provisions of smokeless chulha and for proper placement of utensils and kitchen devices.

40 ISSUE 6 : MENU IS NOT AS PER THE NUTRITIONAL NORMS OF MDMS 40 Action taken: A committee has been constituted to review the menu. In this committee, a representative of food and nutrition board, Government of India, a dietician and a nutritionist, nodal officer of monitoring institution of KUK and associate professor of home science college have been invited to review the menu as per nutritional norms of MDMS.

41 ISSUE 7 : LESS INCLUSION OF GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES IN MENU 41 Action taken: Actionable mentioned for Issue number 6 shall hold good for this particular point as well. ISSUE 8 : LESS QUANTITY OF MEAL PROVIDED BY ISKCON Action taken: Instructions have been issued to ISKCON to provide MDM in the schools as per actual number of children so that children could not get less quantity of meal

42 42 Monitoring: Unanswered Questions Mid Day Meal Scheme

43 43  What are the monitoring structures? Who in the department is supposed to monitor what?  What are the Terms of Reference?  How frequently is monitoring to be done?  Are reports prepared after each visit? What is the format of the reports? Who maintains the reports?  Is there a record maintained at the school? Are there Inspection registers?  What funds have been allocated for Monitoring?  How are the State, District and Block Monitoring Committees functioning?  Less inclusion of green leafy vegetables in menu.  Less quantity of meal provided by ISKCON. Monitoring: Unanswered Questions

44 Action taken by the Department 44 To make the MDM more effective, it is proposed to establish a separate Cell/branch at the directorate level, district levels, block levels and school levels by appointing experienced officials/officers on contact basis. Their work and responsibilities will be fixed for monitoring and to redress the grievances of the general public and to impart training to SMC members, cooks & in-service training for teachers engaged in MDMS. Inspection Performa’s will be prepared exclusively for MDM in which all norms of MDM, allocation of funds and their utilization, proper maintenance of records, quality and quantity of food grains, number of children served mid day meal, cooking cost, honorarium to cooks, availability of ingredients, problems faced by the staff of MDMS and all other related issues will be incorporated in this Performa for effective monitoring of the MDM. Convergence with Health Department is being strengthened for distribution of IFA tablets, Vitamin-A dosage and de-worming tablets. For this purpose an officer will be assigned required duties/responsibility.

45 Action Taken Continued… 45 In the state level steering cum monitoring committee, it has been decided that all IAS/HCS officers will conduct random checks. It has been further decided that the DC will also monitor the MDMS at block and school level. Thereafter, a monthly report will also be prepared for all districts at State Head Quarters to guide and to rectify the discrepancies. Instructions has been issued to all the district elementary education officers for 1. To display the Mid Day Meal Scheme(MDMS) logo and its entitlement in the school premises. 2. To display the menu of MDMS. 3. Instructions have already been issued on 10-09-2012 to provide MDM to the children of NCLP school as per guidelines of Programme Approval Board(PAB) i.e. for 311 days.

46 Action taken on the recommendations 46 Setting up of a Mid Day meal authority headed by a Director level officer. It is submitted that by setting up of a separate authority/society would adversely effect the working of MDM because this authority or society will have no direct control over the administrative & other control over the schools. However it is proposed that a separate cell for MDM shall be established under the administrative control of Director General Elementary Education Haryana. This will strengthen the administrative structure and monitoring. For inspection purposes, experienced officials /officers need to be inducted to control the funds & to maintain proper funds accounts at the field level & Head Quarters level. The recommendations of regarding the engagement of persons on contract basis from relevant fields for filling of the vacant posts is also being taken up on top priority basis.

47 PUBLICITY 47 The instructions regarding the rights & entitlement and display of daily menu and MDMS logo have already been issued to all the schools. Apart from this, radio jingles is being aired on BIG FM 92.7 and Radio Mantra 91.9 FM, OYE 104.8 FM twice a day and these decisions has also been appreciated by the GOI vide letter no. 11- 1/2012-EE-6 (MDM 3-1) dated 27-04-2012. Grievance Cell No. 0172-6531244 of MDM at H.Q has been published in the leading newspapers of the state.

48 General Recommendations 48 UNICEF Global Hand Washing Day : Improved hygienic practices through education in terms of hand-washing, safe drinking water etc will be adhered to. UNICEF Global Hand Washing Day : Improved hygienic practices through education in terms of hand-washing, safe drinking water etc will be adhered to. On both Teacher’s Day and Children’s day mid day meal based on a special menu other than the regular menu is also under consideration. On both Teacher’s Day and Children’s day mid day meal based on a special menu other than the regular menu is also under consideration.

49 49

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