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National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif Campaign 7 th – 8 th April, 2015 Horticulture Department, Haryana.

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1 National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif Campaign 7 th – 8 th April, 2015 Horticulture Department, Haryana

2 Physical & Financial Achievement during the year (up to ) SnItemArea (Ha)Production (Lakh MTs) TargetsAchievementTargetsAchievement 1Fruits Additional Area Total Area Vegetables Spices Flowers & 1270 Lakh no. cut flowers 0.55 & Lakh no. cut flowers 4Mushroom15.50 (trays in lakh) (MTs)9416 (MTs) 5Community Tank (Nos.)

3 Growth in Horticulture during ( to ) i. Total Horticulture area and production.  Total area under horticulture increase from 4.30 lakhs ha. to 4.50 lakh ha. (5%)  Total production increased from lakhs MTs to lakhs MTs. (10.02%) ii. Fruit Area & Production  The area under fruit increase from ha. to ha. (7.56%)  The production increased from MTs to MTs. (16.35%) iii. Vegetable Area & Production  The area under vegetable increased from 3.56 lakhs ha. to 3.73 lakhs ha. (4.8%)  The production increased from lakhs MTs to lakhs MTs. (9.8%) iv. Mushroom Production  The Mushroom Trays increased from lakhsTrays to lakhs Trays (18%)  The total production under mushroom increased from 7333MTs to 9990 MTs. (36.02%)

4 Initiatives National Horticulture Mission. (MIDH) ◦ Integrated Water Management Programme:  So far 3287 water ponds have been constructed at farmers field and linked with micro irrigation and orchard plantation. Govt. is providing 100% assistance for construction of community water tanks and 50% assistance to individuals. ◦ Special focus on Green House cultivation: State Govt. has increased assistance to 65% for construction of poly houses. ◦ Indo Israel Projects:  Centre of Excellence for Vegetables – Gharaunda, Karnal: Established and Inaugurated on 17 th January,  Centre of Excellence for Fruits – Mangiana, Sirsa : Established and Inaugurated on 21 th May  Another three projects are to be established for Bee-keeping, flower & sub-tropical fruits with a cost of crore.  Govt. is establishing two another demonstration projects viz guava at Bhuna, Fatehabad and banana & papaya at Sewakheri, Panipat.  Govt. is also establishing Horticulture Bio Technology Centre at Shamgarh, Karnal for production of potato micro tubers through tissue culture technologies for distribution of breeder seed to the farmer at nominal rates.  To minimize the content of Pesticides in fruits & vegetables a new scheme on pesticides res, has been started and during an amount of Rs lacs has been made to mitigate the effects of pesticides on fruits and vegetables by monitoring the levels of residues by constant sampling and educating the farmers by seminars and field days.

5 For measuring the content of pesticides in fruits and vegetables, two laborites are being established one at Karnal and another at Sirsa. Till now 327 farmer interest group and 13 Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) covering 6305 Nos. of farmers have been formed. Formation of 6 FPO covering 6000 no, of farmers is under progress ◦ Post Harvest Management & Marketing  Till now 326 Nos. of Pack Houses bearing size 6x9 mts to handle the produce and 56 Nos. of low costs onion storage structures (capacity 25 mt each) have been constructed. Further more than 150 Nos. of cold storages are working. Govt. is providing 35% to 50% on Post Harvest Management.

6 VIUC Progress Sr. NO. ActivitiesTargetsAchievementsProposed Outlay for VIUC (revalidated & committed liabilities of ) Phy.Fin.Phy.FinPhy.Fin. I Vegetable Cultivation (open pollinated and hybrid crops) (ha.) Ii Protected Cultivation (sqm) Iii Cost of Planting Material (sqm) iv Promotion of IPM/INM (Ha) Total Rs. In lacs Project wise Status Report under RKVY sub scheme VIUC for the year

7 Sr. NO ActivitiesTargetsAmount approved Amount release Achievements Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin. i Project for integrated post harvest management. (No.) Ii Project for assistance on mushroom production (Tray) Iii Project for promotion of bio pesticides in horticulture crops to reduce the pesticide residual effect.(Ha.) iv Promotion of stacking in hybrid vegetable (ha.) v Soluble fertilizer/fertigation (Ha.) vi Solar water pump (Nos.) Vii Establishment of training-cum-demonstration centre for sericulture at Panchkula Viii Protected structure/poly house (2081 to 4000 sqm) Total Rs. In lacs Project wise Status Report under RKVY for the year

8 Structures, Crop Demonstrations & Protocol Development Structures ◦ Poly-house, Net-house, Walk-in-tunnel Mulching, Low Tunnels Crops: ◦ All field crop in open ◦ Crops under poly houses  75 varieties of tomatoes (45 cherry & 30 regular hybrids),  14 hybrids of capsicum of 7 colors &  5 hybrids of cucumber have been demonstrated  Brinjal, Green Chilies, Summer Cabbage, Muskmelon in winter, etc. Protocol Developments: ◦ on Green tomato, cucumber, capsicum and ◦ book published for farmers.

9 Potential Productivity Achieved The Centre has achieved the productivity of ◦ 302 MT per ha in Tomato, ◦ 211 MT per ha in Capsicum ◦ 151 MT per ha in Cucumber per crop cycle. 9

10 Micro Irrigation Physical & Financial Achievement up to (up to ) SnYearAchievement Area (ha)Financial (lac) Total

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