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2 2 The outstanding ‘AA+(SO)’ rating on the MCH continues to indicate high safety with regard to timely payment of the interest and principal obligation on the rated bonds. For the first eight months of FY 2002-03 (till the end of November 2002), the Corporation's revenue registered a significant growth of 29% over the corresponding period in FY 2001-02. MCH had revenues of Rs.2.08 billion and an operating surplus level of Rs.0.67 billion during April-November 2002, as compared to revenues of 1.6 billion and operating surplus of Rs.0.37 billion for the previous corresponding period. --(Review of CRISIL for the year 2002-03 upto end of November ’02 as communicated on January 14, 2003)

3 3 MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF HYDERABAD Revenue Income Upto December 2002 (Rupees in Crores) Revenue Income2001- 2002 Actuals 2001-2002 (Upto Dec ’01) 2002-2003 (Upto Dec ’02) Increase/ Decrease in Rs. % Increase/ Decrease Property Tax130.0978.8196.2717.4622.15 Trade License Fee 6.494.124.840.7217.48 Fees & User Charges 57.7020.7624.393.6317.49 Other Revenue Income 93.9672.77109.9837.2151.13 Total Revenue Income 288.24176.46235.4859.0233.45

4 4 COMPARATIVE STATEMENT SHOWING DEMAND AND COLLECTION OF PROPERTY TAX YearDemand (Rs. in Lakhs) Collection (Rs. in Lakhs) Percentage collected 2001-2002130007881 ( as on 31-12-2001 ) 60.6% 2002-2003149009627 ( as on 31-12-2002 ) 64.6%

5 5 MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF HYDERABAD Revenue Expenditure Upto December 2002 (Rs in Crores) Revenue Expenditure 2001- 2002 Actuals 2001-2002 (Upto Dec ’01) 2002-2003 (Upto Dec ’02) Increase / Decrease in Rs. % Increase/ Decrease Personnel Cost97.6478.2276.89-1.33-1.70 Operational Expenditure 86.3064.7265.080.360.56 Repairs & Maintenance 3.992.992.93-0.06-2.01 Programme Expenses 8.695.240.88-4.36-83.21 Administrative Expenditure 8.935.585.24-0.34-6.09 Total Expenditure 205.55156.75151.02-5.73-3.66

6 6 It is estimated that by March 2003, the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad would have surpassed the targetted Rs.150 crores in Property Taxes as well as other Revenue Sources. Expenditure on capital has increased resulting in creation of assets. Cost on administration has reduced indicating internal efficiency.

7 7 SANITATION: Modernization of transportation has increased from 20% in March 2002 to 30% in December 2002 by addition of Dumper Bins & Dumper Placers. MCH will save Rs.55 lakhs by March 2003 on transportation Next year it is proposed to modernize transportation to 60% resulting in savings of Rs.180 lakhs per year. Privatization in Sanitation has gone from 60% in March 2002 to 75% this year. The city won the HUDCO “Clean & Green“ award for the 4 th consecutive year and Hyderabad has won acclaim from National & International Visitors.

8 8 PARKS: MCH has added to the Green cover by inaugurating the Jalagam Vengal Rao Park which is an eco-conservation effort. Telugu Talli Island, Sagar Waterfront park, Gun Park, Mehdipatnam central median beautification, are some examples of city beautification. MCH won best “Rose garden award.” Work on Yousufguda park and Imliban is underway and will be ready in 2-4 months. 33 ward level parks have also been taken up at a total cost of Rs.1 crore.

9 9 MODERN LIGHTING: Hyderabad was awarded the International Illumination Design Award in recognition for Outstanding achievement in street lighting by Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. Total Modern Lighting points under all categories this year added 12,000. Hyderabad is today considered to be best lit city and the Corporation has earmarked Rs.20 crores next year for modern lighting.

10 10 ENGINEERING: Peoples estimates are displayed at every work site. Separate Quality Control Wing has been established. Third party Quality Control by Osmania University and JNTU for every work. Technical specifications have been increased in respect of CC Roads and B.T. roads to ensure quality and to meet the needs of growing traffic. 1. CC Roads are being laid with RMC (Ready mix Concrete) with M-20 grade. Earlier conventional CC Roads used to be laid with M-15 grade. 2. The existing technical specification of 80/100 bituminous roads with 4.5% BT content is upgraded to 60/70 bituminous concrete with 5.0% BT content. Private consultancy services are being utilized to develop new designs and new standards in Engineering.

11 11 Total Sanctions for this year is Rs.196.61 crores (Rupees in crores) No. of Works Expenditure during last year upto 31-12-01 Expenditure during current year upto 31-12-02 Increased amount Percentage 5977 (2002-03) 3972 (2001-02) 95.00129.0034.0035.2 Projected expenditure by March ’03 143.30 (actual) 185.00

12 12 SPORTS: The City was proud to host the 32 nd National Games. Significant contribution was made to existing Sports Infrastructure in MCH. 23 Stadia being built at a cost of 17.5 crores The following Stadia will be completed by March 2003 with 5 New Swimming Pools: Cost 1.Victory Playground...Rs.200.0 lakhs 2. Amberpet Playground..Rs.200.0 lakhs 3.Ameerpet Playground..Rs.175.0 lakhs 4. Sanath Nagar Playground..Rs.185.0 lakhs 5. Golkonda Playground..Rs. 50.0 lakhs 6. Shaikpet Playground..Rs.120.0 lakhs About 489 Playgrounds are maintained by MCH with 23,000 men & 6,675 women players on MCH Play ground & 48 games are held in MCH Play grounds.

13 13 HEALTH & UCD: Self Help Groups: UCD has formed 2685 Thrift & Credit Groups with 58,157 women members. Total savings mobilized by these groups is Rs.4.07 crores. 834 groups have been benefitted with a Revolving Fund Amount to Rs.177.00 lakhs. Community Sanitation: Sanitation contract has been assigned to 14 DWCUA Self Help Sweeping Groups. Lorry Tippers to 8 groups with bank loan assistance. Further, community sanitation also introduced in 299 slum areas involving the local Self Help Community based organisations where MCH has provided 240 tricycle rickshaws free of cost under VGDS.

14 14 MCH is giving lot of emphasis on Maternal child health through 60 urban health centers & 5 Maternity centers covering not only all the slums even other area.

15 15 PEOPLE-FRIENDLY ADMINISTRATION: The “pre-paid Parking card” was launched and has won tremendous Goodwill for the Corporation. It is proposed to construct modern and aesthetic wash- rooms in the city replacing existing structures on a BOT basis. Double Entry Accrual Based Accounting System has been introduced in the MCH from 1-4-2002 in order to make the Corporation Accounts transparent and suitable for easy scrutiny. This is the first civic body in the state to switch over to this new system of accounting. E-Governance – Taxes through e-Seva & Citizen Service Centres – User friendly website –

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