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Presentation #2 District Grants Rotary International District 9630 Inc.

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1 Presentation #2 District Grants Rotary International District 9630 Inc

2 District Grants. Single “block” grant awarded annually for club and district projects. Local or International activities. Local decision making with broader guidelines. Smaller activities and projects

3 District Grants. Include active Rotarian participation. Adhere to stewardship guidelines. Demonstrate cultural sensitivity. Activities align with Foundation’s mission

4 Rotary Foundation Mission To enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty

5 District Grants. The Deadline for District Grant Applications is the District Conference each year. Clubs must qualify to be selected for a District Grant. Regular 3 monthly Progress Reports are required until the project is completed, when a Final Report is to be submitted

6 Club Qualification. Clubs must be Financial – District, RI. Clubs must be current financial supporters of The Rotary Foundation – The Annual Fund finances all District Grants. Clubs must have at least one representative attend the District Grant Management Seminar. Clubs must read and sign the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and submit it to District. Clubs must be up to date with any previous Rotary foundation Grant reports

7 District Grant Examples. $2,700 - Support funding for Kuraby Special School bus. $1,000 - Provide funding for a Community Garden. $1,200 - Support funding for “Liberty Swing” for disabled. $1,000 - Support unaccompanied minor refugees with sporting scholarships

8 . $2,483 - Flood repair to grounds and garden for aged care facility. $2,100 - Provide Key Safes for elderly. $3,000 - Provide equipment for Equestrian Park for special needs clients. $1,200 - Upgrade local house for disabled District Grant Examples

9 . $900 - Support a mural for Girl Guides’ Fences to deter graffiti. $7,000 - Support the purchase of a Dynamic Check Weigher for Endeavour Foundation clients to provide packaging for major retailers. $1,000 - Refurbish a toilet block and provide vocational training at a school in India District Grant Examples

10 . $1,000 – Support local schools Breakfast Program. $1,800 – Provision of educational garden beds for Special Ed Students. $3,500 – Provide “take home readers” for young migrant and refugee students to improve literacy. $3,000 – Upgrade kitchen facilities for Special School students to learn life skills District Grant Examples

11 . $1,200 – Support Dr David Muller to attend the CDC in Atlanta, USA, to study the handling of the Polio Virus to enable faster development of the Nanopatch. $1,000 – Provision of vermin proof silos in Timor Leste. $2,100 – Printing of specially designed story books in the local language and English for Cambodian schools District Grant Examples

12 Questions? District Rotary Foundation Chairman Greg Killoran – Grants Sub Committee Chairman Martti Kankkunen-


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