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Background Readiness These checks are used often by employers for evaluating a job candidate's for: Criminal History Credit History Character Reference.

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1 Background Readiness These checks are used often by employers for evaluating a job candidate's for: Criminal History Credit History Character Reference Checks Legal Status Driving Records Drug Tests Post-Employment Records Education Records Litigation Records Past/Current Addresses Social Network

2 Is a record of a person’s criminal history, generally used by assess in his/her trustworthiness. Criminal Offense Violence at the Workplace Drunk-Driving Observed or Proven Theft Sexual Assault Abuse to client or others The nature of some jobs requires a criminal background check, such as working with seniors, children, disabled people or in law enforcement. Texas law requires employers offering in-home services and residential delivery firms to obtain criminal background checks. The public has access to your records at anytime!

3 Credit scores is a numerical expression based on a statistical analysis of person’s credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of that person. Liens - Any type of lien against you could be a sign of irresponsibility. It suggests to employers that you weren't responsible enough to pay off your debt or negotiate a settlement. 100% Credit Utilization - This shows employers that you're in over your head and can't stick to a budget. Bankruptcy/Foreclosure - Again this shows a lack of responsibility with things you're committed to. To an employer this could suggest that you'll bail on large projects and aren't resourceful enough. It also may suggest that you don't have long term visibility. Recent Late Fees - Recent 30, 60, or 90 day late fees show finances are causing you significant stress. This activity may appear as more of a red flag for financial positions because it suggests you have trouble budgeting. Significant Activity - A recent opening of several new accounts or closing of several accounts could appear as a red flag. Significant new activity may trigger employees to think you are desperate and need extra credit because you are in over your head. Closing several accounts could appear as a sign that you aren't good with money and don't know how to avoid charging up a large sum of debt.

4 CHARACTER REFERNCE CHECKS These are questions the employer will ask the manager or whomever you worked for at your previous employment: 1.They will verify your start and end date of employment. 2.What was the reason for leaving the company? 3.How often did you miss work? 4.Where there any issues that impacted his job performance? 5.Can you share his/her strong and weak points of employment evaluation? 6.Did you supervise other employees? If so how effective were you. 7.Were you a team player in the company? 8.Would you rehire this employee? 9.If I describe this job position to you could you tell me if this person is a good fit? 10.Is there anything else I did not ask that you would like to share about him/her?

5 LEGAL STATUS All employers are required to keep government Form I-9 documents on all employees which verify you are a resident of the United States. Will need a copy of any of the following: Driver’s Licenses Passport Birth Certificate Voter’s Registration Card

6 DRIVING RECORDS Employers that routinely hire drivers or are in the transportation sector seek drivers with clean driving records, those without a history of accidents or traffic tickets.

7 Drug Testing Employers may use drug tests to deter employees from engaging in drug use or to identify individuals who engage in drug use. A drug free workplace reduces accidents and employee injuries, which can potentially cost an employer millions of dollars in replacing equipment or workers compensation claims. Employers can choose between a urine, oral, or hair test. Drug testing can be required of an employee after a workplace accident, based on reasonable suspicion, and randomly.

8 POST-EMPLOYEMENT RECORDS Verifying places you have previously worked at and timeframe you were employed. Discussion of performance, activities, and accomplishments during your time of employment. EDUCATION RECORDS Verifying the high school you attend or graduated from recently. Verify colleges, technical schools, or universities that you may have attended or graduated from. Verify any continuing education courses in the field that pertain to the job.

9 PAST/CURRENT ADDRESS VERIFICATION Whether the applicant is who he or she claims to be. Part of identification check most commonly used. LITIGATION RECORDS Employers may want to identify potential employees who routinely file discrimination lawsuits.

10 SOCIAL NETWORK OR WEB SEARCHING Employers will search a web browser or many of the variety of social media to check the person’s character here are reasons they may not hire due to what is posted on these sites: Candidate posted provocative or inappropriate photographs or information -- 53 percent Candidate posted content about them drinking or using drugs -- 44 percent Candidate bad-mouthed their previous employer, co-workers or clients -- 35 percent Candidate showed poor communication skills -- 29 percent Candidate made discriminatory comments -- 26 percent Candidate lied about qualifications -- 24 percent Candidate shared confidential information from previous employer -- 20 percent

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