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3 Prevention Updates SAPT+ Committee California Behavioral Health Directors Association March 26, 2015.

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1 3 Prevention Updates SAPT+ Committee California Behavioral Health Directors Association March 26, 2015

2 The 3 Prevention Updates CHKSMarijuana National Prevention Strategies

3 CalOMS Prevention Update California Outcome Measurement System for PREVENTION : web-based data portal

4 CHKS County Reports Are county reports representative of more than one county? Data Update Presenting: Jan Ryan, Consultant for Riverside County

5 Does your County Report represent more than your own county? No, A county report represents only that county. 11-13 Statewide report is available WestEd “County Report Policy”

6 Marijuana How is Prevention building awareness of the impact of marijuana on the developing brain? Presenting: Dan Hicks, Ventura County Prevention Coordinator Approach Update


8 Prevention Coordinators – TODAY Broad support for expanding the public discussion about marijuana Focus: the developing teen brain Community Prevention Initiative (CPI) website will be a repository for sharing locally developed prevention tools. Strategies to disseminate marijuana prevention tools and messages statewide

9 Applying What We Know – Looking at “IF” Government Regulation and Expenditures 1.Rely on and protect local control – allow local governments to require a local license of business permit and to impose additional regulations and restrictions that are stricter than state controls. 2.Place primary responsibility for state marijuana regulation in the California Department of Public Health, with substantial responsibility delegated to local departments of public health. 3.Ensure adequate revenues for enforcing state and local regulations, monitoring industry activities, evaluating the impact of marijuana legalization, and funding effective prevention, treatment and educational programs.


11 Applying What we Know from Alcohol: Regulating Marijuana Sales and Marketing 1.Establish age 21-year marijuana furnishing, use, and possession law. 2.Strictly enforce the age 21 marijuana furnishing, use, and possession law with a primary focus on adult providers. 3.Limit sale of products that are attractive to young people or put them at heightened risk of harm. 4.Restrict marketing, advertising practices that appeal to youth. 5.Keep marijuana prices artificially high, although not too high to foster underground markets and illegal cultivation. 6.Strictly limit number, type, location and sales practices of retail outlets. 7.Ensure product quality and environmental protection, deter public nuisance activities, and limit cultivation, distribution and sales.

12 National Prevention Strategies How is the SAPT+ Committee is using the National Prevention Strategies in alignment with the Interagency Prevention Advisory Council (IPAC)? Presenting: Jim Kooler, California Friday Night Live Partnership Strategy Update

13 Elevating Prevention Process 2011 Prevention Symposium with Prevention Institute 2013 Power of Prevention Summit Elevating Prevention Workgroups GPAC evolves to IPAC

14 Objectives Promote AOD Prevention within broader field Foster linkages with other prevention efforts Develop core advocacy and leadership Advocate for AOD Prevention in health and wellness

15 Workgroups Workforce Development Programs & Practices Policy Development Partnerships Health Care Reform

16 GPAC  IPAC Building on National Prevention Strategy Healthy and Safe Community Environments Quality Preventive Services in both Clinical and community settings Empowering people to make healthy choices Eliminate Health Disparities

17 What can we do to help? CBHDA & SAPT + Look more closely at how prevention in the SAPT Block grant aligns with prevention in Behavioral Health area (Mental Health Services Act) Linkage to other systems

18 Questions and Discussion

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