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What is Solarize Connecticut SM ? Solar. Simple. Together.

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2 What is Solarize Connecticut SM ? Solar. Simple. Together.

3 Makes solar simple, affordable and accessible Connecticut residents State sponsored and town supported program Uses coordinated education, marketing & outreach effort in an 18-week campaign Utilizes Solarize CT website to compare pricing from pre-approved installers Solar. Simple. Together.

4 Design & administer Solarize program Provide incentives to purchase or lease system Offer financing products for solar and other energy upgrades Assist all parties with program-related issues Conduct quality control of systems Connecticut Green Bank Roles

5 Coordinate education & outreach with towns Do presentations at workshops and events Develop marketing materials & tools Assist all parties with program-related issues SmartPower Roles

6 Coordinate with CEFIA and SmartPower Identify Outreach Opportunities in Old Old Old Lyme Volunteer to help spread the word Town and Solar Ambassador Roles

7  Contact Form  Event Calendar  Testimonials  Videos  Newsroom  Social Media  Toolkit Old Old Lyme

8 EnergySage Role State of the Art Website Identifies your property Connects you to installers Slate of Qualified Installers CEFIA/Green Bank approved EnergySage approved Solarize Online brings multiple quotes to YOU Choice of product Choice of design Choice of financing Competitive price

9 How Solar Works

10 What makes a home solar-friendly? ▪Ample sunlight, little to no shading- installers can advise ▪ Southerly exposure ▪35 degree roof pitch ideal, but the typical roof is usually solar friendly ▪Roof in good condition, ground mounted system may be an option

11 Ground Mount

12 Now is the Time to Go Solar Gain energy independence Have more disposable income for your family or retirement Increase the value of your home, no property taxes Know your money is safely invested on your own roof No market volatility or recession can’t deter your investment

13 Solar Incentives Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority Rebate $.80/watt up to 10 kW >>>>>these are being lowered 1/1/2015 $.40/watt from 10-20kW>>>>> these are being lowered 1/1/2015 Incentives may be lowered based on poor site conditions Installers will handle all rebate applications with CEFIA Federal Tax Credit (expires 2016) 30% of project costs net of rebate

14 Purchase Example – 7 Kw System* Average Total System Cost: $27,860 CEFIA Rebate(this is being lowered 1/1/2015):-$5,040 Out of Pocket Investment: $22,820 30% Federal Tax Credit: -$6,846 Final Investment: $15,974 *7 Kw System with an average of $3.98/w Actual prices will vary based on installer and adders

15 Solar Financing from CEFIA Smart-E LoanCT Solar Lease What Makes It Special? Quick and easy financing from your local bank Hassle- and worry-free, no money down Own Your Solar? Yes No (option to purchase) Down Payment? Not required Not required if installed cost ≤ $4.50/Watt Terms 5 - 12 years 20 years

16 Examples from Old Lyme ▪Dave McCulloch ▪Michele Mergy





21 Property detail Qualified customers All property information in one place Simple online quoting Faster customer decision-making Costs matched with revenue




25 Consumer Dashboard

26 Communications preferences

27 Quotes are displayed with standardized assumptions and explanations of key terms

28 Very Rough Pro Forma Analysis Energy Sage

29 Illustrative Example

30 Moving From Pro Forma – to Reality This example is just an estimate: Not a quote Reasonable but not exact assumption May not reflect late breaking news (e.g. CL&P rate change). “Reality” begins when you upload your electric bill and property information to authorized contractors: Real Quotes Exact Assumptions Latest news Go to and push the blue button! price

31 Solar 101, Solar Financing, Rebates & Returns


33 Pre-screened Installer Network Solar companies use EnergySage to grow their business efficiently

34 Installer Profiles,Ratings/Reviews

35 Manufacturer Profiles

36 Case Studies See Amazing Systems in Your Area

37 Why Use EnergySage Website? Qualified Installers Compete for your business Reduced marketing cost Brings multiple quotes to YOU Choice of product Choice of design Choice of financing Competitive price


39 You must signup by April 10, 2015! Program Deadline Help spread the word to friend, neighbors and family so Solarize Old Lyme is a success!

40 Questions? Bob Wall, CEFIA 860-257-2354 Bernard Pelletier, SmartPower 860-803-6272

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