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Unit 29 Security Procedures

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1 Unit 29 Security Procedures

2 Today’s Lesson Today we are going to have a look at Private Security.
We will explore CCTV and what its all about. Look at other areas which make up Private Security.

3 How are we getting on? How are we getting on with the assignment?
Do we have any questions on the assignment. Two Parts: Security Audit of York College. Analysis of Searching

4 Assignment Brief Explore M3 and D2 for a little while.

5 Moving on.....

6 Myths about CCTV Just take a few minutes and write down some thoughts that you have when you think of CCTV? It is everywhere!!!

7 CCTV Close Circuit Television: It is the most used private security system in the world. Fairly new, it has only been used on mass in the UK since the 1980’s. How many times do you think on average you can be watched on CCTV per day?

8 CCTV It is actually 300 appearances per day within the UK.
4.2 million CCTV cameras in the UK. 1 camera for every 14 people. Gerrard and Thompson 2011

9 Highest Concentration of CCTV
92% of all cameras are situated in Private Areas, such as buildings or car parks. 6% are transit or road cameras. 2% are located in towns and city centres.

10 No! Not CCTV People have become terrified about CCTV.
Big Brother Generation, the government is watching us and controlling everything.

11 The realties.... The realities of CCTV are they are not everywhere. They tend to be concentrated in buildings such as York College to do a range of things: -Gather Evidence -Protect Students and Staff. -Deter Crime -They are not controlled by one single controller!!!

12 Myths about CCTV 1. It is everywhere?
Well in reality its not. It is concentrated in key areas but it is not interconnected. 2. CCTV cameras reduce crime? Well there is not a great deal of evidence to suggest it reduces crime. It does deter some people but mostly it is used for evidence gathering rather than stopping it. Everyone wants CCTV? Well people want it but mostly because they are misguided in what it can achieve.

13 CCTV It didn't stop 7/7 from happening but it provided the evidence to find out about the terrorists and help to prevent further attacks. How was CCTV used?

14 The Future of CCTV Well it looks like CCTV is here to stay and there is going to be some big changes in it. Drones or UAV We are going to see Drones, flying over our towns and cities watching us and targeting.

15 Infra-Red and Retinal Scans
Retinal Scanners will become the future. All bank exchanges will soon be done by retinal scanners. Expensive now but all technology gets cheaper as time goes on.


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