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Making inferences from the Shang and Zhou Dynasties.

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1 Making inferences from the Shang and Zhou Dynasties

2  When you draw inferences or conclusions you use the information in a picture or text to arrive at additional information or conclusions. It also means that you are figuring out information that is suggested but not directly stated. To do this you must carefully study the facts and ideas that are presented. Then to check your understanding, try to summarize the information provided. Finally, consider what conclusion you should draw from what you have seen or read.

3 This is a picture of monsoon season in modern day India. Fact: It is raining heavily Fact: The streets are flooded Fact: People ride bikes through the rain and floods Fact: Young boy opens his mouth to taste the rain Fact: Several other people are walking through the streets. Conclusion: The monsoon rains do not deter the people from carrying on with their daily business. People do not mind the rains and possibly even embrace the rains.

4 Spouted ritual wine vessel Loosely based on the image of a bird, as can be seen from the hooked beak and glaring eyes at its front, this rare example of a ritual vessel known as a guang was used to pour wine or other potent beverages in ceremonies linking the rulers of the Shang dynasty (ca. 1600– 1050 B.C.) with their ancestors and supernatural forces.

5 Ritual Food Container Three small animals cast in the round embellish the dome-shaped lid of this bronze dui, or ritual food container. The animals also function as feet when the lid is inverted to serve as a tray. The surface of the vessel, a round bowl supported on a ring foot, is elaborately decorated with paired dragons and rolling curls. The composition of bone black and lacquer that fills the cast

6 Bell Sets of bells were an important aspect of Zhou bronze production. They were used in musical accompaniment for ritual ceremonies and for less solemn occasions.

7 Oracle Bone Through the spirits of the ancestors, the Shang consulted the gods. The Shang worshiped a supreme god, Shang Di, as well as many lesser gods. Shang kings consulted the gods through the use of oracle bones, animal bones and tortoise shells on which priests had scratched questions for the gods. After inscribing a question on the bone, a priest applied a hot poker to it, which caused it to crack. The priests then interpreted the cracks to see how the gods had answered.

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