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Meeting #106 Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group October 9 th, 2013 SharePoint, A Social Platform Donald Donais and Steve.

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1 Meeting #106 Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group October 9 th, 2013 SharePoint, A Social Platform Donald Donais and Steve Nguyen Donald Donais

2 Meeting #106 Agenda What is Enterprise Social? Why do Enterprise Social? History of Social in SharePoint What is SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Social? NewsGator – Augmented Social in SharePoint Implementing SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Social Break Upgrade Cycle Demo Post Upgrade Resources

3 Meeting #106 User Group Goal / Objectives –Develop and support a local community focused on Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Educate user group members about SharePoint Technologies Transfer knowledge within the community Communicate best practices Introduce new products / solutions

4 Meeting #106 MNSPUG Sponsors Wrox Press ( O’Reilly ( Dedicated Sponsors Avtex ( Microsoft ( Annual Sponsor Benchmark Learning ( ) SharePoint User Group Support softwareOne (

5 Meeting #106 Today’s Lunch Sponsor Products Include: Social Sites for SharePoint Expertise Discovery Communities Integration Across Multiple Platforms Employee Engagement Session begins around 11:50 and runs about one hour. There will be a giveaways at the end of the presentation.

6 Meeting #106 MNSPUG Sponsorship Two Opportunities to Sponsor Annual Sponsorship ($2500 annually) –Money Will Help Fund MNSPUG Events –Annual Sponsorship will be Reviewed Yearly –Cannot be in Direct Competition with Another Annual Sponsor –Looking for: Microsoft SharePoint ISV Microsoft Learning Provider Microsoft Licensing Account Reseller Lunch Sponsorship

7 Meeting #106 MNSPUG Sponsorship Continued Lunch Sponsorship ($500 for a lunch) –Sponsor a Lunch Event Following MNSPUG Event –This can be geared toward your specific SharePoint product or capabilities

8 Meeting #106 MN SharePoint Users Group Website SharePoint Resource Documents SharePoint Resource links RSS Feeds Meeting Schedule Past User Group Presentations Past User Group Recordings Sponsorship Information Email:

9 Meeting #106 Social Networking Linked In group – The most interactive… includes job postings… –Post Job Posting on the Jobs Discussion page – Twitter tags - @MNSPUG and #MNSPUG Yammer – Minnesota SharePoint Users Group

10 Meeting #106 Upcoming Schedule Next Meeting –October 9 th 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM –Client-Side Rendering for an Improved User Experience –Vendor Sponsored Lunch – –Microsoft Technology Center –Check for updates! Ongoing Schedule – 2 nd Wednesday of every month – 9:00 to 11:30 am – Microsoft Technical Center - Edina

11 Meeting #106 Local and Online Events

12 Meeting #106 Evaluations & Giveaways!

13 Meeting #106 Presenters

14 Meeting #106 Donald Donais SharePoint Consultant Father & Drummer @dondonais Introductions

15 Meeting #106 Steve Nguyen Yammer Customer Success Manager Husband, Father, Ohio State fan “On a mission to change the way that people work.” Introductions

16 Meeting #106 Before We Begin Let’s Ask a Couple of Questions!


18 Meeting #106 Enterprise Social Is... Focuses on the use of online social networks or social relations among people who share business interests and/or activities Wikipedia:

19 Meeting #106 Enterprise Social Questions What Social Media sites can be used by organizations?

20 Meeting #106 Enterprise Social Question What features do these sites bring to your organization?


22 Meeting #106 Knowledge Management Engage and find experts, which help to generate new ideas Engage better with colleagues across distances  61% of employees* Employees would rather work in a company that uses internal social media  58% of employees* Capture and Share Tacit Knowledge (deter the PowerBall affect) Helps in the capture of Folksonomy and finding hidden organization knowledge * Study published by APCO Worldwide and Gagen MacDonald

23 Meeting #106 Corporate Morale Be able to SharePoint tips Convey ideas in helping to improve the organization Helps the organization with product adoption Helps with employee engagement

24 Meeting #106 InformationWeek Survey November of 2010 InformationWeek survey on Enterprise 2.0 Applications Included Enterprise Social around wiki’s, document sharing, and even community knowledge spaces Among IT Professionals – Social Networking was #1 Business Need! 68% of those surveyed had already adopted one or more applications around Enterprise Social


26 Meeting #106 SharePoint 2007 Social Introduction of Social Media Available only in Standard and Enterprise Licenses Focus was around My Sites and the User Profile User Profile import from:  Active Directory (AD)  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)  Business Data Connection (BDC)

27 Meeting #106 SharePoint 2007 Social Features My Sites Colleagues Web Part Colleague Tracker SharePoint Sites, Links and Membership web parts In Common Web Part Presence Integration using Office Communication Server (OCS) People Search Blog Sites Wiki Pages Personal Document Storage

28 Meeting #106 SharePoint 2007 My Site

29 Meeting #106 SharePoint 2010 Social Overall Improvements from SharePoint 2007 Available within Standard and Enterprise Licenses Nicer looking User Interface for My Sites and My Profile User Profile Import changed  Introduced Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) for Import  Took away straight Import from AD

30 Meeting #106 SharePoint 2010 Social Features Many of same features as SharePoint 2007 PLUS Organization Chart (Silverlight and HTML based) My Newsfeed Activity Feed Suggestions Tagging – I Like and Folksonomy Bookmark Note Board Content Rating

31 Meeting #106 SharePoint 2010 My Site

32 Meeting #106 SharePoint 2013 SharePoint Social receive major facelift User Profile Imports  Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)  AD Direct  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)  Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Many More Features! And Soon!


34 Meeting #106 SharePoint 2013 My Site Newsfeed About Me Activity Feed Following SkyDrive Tasks

35 Meeting #106 Newsfeed Social Interaction Summary Microblogs and Community Uses #Hashtags and @Mentions

36 Meeting #106 Manage your To Do List Task Aggregation Manage Personal Tasks  SharePoint  Project Server  MS Outlook Requirements  Exchange 2013  Outlook 2013  Project Server 2013

37 Meeting #106 Take Content Offline Sync Libraries or Personal Documents Local Access to Libraries Accessible Offline Integrated with Office Document Center Replaces SharePoint Workspace

38 Meeting #106 Get Recommendations Suggestions  People  Documents  Sites All based on User’s Behavior Patterns

39 Meeting #106 Following and Trending Following  People  Documents  Sites

40 Meeting #106 People Search Find People Faster  Query Suggestions  Find Experts - Documents  Fuzzy Name Search  Social Connections  Search Anywhere Relevance Crawl and Content  Drive from User Profile Admin  Site Managed by “Search Site” Admin

41 Meeting #106 Communities Content Includes:  Active Discussions  What’s Happening  Top Contributors Gamefication Within Community Site  Reputations  Badges

42 Meeting #106 SharePoint 2013 Social Infrastructure Activity Generators Microblog Features Document Edits Document Sharing Birthdays Community Posts Feeds Following Like Newsfeed Activities Newsfeed Everyone Newsfeed Mentions Newsfeed Site Feeds Distributed Cache Feeds Cache Recent User Activities Recent Doc Activities Recent Site Activities Recent Tag Activities Last Modified Time Cache Last Modified Time of Activities My Sites Content DB All Users Activities Sites Content DB All Site Activities

43 Meeting #106 Activity Is Generated My Sites Database User or Site Activity Team Sites Database Site Feed Activity Distributed Cache Feeds Activity Generators

44 Meeting #106 Activity Displayed in Newsfeed Last Modified Time Cache Query Feeds Requested Feed Returned

45 Meeting #106 Walk Through SharePoint 2013 My Site SharePoint Communities


47 Meeting #106 NewsGator Add-In Tool within SharePoint 2017, 2010 and 2013 Newer Version can be Accessed via PCs, Tablets and Mobile Devices Social Sites include:  Activity Feeds  Discovery Experts  Badges  Communities


49 Meeting #106 Governance Helps to Give Direction to SharePoint  Organization Should Do Needs Assessment Should be Considered a Sub-Set of Document/Content Management What is the Intended Purpose of My Sites within Organization Use Site Quota’s User Profile Content  Active Directory and/or Line of Business  Import or Export User Profile Pictures – Who Owns This? Rolling Out Social Features  My Site Profiles AND/OR  My Site Content Areas

50 Meeting #106 Continued Need Executive/Organizational By In  Talk an Executive into Blogging What are the Security Implications  Private vs. Shared Documents  What Internal Policies Need to Be Considered

51 Meeting #106 Resources Best Practices for Implementing an Enterprise Social Intranet  Using Social Media to Increase Productivity in the Enterprise (Christian Buckley)  Plan for Social Computing and Collaboration in SharePoint Server 2013 (TechNet) 

52 Meeting #106 Break

53 Meeting #106 Last But Not Least Please Fill Out Evaluations Drawings for Giveaways Today’s Presenter: Donald Donais Steve Nguyen

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