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00: Administrivia T/Th 9 30 -10 45 pm Math 226 Vassil Roussev.

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1 00: Administrivia T/Th 9 30 -10 45 pm Math 226 Vassil Roussev

2 2 Contact Info Dr. Vassil Roussev vassil @ (include 4311 in subject) 504-280-2405 (no voicemail) Office Hours (MATH 332): T/Th 11 00 -1 00 Wed 10 00 -12 00 Also by appointment

3 3 Course Objectives The primary goal of the course is to introduce students to computer networking concepts as they exist on the Internet. The secondary goal of the course is to give students hands-on experience in coding a network application using sockets.

4 4 Required Textbook Addison Wesley, ISBN-13: 978-0132856201

5 5 Suggested Reference Textbooks

6 6 Topics Chapters 1-5 in full. Select topics from Chapters 6-7 as time permits. Programming: Java Socket API

7 7 Grade Composition

8 8 Grading Rules All work will be graded based on a 100 pt scale. A = 90+, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 60-69, F = 0-59 To get a passing grade in the class you must get a passing grade on the exam part (midterm + final). Graduate students must complete at least 20% in extra points on the programming project. Bonus of no more than 5% of the grade may be given in border cases.

9 9 Tests Closed book/notes. Only pen & calculator allowed.

10 10 Class Participation & Etiquette You are expected to attend all classes; however attendance is not part of your grade. There is a strong correlation b/w good grades and class participation. Special cases and emergencies: do let me know as early as possible; all reasonable requests will be considered. Keep your mobile equipment quiet during class. If you need to go in/out during class, kindly minimize disturbance.

11 11 Privacy Rules As per federal policy rules, I will only discuss your grades in person. This should not deter you from asking specifics about how your grade was formed.

12 12 Assignments Submission deadlines are hard deadlines—no late work, please. Read submission instructions carefully— improperly submitted assignments will bounce. All programming and written assignments are individual—no sharing unless the assignment requires it explicitly.

13 13 Academic Integrity You must do your assigned work individually. All solutions must be your own with no input from friends, family, the Internet, etc. When in doubt about the rules—kindly ask the instructor.

14 14 Final Piece of Advice Read ahead: lectures & textbook are meant to be complimentary. Participate: mere physical presence does not help your grade. Ask questions: early & often. Start early: programming assignments can take a lot longer than you think. Do the work: the university expects you to put in 9 hours for a C.

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