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CAMPAIGN FINANCE presidential-campaign-ads-2012/

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1 CAMPAIGN FINANCE presidential-campaign-ads-2012/

2 FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION  Between 1907 – 1966 laws sought to:  Limit influence of wealthy special interests  Regulate spending in campaigns  Deter abuses through public disclosure of campaign finances  1971 – Congress enacts FECA  Federal Election Campaign Act  More stringent disclosure requirements  1974 – Congress establishes FEC Enforces campaign finance laws Independent regulatory agency Not tied to President’s cabinet

3 Campaign Finance Laws  Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA)  Limits on resources and amounts of funds used to finance federal elections  Presidential Election Campaign Fund Act  Public funding of Presidential elections FEC actions involve: Determining which committees qualify for public funds Auditing those that receive funding

4 ROLE OF FEC  Facilitating Disclosure  Reports are available as soon as 48 hours for public review  Clarifying Law  Enforcing Law  FEC learns of violation through: Review of reports Referrals Complaints

5 PACS & SUPER PACS  PACS – Political Action Committees  Private group that bands together to support candidates for public office  Individuals can donate no more than $2,500 to campaign  Corporations and Unions – no donations allowed  SUPER PACs  Also known as “independent expenditure-only” groups  Can make unlimited political donations  Rules:  Cannot coordinate with any candidate or campaign


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