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A nine year study of the effects of drugs on high level athletic performance.

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1 A nine year study of the effects of drugs on high level athletic performance

2 John Underwood has conducted nearly 14,000 physiological tests over the past 20 years on elite athletes. The following slides reflect his efforts to deter drug use by athletes.

3 We lose more people to fatal accidents during this time than during all other ages.


5 Athletes remain one of the highest "at risk" groups for drug use and abuse.


7 %USE 14.1 27.5 34.6 42.8 49.1 58.5 H.S. ATHLETES REPORTING ALCOHOL USE DURING SCHOOL YEAR 13.4 7.1 8.2 6.3 9.4 %>

8 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 age HIGH SCHOOL MODIFIED COLLEGE LIFE % USING ALCOHOL Use of ALCOHOL from Adolescence to Adulthood by Athlete and Non-Athlete Populations

9 Of Team Leaders/Co-Captains use drugs/alcohol during the season.

10 % USE 2.9 9.1 13.6 16.9 18.9 20.1

11 Pot use is increasing in many populations. Athletes are using pot at alarming levels.

12 Today’s Pot Marijuana THC content 1960-70’s 1-4% THC Marijuana THC content today 40+% THC

13 Detection Times Marijuana/Cannabinoids (THC, Marijuana) Detection Time: 1 time use only 5-8 days 2-4x per month 11-18 days 2-4x per week 23-35 days 5-6x per week 33-48 days Daily 49-63 days Most State Drug Courts have used 30 days as the cleanout rate for Cannabinoids /THC

14 Think about what you are doing off the field… That will ruin what you do on the field… American Athletic Institute Underwood


16 Don’t mess with it.

17 Master Control The human brain is made up about 100,000,000,000 information processing cells, called neurons. The neurons are connected by 'wires' that carry electrical signals, rather like the wires in a computer do. The total length of these 'wires' in a human brain is about 100,000 miles! That's half the distance between the earth and the moon.



20 The morning after heavy drinking, the body sends a desperate message to replenish its water supply -- usually manifested in the form of an extremely dry mouth. Headaches result from dehydration because the body's organs try to make up for their own water loss by stealing water from the brain, causing the brain to decrease in size and pull on the membranes that connect the brain to the skull, resulting in pain.

21 Alcohol alters the brain chemically and over time, structurally IT RUNS YOUR BODY Non –Alcohol User Heavy Alcohol User Live the Life of an ATHLETE©

22 Blood flow in brain No sleep



25 A Stanford University study may help persuade at least student athletes to make more time for sleep. Cheri Mah, a researcher at Stanford, worked with basketball players, who all ran faster and made more shots over a period in which they slept at least 10 hours a night. "Athletes who get an extra amount of sleep are more likely to improve their performance in a game," says Mah, who released results from an ongoing study in June. "It's not common knowledge, because if people understood how much of a difference (getting more sleep) could make athletically," they'd incorporate it more into their lives and not focus solely on nutrition and exercise.

26 The CNS can only be at maximal intensive level for physical activity and function for 2-3 hours during a 24 hour period Over stimulation of the Central Nervous System eventually results in chronic fatigue and breakdown. ENERGY DRINKS ACTUALLY LIMIT THE ABILITY TO MAINTAIN HIGH LEVEL MENTAL OR PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE RATHER THAN INCREASE IT.


28 Relating to or of the nature of a residue… That which remains after the removal of substances

29 Windows of Assessment for Various Alcohol Biomarkers

30 WOW I didn’t know that!!! BAC EtG EtS CDT PEth GGT AGT ALT MCV Instant 4-5 days 3-8 weeks


32 Susan Tapert/University of California, San Diego The images above show the brain activity of a 15-year-old nondrinker, top, and a drinker, bottom.


34 Surface View: This smooth view shows full activity Bumpy areas and places that do not ‘fill in’ are areas of low or decreased activity. Teen heavy weekend user of Alcohol Amen Clinics


36 Alcohol no alcohol one year later Amen Clinics

37 What kind of performance will you have? Scans by Amen Clinics HEALTHY NORMAL BRAIN HEAVY TEEN ALCOHOL USER What kind of performance will you accept?



40 Explosive Power

41 POWER ENDURANCE American Athletic Institute





46 Injury Rates > Injury rates for drinkers 54.8% Injury rates for non-drinkers 23.8%

47 Alcohol and Marijuana decrease immune capability





52 Maintains muscle mass Repairs muscle fiber Fat metabolism Carbohydrate metabolism



55 ENDURANCE REDUCED American Athletic Institute Oxygen consumption was reduced by 4.9 ml/kg/min…



58 Hypoglycemia is defined as a blood sugar < 50 mg/dl the body has trouble making more glucose because it is expending its energy metabolizing the alcohol. Both of these effects of alcohol can cause severe hypoglycemia 6 to 36 hours after a heavy drinking episode.


60 LOST PERFORMANCE POTENTIAL The residual effect of alcohol or a hangover has been shown to reduce performance by an average of 11.4% in elite athlete populations.

61 LOST PERFORMANCE POTENTIAL American Athletic Institute Elite level athletes lost an average of 11.4% from their median performance level as a result of the residual effect of alcohol…

62 Alcohol suppresses testosterone production in all humans.


64 Some teen males who drink heavily & regularly have testosterone levels similar to female levels.

65 American Athletic Institute has studied the impact of alcohol on condition in elite athletes. Impact has shown significant projections in lost physiological condition that correlates to as much as 14 days of lost training effect…for each time drunk… AMERICAN ATHLETIC INSTITUTE 2005

66 OPTIMAL? Healthy Brain Marijuana Brain Amen Clinics 16 yr. old daily user

67 How Long does it stay in your system?

68 NON USER SIMPLE HAND SKILL MARIJUANA USER SIMPLE HAND SKILL Note: Subject not under influence during scan.

69 Remember when you are not training… That somewhere, someone is training… And when you meet them… They will beat you. Remember when you are partying… That somewhere, someone is not partying… And when you meet them… They will beat you. Alexander Karelin USSR 3XOlympic Champion 9X World Champion Matveev USSR Underwood USA

70 Think about every choice you make.

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