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Benjamin Balesteri One student at a time Childhood Obesity.

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2 Benjamin Balesteri One student at a time

3 Childhood Obesity

4 Why are we fat?  United States of America has the worlds highest obesity rate. Fast food industry is mainly to blame  Once we eliminate unhealthy foods in our country, we can then turn the obesity train around

5 Kids listen to Ads on Tv ect.  TV ads portray a false sense of needs in kids today  Children look up to role models on TV  Commercials also act as if its okay to eat unhealthy

6 Health Risks  Obese adolescents are more likely to have pre diabetes  Obese youth are more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular disease

7 Health Risks BADGOOD

8 Diabetes  We need to decrease the growing number of diabetes patients in America, especially children  Healthy lifestyle habits, including healthy eating and physical activity, can lower the risk of becoming obese and developing related diseases.

9 Where we stand as a Nation

10 What's actually in food CHOOSE RIGHT ProtienFAT VitaminsCarbs Many kids don’t realize what they are eating, knowledge of the food will deter children from an unhealthy life

11 Acceptance is the first step  Turning it around

12 Followed by a plan of action  Mandatory physical education classes are already enforced in the USA  In my opinion, two classes should be mandatory to ensure the child's physical activity is where it should be

13 False diet medication  Many companies want children to think there product is healthy  However, we as a nation need to read the ingredients and know what each one does to your body  Sometimes the medicine will actually do the complete opposite of its intensions

14 Continued  Burning calories is the single best approach to being healthier  Physical activity should overtake every weight manage medicine out there today

15 It starts in PE class

16 Why PE teachers are important  In order for the country to decrease its obesity rates we must look for teachers to follow  This is where PE teachers come in  PE teachers can show the children the proper way to exercise and lose weight

17 Involvement in activities  Playing sports  Working out  Exercising  Even having fun on the play ground

18 Different Opportunities  Offering children different opportunities is key  Children will almost seem distracted by fun, when there actually loosing weight  PE class offers a wide variety of ways to do so

19 Some facts!  Shine some light Shine some light  Knowing the facts can lead to people becoming active athletes or simply healthier people  NJ’s obesity rate is 15.4% of the children in the state  Obesity can shortern a life by twenty-five years

20 Leading a happier life Healthy children = Happychildren

21 A perfect world  Together the citizens of the United States of America can reverse this growing epidemic.  Scientific studies state that healthier people release chemicals in the body that cause happiness  Happy people can make some major changes in the world, and it starts with us, the PE teachers.

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