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You will have a key word from this unit stuck to your head… Use other people in the room to help you guess that word. You MUST NOT say, spell out, or say anything the word rhymes with – clues only. Sit down once you have guessed yours correctly and help those still standing. Last person standing has to do a forfeit! Now complete the KEY WORD match-up

2 Sin: An act against the will of God.
Crime: An act against the law. Law: Rules made by Parliament and enforceable by the police and the courts. Justice: Due allocation of reward and punishment, the maintenance of what is right. Judgement: The act of evaluating people and their actions. Capital Punishment: The State sponsored death penalty. Reform: The idea that punishments should try to change criminals so that they will not commit crimes again. Deterrence: The idea that punishments will be of such a nature that they will put people off (deter) committing crimes. Retribution: The idea that punishments should make criminals pay for what they have done wrong. Rehabilitation: Readapt to normal life and thinking in society. Responsibility: Being responsible for your own actions. Addiction: A recurring compulsion to engage in an activity regardless of its effects.

3 User the following clues and quotes to create TOP 5’s for CHRISTIANS AND JUSTICE and MUSLIMS AND JUSTICE.

Christian teachings… How Christians follow these teachings…

Jesus taught that everyone should be treated fairly – he loved and treated all groups in society as equals. The Golden Rule – Jesus taught ‘ Do to others what you would have them do to you.’ God will judge all humans according to how they have behaved – those who have acted justly will be rewarded. Christians follow teachings on justice by giving to charity, helping the oppressed, campaigning for governments and organisations to help other nations and sharing resources equally. Christian aid /CAFOD = Christian charities that campaign for justice – works in areas of poverty and helps those in need by campaigning against injustice and oppression of the poor.

6 Why Muslims work for justice…
MUSLIMS AND JUSTICE Muslim teachings… Why Muslims work for justice… Muslim charities…

7 MUSLIMS AND JUSTICE On the Last Day Allah will reward those who have been just and fair to others. The Qua’an teaches that Allah wants people to act justly towards everyone and Muslims should obey the Qur’an. Everyone is equal under Shari’ah Law – Muslims should follow but should also follow the laws of the country in which they live – Shari’ah courts have strict rules to ensure equality (e.g. public trials – so justice is seen to be done) Justice is the basis of charity in Islam – Justice is part of the Five Pillars – Zakah is the tax of 2.5% that every Muslim will pay to distribute wealth more equally and help the poor. The prophet Muhammad always acted in a just way – in following the actions of Muhammad Muslims will please Allah.

8 Spend 5 minutes having a look over your TOP 5’s – try to find ways to memorise them.
Now attempt ONE of the following without the aid of your TOP 5 sheet. (D) ‘Religious people should do more to achieve justice in the world’ PPP for 3  Without an ‘R’ you won’t get far! (C) Choose one religion other than Christianity and explain why its followers think justice is important.

9 You will then need to use your model to answer an exam question.
Get into PAIRS Decide who will be Islam (page 95) and who will be Christianity (page 94). Using the plastercine you have been given create something that will help you remember (and teach) 4 FOR and 4 AGAINST arguments. You will have 8 minuets You will then need to use your model to answer an exam question. DON’T DESTROY YOUR MODEL UNTIL I SAY SO – you still need it.

10 Without an R you won’t get far!
REVISION GUIDES AWAY… Answer the following using your model to guide you. (D) No religious person should agree with capital punishment. Do you agree? (3 marks) Explain why some people might disagree WITH YOU. (3 marks) PPP for 3 Without an R you won’t get far!

11 Now use your model to teach your partner the points…
You should be able to teach them 4 FOR and 4 AGAINST Now let them then PEER MARK your answer. REMEMBER… P Agree for 3 Disagree for 3 They must have included AT LEAST ONE RELIGIOUS POINT TO GET OVER 4 MARKS.

12 Unfortunately a lot of the exam depends on your ability to memorise stuff NOT your intelligence. Complete the following memory game… A CHOCOLATE BAR and PRIDE are at stake!

13 Watch the conveyer belt carefully!!!
Try to remember as many items that go past as you can (no writing them down)... You will have one minute at the end to write down as many as you can... HERE WE GO!



16 Now try to apply this skill to your revision…
You have 5 mins to memorise as many things as you can about ONE of the following… Christian attitudes to alcohol and drugs – page 98 Muslim attitudes to alcohol and drugs – page 99

17 Use your memory to answer ONE of the following… (C) Explain why some Christians accept the drinking of alcohol. (C) Choose one religion other than Christianity and explain why its followers do not drink alcohol. (D) Religious people should not drink alcohol. (C) Explain why Christians are against the taking of illegal drugs. (D) All religious people should be against the taking of drugs.


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