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Sam Guckenheimer Microsoft Corporation.

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2 Sam Guckenheimer Microsoft Corporation

3 (Kent Beck)

4 Dev Early tools focused on isolated tasks, such as source control Dev

5 Trustworthy Transparency bridges the team PMDevsDBTestArch PM DevsDBTest Arch

6 Lean Application Lifecycle

7 Traditionally, we decompose tasks and measure completion This is the cost accounting tradition Alternatively, we account for customer value incrementally delivered This is the Lean Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints model Work Down Remaining Work Plan Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Value Value Up

8 Work planned Work completed

9 Test rates (pass, inconclusive, fail) shown in bars Against code coverage, … code churn, … and active bugs

10 Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Tolstoy, Anna Karenina Все счастливые семьи похожи друг на друга, каждая несчастливая семья несчастлива по-своему.

11 Underestimating Uneven Task Decomposition Solution Stuck in Testing Development Practices Too Loose Inadequate Unit Testing Tests Passing; Solution Doesn’t Work Too Little Testing Build Failures Scope Creep Resource Leaks

12 Steady rates of progress, but slope too shallow Slow progress leading to cuts in planned work, but not enough cuts

13 Bulge in resolved → Insufficient resources or inadequate quality from dev Bulge in resolved → Insufficient resources or inadequate quality from dev

14 Growing “Fault Feedback Ratio” – bugs requiring multiple handling

15 Rising Code Churn Falling Code Coverage Fewer Passing and More Inconclusive Tests

16 “Dark matter” emerging during iteration “Dark matter” emerging during iteration Planned work is squeezed out



19 Uncovered code by method The lines in question Unit tests for both application and database tiers

20 Check-in dialog captures the work items resolved with the code (and tests) delivered Policy makes sure that the association is made (and unit tests and code analysis have been run)

21 Build Verification Test results as part of the build process Who checked in what? Automated release note: Why the work was delivered

22 Load test captures both test- generated data and metrics on the servers under test Running the test with profiling pinpoints hotspots in code

23 Web Access Client for NON-development roles Eclipse integration as partner solution for heterogeneous environments

24 …because there is a complete audit trail on all the tasks, code and tests… Capturing evidence does not have to be a manual process,...

25 How Microsoft Uses VSTS

26 TFS 2008 SP1 25 instances in Production 15,761 Active Users in last 7 days 3,004 Team Projects TFS 2008 SP1 Usage Statistics 3,253,657 Work Items(1.3M 2/08) 54,212,547 Source Files(29.3M 2/08) 706,957 Team Builds (95K 2/08) TFS 2010 Internal Release 3 instances in Production running early Rosario bits 1,175 Active Users in last 7 days 15 Team Projects Microsoft Developer Division, Office, & Windows dogfooding Rosario since April 2007 Rosario Usage Statistics 216,899 Work Items(114K 2/08)

27 Initial planning spike Beta 1 planning review Beta 2 review Tightened process rules @ Beta 1 reduce WIP Additional tightening @ Beta 2

28 Quality Gates act as extended check-in policies, governing the quality of feature delivery into the main source code branch

29 Features are designed from Value Propositions and Experiences

30 Status review rolls up features and experiences back into value props to assess release readiness Drilldown from value prop shows detailed feature status

31 Same value prop…



34 The right thing Done right In the right way PM Arch Test Devs DB PMO OperationsDesignersCustomersBusiness Analyst PMO Operations Designers Customers Business Analyst PM Arch Test Devs DB

35 The Wall Becomes a Bridge


37 For More Information…


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