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1 CREEP India CREEP INDIA. 2 SCHOOLS NEED “Change” EDUPRENEURE: “OK. How?” “The education system cannot clearly answer the question: How will the 21st.

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2 2 SCHOOLS NEED “Change” EDUPRENEURE: “OK. How?” “The education system cannot clearly answer the question: How will the 21st Century Schools look like?” CREEP India

3 3 the need for change Traditional Classroom 21 st Century Classroom Learning is the constant Time is the variable Promotion based on performance To understand Controlled chaos Driven by a shared vision Student boards Students are navigators 100% student engagement Global curriculum Self, peers, business leaders, and teachers judge students’ work CCE Reinforcements Teaching with technology Classroom decisions are researched based CREEP India Time is the constant Learning is the variable Promotion based on time To Know Students sitting in rows Driven by textbooks Commercial bulletin boards Teacher-controlled class 10% student engagement 3R’s Teacher is the judge Term end Examinations Punishments Teaching of technology Classroom decisions are experienced based

4 4 school leaders ask…. CREEP India “How can we make learning more accessible and relevant, engage the natural desire of students to learn, and prepare them for a successful future? And how can CREEP India help us to accomplish these goals?" CREEP India’s response… Partners in Teaching- Learning Process…. a program that empowers school/college teachers to lead through innovative teaching practices as well as drive system-level changes in their own environment.

5 5 …the paradigm shift in the educational system need assistance to reduce the widening gap CREEP India It’s because

6 6 CREEP India: an introduction “Centre for Research & Enhancement of Educational Practices "abbreviated as CREEP India is a registered nonprofit voluntary organization led by a team of educationists. The organization came into being on 31 st July 2011 with its Head office at 8/322,Heera Nagar, Haldwani, Distt. Nainital, Uttarakhand. It believes in its motto “bringing the academic excellence’’ through judicious planning and rigorous training of the professionals in the field of teaching and learning. It works with the major stakeholders of education specially teachers and helps them to enrich with the required knowledge, elevate their teaching skills and empower them to face the challenges of the 21 st century.

7 7 our vision & mission Our Vision Creep India visualizes bringing excellence in academics through judicious planning and rigorous training. Our Mission Helping schools and professional institutes to focus on organizational performance, development and efficiency CREEP India

8 8 quality education "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” - Willa A. Foster CREEP India

9 9 major domains of action Institutional Planning Research Counseling Placement Publications Training

10 10 activities in action Pr I training Training the educators in continuum. Cultivate professional skills. Share common approach & vision of change Create learning environment Pr II counseling Helping the students & Parents to accommodate to the needs of change Helping individual to make judicious choices Inform about the available options Understanding their problems and helping them to cope. Assessing the innate potential Professional development through research and experience based curriculum helping schools & individuals Develop a vision to transform the approach of schooling Foster 21st century learning and innovative teaching practices.

11 11 professional training CREEP India As creep is run by the teachers, it realizes the importance of human resources hence we offer dynamic teacher training that imparts immediately applicable information and strategies for teaching. Creep is a prominent provider of teachers’ staff development,teacher mentoring and coaching. Our passion is to help, the teachers’ acquire research proven strategies so that the students succeed. The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers hence we strongly believe that quality is a process and not an end. professional development :teachers teachers view themselves as the catalyst for change and drivers of the whole school environment

12 12 Pr I professional training CREEP India

13 13 CREEP India

14 14 our approach to training Need Analysis Course Development Training & Implementation Evaluation

15 15 modus operandi in house training Workshops Simulation & role play Interaction sessions Icebreakers Coaching Microteaching Team teaching Group activities Case studies outbound training Group tasks Adventurous activities Leadership development Camping and learning Situational Experience

16 16 Pr II educational & vocational counseling : disha

17 17 counseling centre: Disha An Initiative under the aegis of It runs on the doctrines and principles of It is established to render services to the local community and the schools at large. Disha is dedicated to the mental health and vocational guidance of children, adolescents and adults It gives various services, like aptitude testing, career guidance, psychotherapy, counseling and so forth. The task of the Disha is accomplished through a team of psychologists and counselors. Our aim is to empower the individuals. We are committed towards our motto Giving direction to Life

18 18 Disha in action COUNSELING PROCESS Verbalization of the problem by the counselee in detail. Stating the impact of the problem. Asking the counselee his intentions to correct the problem. The plan for correction is texted. Stating the consequences for not correcting. Setting the date for follow-up.

19 19 Modus operandi of the counseling CREEP India Need analysis is carried out Rapport is established A relationship is developed between the individual and the counselor An assessment is made Possible solutions are made on mutually agreed goals Implementation Follow up counseling carried

20 20 objectives of Disha To Provide for the Realization of Student Potentialities To Help the Children with Developing Problems To Help the children to make judicious choices of the available careers. To Contribute to the Development of the School's curriculum To provide Teachers with Technical Assistance To Contribute to the Mutual Adjustment of Students and the School CREEP India

21 21 our latest activity Registration Experiential Learning Interaction Resource in action One day workshop on 26 April 2012 organized by CREEP India for private school Principals on Technology for innovative pedagogy envisioned by Microsoft One day workshop

22 22 our acts of empowerment in CREEP India PAST Student Development Faculty Development Admin. Development partners in learning

23 23 benefits for partner schools CREEP India Professional Development of Teachers Student Development & Progress Optimum Utilization of Resources Promotes Creativity & Innovation Benefitting the partner institutions of learning Helping the schools in the ambit to improvise Nurture ‘constructivism in education’

24 24 Creep: an initiative with a difference Resources: An initiative run by a team of educators. Outreach: We are working in the interiors of the country and reaching the outreach. Need Based: We have customized services for the schools and professional institutes. Updated: We continuously upgrade our strategies for training. Research: We keep on carrying research as per the recent trends and design training modules as per need. Reliable partner: Creepindia believes in revamping the learning strategy by becoming a partner in learning. Diversified training Multiple training based on institutional need. Provide ‘spring board’ for a diverse changing world

25 25 we live at… CREEP India

26 26 Thank You Q & A CREEP India

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