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Question 1 What does Formusa (Taiwan’s former name) mean? Beautiful.

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2 Question 1 What does Formusa (Taiwan’s former name) mean? Beautiful

3 Question 2 The VIP who was killed in an air crash while flying to Northern Rhodesia in 1961 Dag Hammarskjold, UN Sec. Gen

4 Question 3 The leading dancer with Leningrad’s Kirov Bullet who defected to the West in 1961 Rudolf Nureyev

5 Question 4 The last tower to topple on Sep. 11,2001 is the first one to rebuilt. What is it called? #7, World Trade Centre

6 Question 5 The city where you would find ‘Bibi ka Makbara’ Aurangabad

7 Question 6 The village gifted by Jamnalal Bajaj and named Sevagram by Gandhiji Segaon

8 Question 7 What is special about the album ‘Let it Be’? The last unfinished album of the Beatles

9 Question 8 Tour de France is world’s premier ________ Cycling Event

10 Question 9 Which capital city was renamed Christiane when it was rebuilt in 1624 after a fire? Oslo

11 Question 10 Cicadas can hear others singing. Where do they have their ears? On their abdomens

12 Question 11 The musical fairy tale for children in which all characters are played by different instruments from the orchestra Peter and the Wolf

13 Question 12 Big cats can roar but cannot (swim/purr/ crouch/creep) Purr

14 Question 13 The English writer who suffered from scrofula and was touched by Queen Anne as a ‘Cure’ Dr. Samuel Johnson

15 Question 14 There are over 190 independent countries today. What about in 1950? 60 Countries

16 Question 15 Legatee is (an embassy/an ambassador/ the one makes a will/the inheritor of a legacy) The inheritor of a legacy


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